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It is year 2145. It has been 3 years since the beginning of the war. Since then Titan production has increased tenfold. Titan vs Titan warfare was now an extremely common thing meaning more advancements had to be made. Both EU and PAC have found the secret to cross-dimension travel hoping to find a warmer planet with more resources. Both armies quickly ready up to be the first ones to claim land in this new world. What they don't know is that the planet is already inhabited by a sentient race. More specifically, ponies. This is the story of Lt. Harrison of the EU marines, an all around jack of all trades specialist. He is accompanied by his squad of Sgt. Callaghan- Weapons expert, Cpl. Nicholas- Demolition expert and finally Pvt. Ford. Mechanic/ Tech specialist. Follow them through an epic journey through Equestria.

This is a crossover fic with content from Battlefield: 2142 and MLP:FiM. I do not own either. All rights respectively go to EA/DICE and Hasbro.

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Finding this fic just after I get off of the Last Refuge server, must be destiny. You play 2142?

Fun fact on titan vs. titan combat the titan was gonna be able to fire Bloc-3 Anti-Titan missiles as a commander ability but got cut. (unused sound files)

Ok after reading some more you clearly got it wrong on how defenses work on the UD-12 Shepherd. Flares aren't used. Almost all vehicles are equiped with an Active Defense System

Also the Type 4 Doragon (PAC gunship) is armed with 10 air to air missiles not 4.
I think you should refer to most vehicles by there name instead of calling everything VTOL.
example: Too late, a PAC Type 4 Doragon gunship sped towards us. My lock-on warning began to sound. The gunship fired 5 of their 10 air to air missiles. I deployed my defense shields in response. As the shields dropped to recharged, the enemy gunship fired the remaining 5 missiles.

Sorry if I sound bossy but I just kinda get this way when the intel is off.

I can offer to help you out on 2142 stuff like lore/mechanics and what not if that would be ok.

Dude this is so fucking awesome!
Keep it up! :rainbowkiss:

Hmmm I'm liking this. Tracked, and stuff like that. Keep it up.

Wow cool Fic cant w8 for the deployment of batttlewalkers

Titans! This story just got very interesting!:pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy:

I'm a little worried about that "Romance" tag...

Liking it so far. I'll read it as we quietly wait for 2143 (lol). And that romance tag kinda bugs me.

1060861 Thanks, I am a little rusty on the 2142 universe.

About the romance tag! There is four Human characters. Four of the mane 6 are chosen for characters. It also isn't going to be an extreme romance thing. Just remember this is rated teen! This is no clopfic if that's what everyone is thinking. haha

There may be a slight delay on the first chapter. A lot of important stuff going on that needs my direct attention. Hopefully I will have it soon though.

awesome story also do many people still play this game

1063987 the 2 most popular servers DEATHCLOCK and Last Refuge usually have atleast 30 players on them and they are usually maxed at 64 in the middle of the day.

Ermerhgerd dude you gotta keep this up!!! I oz tracking

I can see where dash is going at one point. With a soldiers pistol!!:rainbowwild:

Also, when do you think the next chapter will come out? :applejackunsure:

this story is awesome but when im drunk its20% coolre

1064585 me thinks i might get this game

Oh god this is hilarious!

Man, sometimes it just sucks to be russian, always the bad guys =(:fluttercry:

1067167 What i see we are the bad guys but people always have to fight us cause Russia is so large comrade :ajsmug:

1067167 I believe they use Russians as the bad guys because Russia is mature enough to not get butt hurt about it. If someone used say, America as a bad guy the media would go all "Wow! What an anti-American game!" and the company would get a bad rep. Damn you media!

1067167 It depends on your point of view. The PAC was forced to invade Europe because resource negotiations between the EU soured fast and it was either invade or have there entire population succumb to the wall of ice consuming almost all of northern Russia.

1068480 I guess sometimes I wish I could see more about their point of view, I'm not saying the americans or europeans should be the bad guys, in fact I don't think I like anyone being the bad guys (except for the nazis i guess) sometimes that is just too dualist, I enjoy more movies, games and storys that show how wars are bad for both sides, like "letters from iwo jima" and "flags of our fathers" those movies show both POVs of the same battle, in fact, the original idea was to make a single movie.

1069140 Well actually I would quite enjoy a German soldiers POV. I mean most of them fought because to them it was the Allies that were evil. They also fought because most of them had to. Besides, German technology back in WWII was quite interesting I find. But yeah as I said we probably will never get to see those kinds of points of view due to the assholes who run the media. :(

"I have some books on it in my library. And hey, I can use magic too."

She already said that, if you meant Rarity, it should be a new paragraph.

I feel the same way; I have been referred to as a DICE fanboy even though I don't own this game. Such a shame.

Nuke? I hope not, the horrors of dem Gamma rays are not something for pony eyes.

They dropped the f-bomb,
if you know what I mean:unsuresweetie:

1077285 Any explosion huge enough will create a mushroom cloud.
I hope it ain't a nuclear weapon, cause those seem kind of out of place in the 2142verse.

It'd be cool if you had it where a few of the titans launched orbital arrays into orbit so commanders could call in EMP strikes and orbital strikes.

So far so good.

Soldier you deserve an award.


Damn, there is no ponified BF:2142 pictures. :(

I actually understood half of what happened in this chapter, but... I like this!

1085829 2 things:
1) This is not YouTube.
2) No one cares.

dang dude the whole PAC and EU Navies duking it out is the USAs Titans with the EUs?

Ill handwave the dropship having doors as a special transport varriant.

Time for some map intel!
"When the EU and PAC clashed at Ponyville, both sides utilized more than 40 Titans between them. By the end of fighthing a month later, only two remained. Continuous assaults rendered half of the town uninhabitable by the first week. Years later, covered in metal carnage, ponyville would be referred to as the Titan Graveyard"

Made it sound like ponyville could be a titan map. (map intel edited from Shuhia Taiba)

Big ass battle incoming cue 2142 theme intro!

1087537 2142 is actually the only battlefield game not to feature any of the US. They're barely even mentioned in lore, but I presume that the US is part of the EU I think. So the EU is basically the whole west vs. the east (PAC).

I can only assume that when EA gets finished with 2143 that the US might actually make an appearance.

Now that is interesting.

He also earnes a Titan survival pin! :pinkiecrazy:


On a side note.

I really really hope you avoid bringing those nukes into Equestria... also nuking north america... if my guess is as good as anyone else most of the US probably looks like the movie "The day after tomorrow"... Everyone probably got evaced down into Mexico over the years as the ice age crepted in from the north.

Work on getting Orbital strike support and EMP strikes online.

RD has oogly eyes for dat human
(bow chika bowow)

i hate you anger, and the things you make us say

Sorry for the huge delay on the next chapter, alot of advanced classes leave me almost no time to write. :( Summer! Why did you have to be so short!

Well, it's nice to see this is still going.


Yeah, Its been difficult to do all the things I enjoy doing. Between School and friends, don't get that much time to write anymore. :(
Writing this chapter was more of a refresher to me for the next chapters. Hopefully in the next chapter I can get maybe double what I did on this.

I love Battlefield 2142, I still play it today! Thanks You For Making This FanFic!!! :pinkiehappy:

is this and the author dead?
tis a shame.

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Actually: Начата инициация распада ядра реактора

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