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Erised the ink-moth

If you don't expect too much from me, you might not be let down. -Gin Blossoms


Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash find themselves in another world during the middle of a zombie apocalypse.

Surrounded by death, destruction, and those freaking alarms that are on every dang door, they must fight their way to safety through the infected hordes alongside four survivors that are thoroughly confused about why there are colorful, winged horses helping them, and how they could even wield machine guns without fingers.

An MLP/ Left 4 Dead 2 crossover.

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This was very well written, I must say. I´m curious as to how this is going to proceed.
Keep up the good work.

To do a barrel roll, press Z or R twice!

Thanks, Peppy... -____-

damn... that is dark...
LOVE IT! :pinkiecrazy:

gunshot rang out and his head exploded, showering Fluttershy with blood and bits of grey matter.

To quote the cloaker from Payday 2 "You got what was coming for ya." As for the difficulty settings well let's just say I call that a difficulty tweak.

Killed the most infected
Rochelle: 141
Nick: 107
Coach: 89
Ellis: 84
Rainbow Dash: 0
Fluttershy: 0

:pinkiesmile:I liked it. Can't wait to see more from ya, Mr. Erised the ink-moth!

:ajbemused:For once, I'm with Shady. It's actually a great story, a concept few have tried, and has good quality.:ajsmug:
:twilightsmile:Well said, Darkfire. Anyways, we have faved this story and liked it. Hope to see more!:pinkiehappy:

4595779 no Ellis always wins

Ellis 293
Rochelle 190
Coach 147
Nick 45

4618633 now this one understands about coach saying

I had all their albums even their new stuff that ain't no good.

You might wanna check your short description cus you have a spelling mistake in it...

Shy made a friend! I have a feeling it's noy gonna go well for her.

..... can we have this witch be one that Flutters can communicate with, and somehow add as another member to this odd group? Pretty please? I personally think it would be adorable to have Fluttershy show the witch that whatever it's sad about isn't true, and the witch somehow starts to return to a human-ish state of mind.... Flutters' little protector - Angel's got some competition now...

4692730 I see you've somehow delved into my mind. But yes, that's kind of where I had this headed.

Also I may or may not have started this fic when the image of Flutters cuddling a Witch popped into my head. :twilightblush:

GNOME CHOMPSKI! How did I know he was gonna show up at some point?

Dunno whether to berate you for adding game logic by having button presses, or praise you for calling it an aileron roll

“No. We need to find Fluttershy!” Rainbow harshly reminded them “I don’t care if that heli-whatever is waiting for us, I won’t leave her behind.”

Little nitpick here, I'm pretty sure Rainbow Dash would know what a helicopter is. We saw her saving Twilight from crashing into one during Testing Testing 1, 2, 3. Another minor nitpick would be that I'm pretty sure she would notice the helicopter before it came closer to her, considering her multi-tasking abilities in that episode.

But I guess since this is in the 'Alternate Universe' tag, it doesn't matter, but it still bothers me that Rainbow Dash's intelligence is always so falsely accused like this.

4789106 Actually I was trying to (rather obscurely) joke about how the helicopter sound effects suddenly come into the game as it passes over the survivors, then instantly cuts out again once the scripted scene is over.

As for Rainbow using the term "heli-whatever", I was kinda going for impatience and frustration rather than general stupidity. I too know for a fact that she would know what they are due to Pinkie flying up to her and Gilda in one during Griffon the brush off.
I guess I didn't really describe it all very well. :derpytongue2:

