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The Story Man

I'm posting some of my stories from the /fb/ general on /mlp/ and I'll be writing some other stuff from time to time.

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He asked me to call him naughty for not having it done yet

Yea he is!


Great ending to an enjoyable trilogy!

Pretty weird. But not bad. Not bad at all.

Well that was only ever going to end one way. And we all knew it. Don't lie to me, I'll know if you did.

Alright I'm satisfied.

Alright! The final installment is here at last!

*Looks at the word count*

HOLY SHIT! Over 12000 words? Damn! Now I'm really excited! ^_^

POST-READ EDIT: Simply excellent. Thanks so much for your efforts, Story Man, this little series has been a heck of a lot of fun.

Okay after reading this. I'd absolutely adore an Octavia spin-off story. Even if it's just a chapter.

“Vinyl that’s not-- Listen, I’m going to take this step by step. Tell me where I lose you,” you say, cutting her off. “If we’re two people that like each other, are exclusively seeing each other, go on dates, and have sex, that makes us...?” you ask, gesturing for her to finish.
“The coolest friendship ever. Up top,” she says, outstretching a hand for you to high-five.

That was perfect, I was laughing quite a bit.

How do you accidentally type a Ẅ?

I am a guy, and I wish me and my best friend(who is a girl) were like this.

I'm not sure how to feel about this .-.

OMFG ANOTHER ONE?! Just make a full-scale story out of it already

Oh it's here and it's great!
But I thought there would be no sex, according to a little discussion of our on your previous story. Just curious is all.

Threesome with Octavia and Vinyl go!

Just kidding author, but I am enjoying this series greatly and am hoping that it continues soon.

It's about goddamn time! Us fucking Vinyl, not you putting out the story. Actually IT IS ABOUT GODDAMN TIME!

There was a discussion with the requester and we decided to change it
This is the final entry, no spinoffs, nothing. Sorry if that disappoints you, but I need to move on to other stuff.
Hey, fair is fair, there was a lot of delays with the story.

OMG..... This was awesome..... There has to be a fourth installment.

5764900 Hey man, a story's done when the writer finishes it.

And hey, if there is anyone to take heat for delays it's me. I haven't updated my story in more than a year two years.

I know this might annoy you but is it wrong to ask for more? :rainbowlaugh:

5764900 Make it into you know, like those multi chaptered stories. Just... instead of making lot's of one shots you can just put them together in a one big story and each chapter as 1 episode

The thing is though that each story can kind of be read by itself. Some of the plot will make less sense if you skip ahead, sure, but you won't be entirely lost. Besides, I kind of never meant for there to be more than one story, but decided to come back to it, since the first one was already marked as completed, I decided against it.
There's also the fact that all together they'd be massive, and I prefer my stories to be short and sweet, even this was exceptionally long for me.

Ooo, surprises! I had forgotten about these stories until now. What a way to make my day, I was hoping there would be another addition to this series. Thanks for writing!

Well its been fun reading this trilogy of awesome.
keep on keeping on, bro!


I'm too tired for this shit.... great story, though. love how you did it in second person... especially cause I'm crushing on vinyl...

I've been waiting for this for a whole year, IT WAS SO WORTH THE WAIT!

Okay, so there is one single aspect about this story that absolutely disgusts me, and I gotta get this off my chest...

However I would first like to say that this detail I am about to go into aside, this story/series is awesome, and I really hate 2nd person stories as a personal rule. So very good job there. The clop wasn't jarring and Vinyl's character was pretty believable. The nameless male interest was actually not annoying to read, nor did I find myself cringing at every "You did this, You're feeling that, You decided blah blah blah" and I usually do cringe and find myself thinking "No I didn't, this sucks, have a downvote". So I know me being impressed with your story probably means nothing, but whatever, good job and thanks for writing and sharing it.

Now on to the bad stuff... Cointreau. Dude, one doesn't just drink that stuff, not strait. When I read them drinking that by the shot I think I literally felt ill. I'm a chef and a private bar tender so maybe this hits closer to home for me than it should.... but Cointreau strait is fucking gross. For cooking and mixing only... triple sec in all it's incarnations just has no place being served neat. :pinkiesick:

5766252 Okay, you're the author, impress us readers

“If we’re two people that like each other, are exclusively seeing each other, go on dates, and have sex, that makes us...?” you ask, gesturing for her to finish.
“The coolest friendship ever. Up top,"she says, outstretching a hand for you to high-five.

This is legitimately my favorite joke ever on Fimfic. Like, so good I want to steal it.

5767509 Personally, I see Vinyl is the kind of person who would drink it straight purely out of a lack of care for convention. I don't think you can tie your opinion to a fictional character that seems very different in demeanour to you. Also, note that our protagonist even comments on how he doesn't know how Vinyl likes this stuff.

That's like, the nittiest of the picks I have seen.

Do you think we could actually get a story with her and this guy, or, at the very least, a three-way with Octavia?

I fully agree with this. :pinkiehappy:

5764900 How disappointing, I was hoping for more.

5769134 Meh. I mean, I'm kinda sad it is over, but hey, it was a fun ride!

Im glad they got together. Yes another story with Octy in a three way would have been nice but this is good for an ending. Thanks for taking it this far.

Honestly, when Octavia said that if he didn't answer, she'd go over there herself... I was just waiting for them to be too busy to notice the phone ringing, and then having Octavia walk in on them.

Sexy times following, of course. :duck:

I hate you so much because these are so good and I have to take time out of my day to read it. Although it's time well spent. Great job (as usual)!

Thank god the ending was this date-thing-whatever-scene. I saw this story and thought "Fuck yeah! Another mind-blowing, funny story."

It turned out to be very tame in comparison. I don´t think it is bad, but it lacked the "What the fuck did I just read"-level, I was used from the prequels.

But I guess it wraps up all loose ends. I won´t complain.


This is perfect, don't change a thing.

Fun times all around, am I right?:ajsmug::raritywink:

5767548 I know exactly what you mean! :rainbowlaugh:

Also I just wanna add that something like...
This---->“Vinyl, you’re a girl how can it be gay?” you ask, irritated and failing to notice the server in time.
Both of you go quiet as you turn towards the woman holding the small notepad and blush. She coughs into her hand and holds back a small laugh before sliding the pencil back into its clip.
“Excuse me,” she says in a breaking tone.
She turns and stiffly walks away back into the kitchen. You turn back to Vinyl just as she bursts into very clear laughter behind the door and voices can be heard quickly gossiping the story already. Sighing, you shake your head and gesture for Vinyl to talk.

Has actually happened to me before at a steakhouse :rainbowlaugh::twilightblush::pinkiehappy:

Was expecting Octavia to walk in, and Vinyl to invite her to join.

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