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Not to be rude but im guessing English is not your first language. For instance Turtle should of been Tunnel and "But I am dune with you, Dog" sould be "But I am done with you, Dog" and other small things like that, that are probably the fault of a basic spell check program but other than that....this is rarther good. :twilightsheepish:

Well shit, i like this.

5185404 Thanks for pointing that out I could never tell if I got that right or wrong :twilightsheepish:

Comment posted by unknownhours deleted Nov 24th, 2014

5185491 Damn. Now I'm thinking I should of worked on this more before putting this up.

Good enough, better than some other. Grammar needs some work, though.
Maybe because I'm such Wahafag, and Warmachine not much different.
Gon' track this for the time being, let's see how it's going to come next time.

5186644 thanks my grammar not that. It don't help that I'm bad at spelling. lol

Wanna do a crossover? With Devilish Intervention?

5202777 Hmmm maybe I want to get the next chapter dun before I do any crossovers. And I think I need to give Devilish Intervention a read before I agree to anything.

5203027 But I am interested so keep an ear out okay :)

Your grammar and spelling is a weapon. It is dangerous and intimidating.

5206112 I don't know if that a good thing or a bad thing but thank you. ^^

much better than last time but still the rare fuckup from spellcheck

5206134 it was neither a compliment or an insult. I was saying your grammar and use of certain words is wrong. I definitely encourage you getting an editor.

I find this story interesting, but please get an editor as I find the story hard to read sometimes.

I like the story (especially because I don't see a whole lot of warmachine crossovers) but the poor grammar and spelling is seriously pulling me out of the experience. there's a group on fimfiction called "looking for editors" that you can use to request an editor to help you, so please at least consider asking someone to help you on this issue so you can focus on churning out more chapters.

Pretty accurate description of how Dante would react, but spelling, and grammar mistakes made it so I couldn't rate it higher

8/10 Cupcakes.

5272379 Well I tried. It better to try and fail, Then to not try at all. That what I always say.:pinkiehappy:

oh my god warmachine crossover

5274487 nope usualy Asphyxious is my warcaster ^.^

are we going to see Cankerworm?

Nice story so far, mate. But one question, eh? Do you have an editor or pre reader? I see a few grammatical errors and I would love to help polish off an already good story.

more i need more you got me on the cliff

5332809 Lol I'll be working on the next bit no worry. :twilightsmile:

i want my chapter and i want it now

Your entry on the themes page earned you a happy reader.

5354155 no worry the next part will be done after Christmas ^^

Someone else with mad ambitions trying to make undead steam monstrosities?
This is getting good!

I am the former Infinity Blade Brony. I can't acsess my account on my iPad anymore, and it's not very easy to do it on my phone so I won't be able to update my story for a while. Just wanted you to know

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