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Hmm, another story by Marshal? I wonder what it's ab—ALL GLORY TO THE GLORY HOLE!!!



How often do you get to use that one?


...Alright damn it, you got me. Lol'd.

Oh wow, I wasn't even remotely expecting this. Since I never got around to reviewing the last one, I'll remedy that here. All the things I loved about the previous work are still here. Top quality writing, detailed and intricate descriptions, immaculate grammar and spelling, and, of course, eroticism. Just the way you described the actions and thoughts of these beloved characters highlights the best in creative fiction. Because I am unable to find any flaws in this... masterpiece, I grant you a 10/10. Have a wonderful life, Marshall Twilight, and I wish you the best of luck in your future endeavors.

Huh. Wasn't expecting a sequel... though you don't hear me complaining.

There were three on each wall, though Rarity had doubts that all six holes had ever been used at the same time.

Well, perhaps that should be remedied by a third story, eh?
I could imagine Fluttershy, being so afraid of being in public, would find anonymous sex... intriguing. It wouldn't be too hard to set up the story either; a conversation with Rarity on one of their spa dates, then one thing leads to another.
Then again, I'm quite the fan of Sluttershy, so perhaps it's just wishful thinking.

Damn, this one might even be hotter then the first one. Your smut just keeps getting better and better.

And not even the smut alone, still damn good at the set up, almost as enjoyable to read the set up, the building to it as it is to get to the fun(er) parts.

Once again an amazing, sexy story.

Oh. Oh my.

Oh myyyy yesssssssssss.

~Skeeter The Lurker


I really doubt I'll write a story like this again. If you want Sluttershy gloryhole sex though, go give Gloryshy by Anonymous Pegasus a whirl. It's pretty good.


I think, perhaps, you give me too much credit, but I appreciate the thought and review. :twilightsmile:


I'd certainly hope so. WTS was my fourth clopfic. This is my twelfth. I'd be disappointed if there wasn't any improvement. :derpytongue2:

Still not sure if this exists or not but it was great regardless.

5380220 What kind of vain prick puts their name at the end of a comment?

~Distorted Flare

Sexy times are imminent! People prepare the George Takei memes! "Oh my".

5380544 Wow what a bunch of lossers putting their name after their comment, kek.

~MouthToAss Resuscitation

I approve of this story!

I want to know how the author knows why horse sperm tastes salty.

5380818 Actually, horse cum is much more sweet than human cum, and sometimes has a taste of almonds to it, depending on the diet. It is also much more thicker, almost along the line of a custard.

5380681 Hey everyone someone approves of something let us all read it cause we are sheep

5380836 Hold the fuck up then what animal have I been sucking of? Cause it tasted salty

5380840 Well, what have you been feeding your horse? Cause, diet is a big factor.


It's just as shitty as the previous one.

I didn't think that was possible.

5380851 The hell makes you think I own horses?

5380854 Hmmm, good point. Now I'm even more curious.

5380852 Just cause your mother beat you as a child doesn't mean you have to hate ponies who have the same life style as her. Most people who go to glory holes are nice people!




I don't. It could taste like chocolate for all I knew (though, apparently, it tastes like almonds...)


And your attitude is just as shitty now as it was then. Since you don't have anything useful to say I'll go ahead and relieve you of any obligation to read or comment on my stories.

5380837 Ever purchased a game because someone endorsed it? Like a reviewer or whatever? Ever watched a movie because the IMDB or Metacritic review score was good? Ever ate some food because someone else said it was good?


Then please, I mean no offense, but kindly shut the fuck up.

Apologies Mr Writer Man/Woman for scumming up your comment section with arguments.

5380893 I can add lack of humor to the list. Shame really cause I like you as an author. Here is the thing mate at the end of the day, I was fucking about and yeah maybe it was a bit of a barbed insult but I meant no harm and given the massive ratio between our followers any person with maturity would have ignored it or laughed it off. But now I wonder what would make you respond to such a flippant comment. A comment that really was actually pretty tame given what could have been said? Jesus dude don't be so precious.

But hey I am a big girl. So I am sorry for hurting your fellings.

5380893 Calm Down brother, he was only messing around. No need to get flustered.

5380910 Well apologies if you were only joking around. Sarcasm does not translate well to text, and I do not tolerate people trying to belittle me because I tried to tell the writer that I enjoyed their work.

This is going to be delicious.

5380961 I try not to bellitle anyone because at the end of the day this is like the only fandom that puts up with our crap. Best not to aliente each other when the rest of the world is more than happy to do that. But seriously though their was no ill intent towards you. Don't get me wrong Sir hat and Reality check are two assholes I am more than happy to belittle but not you.

Comment posted by The Prancing Faggot deleted Dec 14th, 2014

Man. Thats cold. The mare didn't tell Spike about his sudden shot at Rarity.

Man, it must suck to be a stallion in that gloryhole. He'd have to do some pretty weird contortions to even get the first few inches through the hole lol.

5381154 Well, we know they can rear upright, so you'd just have to have the hole high enough.

5380885 kek.

Honestly this was really well written. Would've liked it if they had started making out or something, but that's my dirty mind bending character personalities for my own delight.

Jeep it up man.

Rarity you naughty girl..

Seems Rainbow has been reading too many fanfics. :derpytongue2:

5380885 Yeah, I kinda read that chain as well. I'm... I don't even know what to say about that.

5381577 All of those pics prove my point (except for the one with Shining and his mom, where it looks like his dick is on his stomach... WTF). You see, a stallion's dick is horizontal to his body and is right between his hind legs. There isn't really a good way for them to shove their dick through a hole in a perfectly vertical wall.

As a human, gloryholes are suited for us because we can just push our body flat against the wall and stick our dick through the hole in the wall, but a stallion would have a much harder time. You see, a stallion would have to stand on his hind legs and somehow be able to press his chest and stomach against the wall where the hole is. His front legs would get in the way of that though, given that he's just up against a flat wall.

The ideal situation would be this: (insert horribly crude picture for example)
Pretend that's a picture of a stallion. :twilightblush: This position would allow the stallion to keep a more normal pose while allowing the mare ample space to do her business in the section to the left. The way the ponies are built would make it very uncomfortable for them to stand straight up and shove their dick downwards, and then through a hole (if they even could).

5381102 Yes, baby dragon in a bar. I'm sure that would fly. Also, pretty sure the size and shape of his penis (and possibly number) would kinda blow anonymity out of the water.


Actually, horse cum is much more sweet than human cum, and sometimes has a taste of almonds to it

speaking from experience i hope?

5381660 There's also another slight issue with the area being two sided, since the Glory Hole room is apparently narrow enough for a Mare to take both sides at the same time, meaning Stallions are basically pressing up against each other if it was as your picture describes.

Could be a little awkward. ;)

Still, I try not to let logic ruin a kink.

I really wasn't expecting a sequel to this fic, but I'm glad it exists.

5381713 omg but skipe is juzt as owld az dur main six, and shuld b inklooded in evryfing they dew.

5381845 Good point, but something easily fixable. Just have one hole offset from the other by a foot or so and it'd work out fine.

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