[Difficulty - Advanced]
[Realism - Enabled]
[More realism - Enabled]
[Extra settings]
- Gun shortage (Weapons are not duplicated when picked up)
- Slow healing (Medkits heal damage slowly over time instead of all at once)
- Relentless dead (Common and uncommon Infected can only be killed with headshots, and will pursue survivors so long as they have at least one remaining limb)
- Like a fish (Survivors can crawl and use primary weapons, but not melee weapons, when in final stand mode)
- You kids turn that music down (Hordes will be drawn by gunfire, explosions, and other loud noises)
- This is NOT a 90’s railshooter (Infinite ammo on pistols is disabled)
- Won’t take that lying down (Survivors can fight back against infected incapacitation holds to take reduced damage, but still require help to get free)
- Stop, drop, and what now? (Fire doesn’t cause infected to panic)
- When push comes to shove (Shove attacks affect allies)
- Well isn’t that convenient? Stop it. (Picked up ammunition must be loaded into clips before it can be used)
- A little variety (More kinds of Weapons, Armor, Ammo, and Healing items to be found)
- Pick up, ALL the items! (Survivors can carry twice as many Healing and Grenade items)
- Jolly cooperation/ Stand and deliver (Lone survivors can be encountered and will either help you or attack you)

This is literally one of my most hated things you can do in a story: Literal video game physics.

I see people are liking how I put in Mr. Chompski. Now I have to think of a way to follow this up...
Uhh... Let me think... Gnome Chompski turns into Godzilla and saves the day by battling a giant Frankenstein's monster.

... Nailed it.:trollestia:

4810516 Hmmm... needs more zombies.

interesting... will give it a read.... :pinkiesmile:

4810516 Brilliant, simply brilliant. Is there no end to your creativity?

Comment posted by Full-time_Introvert deleted Sep 1st, 2014

“Oh shit, TANK!” Ellis alerted them to the obvious as the improbably large, boss-class infected barreled towards them.



Comment posted by Full-time_Introvert deleted Sep 1st, 2014

NOOOO FLUTTERS!! :raritycry: :raritydespair: Why you give me unwanted worry feels!?!:fluttercry:

Comment posted by Full-time_Introvert deleted Sep 1st, 2014

Ah tell you, the best way to turn colorful ponies into badasses is to give them guns. That there's just common logic.” Ellis said excitedly as he dreamed of an airforce of pegasi flying overhead and raining bullets on zombies like a bunch of mini gunships that were also alive somehow.

OH. MY. GOD. YES! pinkie.ponychan.net/chan/files/src/133583976808.jpg BADASS RAINBOW DASH COMIN' THROUGH!

Everyone gathered around to read. Written on a piece of cardboard with crayon were the words [You guys are taking too long. I’ll find the stupid flares myself. I’ll leave some signs for you to follow if you ever decide to get moving.]
“Shit, gotta hand it to him; that Darian’s a trooper.” Coach said as he finished reading.
“He left this note too.” Thomas pulled out another piece of cardboard that read [I also took your barbecue-flavored chips]
Coach narrowed his eyes. “That son of a bitch.”


Comment posted by Full-time_Introvert deleted Sep 1st, 2014

You do know video games are nothin’ like real life, right Ellis?” Coach asked as he and the rest crawled through the dust covered metal shaft “Ellis, you still there boy?”

:ajsmug: i get it...


Good god....Gnome Chompsky again!?!?

That bastard has it out for me.....

5016404 I literally Hated getting that achievement with a very strong passion....:twilightangry2:


Wait till you have to carry that damn gnome for most of HL2 Episode 2, the hate shall be doubled!

5017116 That little demon is in hl2!?!?!:applejackconfused::rainbowderp::fluttershysad::fluttercry::twilightangry2::flutterrage:

No but serouisly, it's in half life 2? Huh geuss I will have to look for it.


I regret telling you this...but when you get to the place where Alyx makes contact with White Forest initially..you will find him underneath a shelf or two in the room...

The Challenge

Bring this damnable gnome to White Forest and put him into the rocket you find there.....

There IS a achievement.....its barely worth it.

DAMN THAT FUCKING GNOME TO HELL.:flutterrage: :flutterrage: Sorry that gnome pisses me off badly!:twilightangry2: now he has screwed another poor soul to torment. :facehoof: where is mt doom when you need it. :ajbemused: o great story can't wait to read the next chapter.

oh no, that friggin gnome has delayed the story! just drop it and run, author!

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