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I simply can't get enough Fallout/MLP stories! I can't wait for more chapters!

best Fallout/MLP I ever read, hope to see more :pinkiehappy:

Shows promise, i look forward to the coming chapters.

What kind of pony is the wanderer?


Damn, and he was so close to rounding out his Barter.

Yeah, I was. But then I took an overused joke to an internet page.

That goes perfectly with your avatar.

What about the story? How is it?

I shit you not, I was literally in the middle of yet another play through when I set the controller down for a quick break. I pick up my labtop, come onto the site, and lo and behold, I see a Fallout 3 crossover.
Isn't it funny how life works? :rainbowlaugh:

Huh, now this has caught my attention indeed. Though I must snicker slightly at the low sneak skill. It means that he can't really go anywhere quietly, but that might not be his his style anyways.

I realize this might be nitpicky, but you need to give a list of perks, as perks like "Puppies", "Meltdown", or "Solar Powered" will make one different from one without. Also, is that the F3 Tesla Cannon, or the FNV one, as they are quite different...?

Fallout 3, and I might bring up perks in the next chapter.

...huh, don't think I've ever seen a story with a ponified wanderer.

Going to keep an eye on this for now...

Speech 100?! Jeez, this guy could smooth talk a dragon into giving up its hoard! Repair and Medicine 100? He'll be able to build a tank out of a train and perform heart surgery with a spoon!
You have peeked my interests.

Wow! I can't believe you are looking at my story! :pinkiehappy:

Okay, okay, trying not to fangasm here.

Playing it cool. :moustache::facehoof:

wait if the lone wanderer turned into a pony.....?

Lets hope he won't reveal he is from another world! because like a lot of stories done that...and it is too mainstream for some reason...

Anyways, faved!

He's gonna reveal it to Celestia first, but when he first meets the Mane 6, they won't know for a while.

Well well, this certainly caught my attention. I'm imagining the Jason's reaction to a world of candy-colored horses, he'll probably think he's on WAY too much med-X. Also the ponies reactions when they watch him search through every container for ammo and loot, they'll probably think the same. :rainbowlaugh:

What i'm trying to say is,

Boring. Erase it.

Fallout 3? MOAR!!!!!!!!!

There is tons of storys like this one. And its boring.

Well sorry, but I'm not going to erase it, you could just ignore it. :applejackunsure:

A nice beginning...

But..there was one TINY thing that jumped out at me...

There, you will find a large tree-like Crystal Castle, which now houses my most faithful student, Princess Twilight Sparkle.

...She isn't her student anymore.

Oh and 1 more thing dat phrase:
"Equestria prepared to be wandered."
No words for how Epic that sounds.

Hmm...definately different from other Fallout stories me thinks.

4536144 I respect your opinion dude but it just got started. Let it pick up. And most stories start out like all others, it's what the author puts in later that makes a story stand out.

It's a solid start, but there are more than a few cases where you seem to completely forget words.

Only now, however, that some windows were meant to be kept closed.

If there were some words after 'however', then the sentence would make some sense. As it stands... not really.

There were also a number of words that were capitalised when they didn't need to be, uncapitalised words that should have been capitalised, and other grammatical flubs.

As for the actual story, I'm a little worried about how easily he's gotten used to his new body. While I can understand his casual indifference to transforming into something else (those aliens, man), he really should have a lot of trouble moving from bipedalism to quadrupedalism. Unless you want to write it off as inherent muscle memory, which is kinda risky. We haven't actually seen him try to walk, though, so there could be a scene with him asking Dogmeat how he does it.
Also, I cannot see any conceivable way that his Pip-Boy can pick up radio signals native to the Wasteland. If he has the file stored in the device, that works fine.

Still, keep it up. This definitely has some potential.

I'll fix that wording,
Walking's in the next chapter,
And yes, he does have it all stored on the Pip-Boy 3000.

Okay. It's just that the actual line states that the radio comes on. That implies radio signals, which then implies that he's getting GNR somehow.

you just had to make him into a pony :facehoof:

Gotta say, I like it so far. It certainly has potential.
I have to ask though, being a major Fallout fanatic: What made you choose his loadout of weapons?
Other than the tesla cannon, every other weapon seems...mundane. :unsuresweetie:

Exactly. I wanted him to be more grounded to reality.

How exactly would this make the conflict and struggle for the character any more realistic if he toted about in T-51b Winter Power Armor carrying enough Mini Nukes, Rockets, and Gatling Lasers to wipe out all of Equestria? :trixieshiftleft:

So I'm guessing you read Fallout Equestria?

Shame he didn't bring a chinese assault rifle. Spray and pray worked so well with those things.

Hmm, I'm going to put this on my 'read later' list. It's probably a bit too close to home for me to jump right in, but I'll definitely give you a look in a bit. If Speven says that you're on the right track, then you probably are so I'll leave you a thumbs up :twilightsmile:

I would have expected some other words like "Equestria, turn around and prepare your flanks 'cuz I'm your pain train."

Or maybe that's just what I would say if I was in the same position...:pinkiecrazy:

Yeah, but I felt as though he needed less arsenal and more character.

I... not... all of it... I'm not very far...

I know, I am a FOOL! :raritycry:

getting more interesting, hope to see more :pinkiehappy:


Maybe he customized it so it play stations even if he's out of range

Or he saved all the songs on the radios (even one with static I suppose) and categorized it so it'll feel like he still has a signal.

Set out an extra place for dinner. It seems I am going to be here a while.

Does Tia have a crush? ;O

4536144 Theres more awesome stories like this?! Well shit point, me in the right direction.

(insert fallout 3 announcer voice)
and so the wanderer who fell into the wastes of the capital wasteland from his home in vault 101 began a new journey in a new land

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