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Quite frankly, I'm a simple person who enjoys watching the show from time to time, and an avid reader/writer.

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I love the story. Keep it up.

i am intrigued...cant wait till the next chapter.

[you have been awarded with my seal of approval for peaking my interest]


Not sure if it's the 'something' you're looking for, but the splits between third and first person narrative could be centered. Would make it look a little more finished, but that's just my opinion. Otherwise, I think you've done a pretty good job here! :twilightsmile:

3927033 You are welcome! It's often those small details which make the difference between good writing and great writing. :raritywink:

Wow...simply Wow. Honestly I've never actaully played any of the bioshock games, but I love to read about them an d watch the walkthrough's on youtube, just for kicks and stuff. Anyways This story is simply amazing. It's like I'm really there in rapture seeing through the eyes of the "Rouge big daddy".

That F*** you :flutterrage: to prince blue balls was the icing on the cake. Everything is coming together. The crossovers I've read don't usually make sense, this one however is easily the best out of all of those that I've read (And being a bookworm that's a'lot) I'm literally blown away by how much I love this story. I'm trying and failing to find anything wrong with this peice. I can't wait to read more and see what becomes of Fluttershy and Rarity.

Oh yeah I think you've captured the ponies personalities really well in their current situation. Rarity's reminds me of when she was kidnapped by the diamond dogs, I'm just waiting for the whining to begin.:raritydespair:
I'm wondering if any of the other mane six will have any kind've part in the story or will Fluttershy and Rarity simply mention them to Big Daddy at some point.

*sniff* That was beautiful.

Seriously though, wow. In glad to see that so many people are enjoying the crossover so far. I'd read several ranging from fallout, to bioshock, and even pokemon, but not many really seem to do the characters justice. Usually, either one of the two genre's are off on their reactions and/or overall ways of acting, which is a bit of a pet peeve. The Big Daddy in this story is meant to show us exactly what goes on in the mind of a Big Daddy if they ever had free will. After a life of forced misery and loyalty, its only natural that he would act as he does. Yet, throughout the story, the readers will be able to see bits of his original person before being turned into a Big Daddy.

As for the Mane Six, I may involve them in some ways if it is suggested and sensical, but I likely won't directly involve them. Glad you enjoy nonetheless.

P.s. If anyone is thinking that the Big Daddy is a little... Underpowered, remember that there's a reason he was demoted.

P.s.s. His 'special' trait won't be a constant thing, I promise. After all, where would be the fun in that? :3

Drill was the best weapon in the game tho :(

I want to fave this fic but I'm scared of the romance tag.

3933095 I never noticed the romance tag till you mentioned it... Crap, I'm scared too.


unless you mean with that EDU of his, dont worry.:ajsmug:

besides, think of it this way...he'd have to give up his "immortality' to do...what ever the hell your thinking of:ajbemused::facehoof:.
he cant remove any part of his suit or that SUPER CHIP of his self destructs and leaves him to his own mortality.

and he HATES dieing...in case you haven't noticed


Ok, I have NO idea where the idea of rape came from. Remember, he may be a Big Daddy, but he's still human. Even in the latest chapter, the reader could see how gentle of a giant he actually could be, and, like I said earlier, that chip of his may be strong, but its not overly powered. Just remember to take that in mind. (I have to say though, I'm guessing a lot of people will be surprised by how this story turns out. Oh well, it'll all be a part of the plan.)

:rainbowhuh: Not sure if it's just me.... but you seem to have an unbounded italics here. Just guessing from how it continues all the way to the end of the chapter? It starts when they enter the bathysphere.

Other than that, superb third chapter! And cutting it before they can get back to the point that he can't talk... :trixieshiftright: And while the Romance tag is being a little creepy, I'd like to find out how Rapture is mysteriously changing location once a year. Although, I guess that's a major plot point, and we're not meant to know yet, are we?

3933922 He might need to do that because of pair bonding with little sister and big daddy's they'll fight to the death and with this guy case until he doesn't have time to repair he's suit or he's in a huge epic last battle with all the splicer and they break something of his suit and then well you know the rest.

3933444 Big daddy's would never do. Like never.

3934143 well he see the ponies p.o.v when they relies they left rarity and fluttershy?


Thank you for pointing out the italicizing thing, I hate it when that happens. As for the cut off, I figured that they should all be in better settings and at full attention when they start to learn more about him. Besides, a concussion doesn't exactly make for a very attentive pony.

3934376 :rainbowlaugh: It was a compliment, dear sir! Cliffhangers are one of the greatest and also one of the most hated of plot devices, but they are completely necessary!

:twilightsmile: And good luck! You seem to know exactly what you're doing storywise, even if I can find a few holes in your format. That's the more easily fixable of the two anyways.

Greek the alphas was Greek letters

:rainbowderp: Ooops, when the security bot comes up, right after the tallies, you've got it down as a security *not. 'Least it's a simple fix right? :twilightblush:

Other than that, fantastic!

Pfffffft. Wow, that was stupid of me.
...and so was that.

I'll fix those issues right away good sirs.

After Fluttershy falls asleep, you have "As for me, is have to deal with it." Small error?
Anyway, keep up the good work! I'm really looking forward to the rest of your fic :pinkiehappy:

I like the story and how it is going so far. Makes me wonder just what awaits the characters next. Hope to see more soon.

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God I love this story! It's so what I would expect from such a crossover between these 2 worlds. And it looks like things are about to pick up the pace. Keep up the phenomenal writing!

Great chapter. Nice to see how Omega cares for the two, shows real character development. Can't wait for the next chapter.

Tis shit I do like. I shall be watching this fic closely

I'm loving this story, just got two questions.
1. I noticed the romance tag, does that mean that Omega is going to be shipped with Fluttershy or Rarity?:rainbowhuh:(even weirder when he sees them as Little Sisters.:twilightoops:)
2. What is a ESU? Do you have a picture to show what it looks like?

To begin, don't worry about the romance tag... Yet. I already have the story planned out, and yes, he may currently think of them as little sisters, but he's still not like other Big Daddies. Sooner or later, he'll make his own mindset on how to see the two. Second, an ESU, or electrical shock unit, is a made up creation of mine, so there's not really any photos on it. Just imagine a deployable metal rod that focuses electrical energy in a non-lethal (though not so non-lethal for Omega) scale. Oh, and thanks for reading.


an ESU, or electrical shock unit, is a made up creation of mine, so there's not really any photos on it. Just imagine a deployable metal rod that focuses electrical energy in a non-lethal (though not so non-lethal for Omega) scale.

I'll give you a design then

what it seems to me is a small, compacted tesla coil mounted on a gauntlet on his wrist. the tesla coil looking something not unlike this picture


you're welcome :twilightsmile:

I do enjoy those moments when a character becomes more then just descriptive words on a screen. Really brings out the human characteristics of this condemned custodian of a dead city when showing his desire to protect and care for the two equines. And while I do have some questions in regards to the story, I will wait until later. Great chapter as always.

This fix.... I love it so much right now and I'm only on chapter 2 so far. Keep up the good work sir.

Holy mother of apples, god, and Celestia that is awesome.


i cant tell whether to be :fluttercry: or :pinkiesad2: or :rainbowhuh: or :trollestia:

but I know I can be :heart::heart::heart::heart::yay::heart::heart::heart::heart:

(:pinkiesad2: = happy/sad/feels)

I was laughing at that gif for much longer than I should. XD

fucking hate spider splicers hard as hell to aim on let alone shoot

Thank you! Speaker of truths, go and spread your wisdom as I have mine!

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