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Selfcest is always a win, really.

~Skeeter The Lurker

4919073 Liking the new avatar.

Def gonna give this a read. Not a big Flutters fan when it comes to clop, but this has me interested.

Oh hey it's done.
Wheeeeeee! :heart:

So your having sex with yourself but actually your having sex with a male you....
Oh god, that's like a fly that eats rolled up news paper.

Comment posted by GMD deleted Aug 31st, 2014
Snuggly #6 · Aug 28th, 2014 · · 30 ·

Selfcest is so weird.

Am I the only person here who wouldn't have sex with myself?


4919575 The Bible tells you to "love thyself", so that's good enough for me!

I would, again, like to ask why people are so resistant to stepping out of the fan-canon comfort zone of naming Rule 63 versions of the Mane 6 anything but what has already been established. It's always Butterscotch, always Dusk Shine, always Rainbow Blitz. Is it a lack of originality or some kind of deep-seated fear of going against the grain?

4919913 Well you know, why go against the stream? Why try to invent a new name, when most readers already know and expect him to be named that?

could you do a rainbow blitz x pinkie pie or a Solaris x Celestia plz

4919913 Personally if I was to write anything rule63'd I'd keep the original names, the fact that the characters have their genders swapped would already have been established either in the title or the description of the fic, so why keep reminding?

This is gonna be the cutest fucking clopfic I've ever read.

>looks at title

ok lets look at this

>reads description
>"special thanks to The Abyss"


anyways THIS WAS SO CUTE!!!

Hmm, I should bake her a cake for helping me with this, she thought. I wonder if she likes butterscotch :ajsmug: I get it....heh.

Not exactly what I envisioned when I told her to go fuck herself.........

That was... some very sophisticated form of masturbation... :eeyup:

This was an unexpected treat.

I require more selfcest please. Like...with all of them.

Decent Fluttershy clop always keeps me d'awwing and blushing all the way through, and this story is no exception.

...Hawt? :trollestia:


4919730 I wouldn't, but that's just because myselves would be busy doing robotics...Being an asexual engineer has its peculiarities...
Then again, we might try it just to see how it would work. :trollestia:

I'll give this a fave. A bit too clop-dense, but a fun read.


Quite so. :moustache:


Familiarity. It's so I can use a name like "Butterscotch" and 90% of the people who see it in the short description immediately know who he is and what the story is about. If it ain't broke, don't fix it.


I kinda adjusted my usual tone for this one. Hope it turned out as you expected.


Very classy too. Why use your own hoof when you can conjure someone else to use theirs (that happens to look just like yours)?


Selfcest is pityingly scarce, no? Another good one I've read is called "Mirror Mirror" if you have yet to see it. It's Dusk Shine x Twilight Sparkle.


Then it did exactly what it was supposed to. :yay: Thank you for the comment, good sir.


Oh my, even you're here? I must have done something right. :twilightblush:

Comment posted by Knight Toland of Astora deleted Aug 29th, 2014

Butterscotch cleared his throat. “So uh… should we start now?”
“Yes, I suppose so,” Fluttershy said, looking a bit uncomfortable.
Another minute passed in silence, and Fluttershy was getting frustrated. She knew that she wanted this, and she could tell that Butterscotch did too, yet it seemed that neither was willing to break the ice.

That is all that was really needed. The rest felt ooc.

4919730 Think about it, even Adam in the bible is selfcest, for Eve was made out of one of his own ribs. :trixieshiftleft:

I like it, really great read! :heart:

4922256 Why would that ever be okay?

No, I didn't mean I like them, I meant that they are the exception:applejackunsure:
Just a misunderstanding

4919913 I think it might be a fear of going against the grain, mainly because why change something that works? If you change the name to something else, you're just going to get shit on.


This was...


FlutterScotch FTW

Well interesting to say the least. Had kind of a sweet innocence to it... While still remaining true the fact it was a clopfic. Not bad in my book I like it and will be watching for more like it.

Darker Shadows will be watching...:trixieshiftright:

This...is adorable.

Fic, stop being adorable.

“There’s a binary variable in the spell matrix that I should be able to invert in order to ‘trick’ the spell into thinking you’re a stallion. That should cause it to produce a male version of yourself instead of a female one.”

Guys... I got this...
for(unsigned short n = 0; n <= 7; n++)((gender) ^= (1<<(n)));:coolphoto::pinkiehappy::rainbowlaugh:

You`re probably my favorite clop writer. You always cum up with interesting and original ideas, and this one is no different. Good job, bro.:twilightsmile:


You always cum

I see whatchu did thar :rainbowderp:

HEY...Go f*ck yourself ;)

I have but one thing to say: :yay: yay!

I'm... Actually not sure if I can approve of another shipping after this. :twilightblush: Flutter/Scotch is Adorable.

Twilight blinked, and her cheeks reddened again. “Well, there are a few reasons why, but the short answer is ‘no’.”

Thank you for not making some dumb shit up but just hurrying the story along. :raritywink:


That's because it's Adorable^2.


Twilight knows that Flutters is worried about other things at the moment. :raritywink:

This was definitely cute and sexy, but if I'm being honest it felt.....incomplete. You made such a point of describing through Twilight the conditions of this mirror spell, namely the part about how he'll disappear after 12 hours, but like so many other smutfics, the story just ends right after the sex, with no sort of aftermath or resolution. Watching Fluttershy make such a strong connection with Butterscotch I just couldn't stop thinking about how it would feel for her to watch him just disappear after all that. Or at the very least, if you didn't want to be overly dramatic with that, I would have liked to see her take her newfound confidence and apply it to *actually* ask out Mac or Thunderlane or whoever and set herself on the path to a sexier future. But there was none of that, and I was ultimately left feeling like the story was incomplete and in dire need of a proper conclusion/epilogue.

It was good and cute and sexy throughout the story otherwise, but.....yeah. It would have been better with a proper ending.


I agree with carcino, while this fic was cute and equally sexy there was something about the end that felt.... off, we know he wouldnt be there when she woke up but what is her reaction? does anyone ever ask about the mare they saw her with? does twilight ever ask how it went? so many questions are brought up

It's a spell matrix, which means it is a two dimensional array. You need an extra for-loop there :moustache:

Also wow, this was amazingly good. I almost wish cloning were legal so that we could have a series about these two, because wow. I didn't think you could get more adorable than Fluttershy.

WELL I WAS WRONG :flutterrage:

Happy wrong though.:trollestia:

Fluttershy got it easy. I wish most of the dates I had would disappear after midnight but no they never do....... By the way it's a great story it kept my attention the whole way

Straight into our favorites and onto my personal E-book. Nice work :raritywink:

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