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“I Live!”

:rainbowlaugh: I love that quote from Mulan!
Also 1st!

Well... That was something... Looking forward to more

Damn it Arkidius!
*sends an Vindicare Assassin to take him out*

Here's a touch of irony Asphy.

Avarice's world has no linear timeline within-or-without the Void XD

You could've given them books to Ava and she would've just tossed them to Rin's world at the specified time and place if you'd asked.

Too bad you were in such a hurry to get back to business that you quickly shooed Ava, Ichor, Sonata and their offspring to Ava's world for Ichor and her brood's safety XD


Hey um, can someone else tale him. My computer won't do that. It's stupid.

HaHa, she got you fucker!!!!!!:D:E

Sexy ninja Zecora someone make artwork plz

6765265 if only I was that good at drawing I would XP


If I could I would draw the seine where Baldur warned Axphy about Zecora while she is ninjaing towards him. XD

Yes!!!!!! Finally!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

as we riad on the train back home

I think you mean "As we took the train back home". Either that or change it to Ride

If this is a sequel, then why does the previous story say that I should read this story first?

6983589 As in read the first one before the sequel.

Comment posted by megamanzero deleted Feb 29th, 2016

Asphyxious, who needs discord!! His life is so chaotic, discord can relax in the chaos dimension with no worry.

Got lost on this chapter:applejackconfused: guess I have to read the war story to find out how things wound up like this.:derpytongue2:

“P-please Asphy. D-dominate me… Stick your cock into my virgin pussy… Steal my virginity…”

Might want to make it Take my virginity seeing as how she is asking for it. Stealing implies she was not willing, can't steal what is being freely given.:trollestia::moustache:

These sentences made me give up pants.

Once I got the all clear from Cankerworm we head up, the next floor was some kind of trouser:rainbowhuh: room. They had rakes, all manner of trouser:pinkiegasp: tools to cause someone a lot of pain.

Yah trousers really HURT!!:trollestia:
I DIED LAUGHING!!:pinkiehappy::yay:

7035046 Sigh I'll fix that, I hate it when no one tell me I spelled something wrong.

Why did you correct it? It was funny.:pinkiesad2:

Oh well I'm over it.:pinkiehappy:

I literally have no words to describe this chapter, but in a good way

The crossover for this chapter says it needs a password.

7197155 oh you mean in the link, sorry there reworking there story. ^^"

6992392 discord a been outclassed I think, that dimension going to likely be converted... He,s going to have to figure out how to undo that

7231233 I was referring to Asphyxious not needing discord.

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