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It is year 2145. It has been 3 years since the beginning of the war. Since then Titan production has increased tenfold. Titan vs Titan warfare was now an extremely common thing meaning more advancements had to be made. Both EU and PAC have found the secret to cross-dimension travel hoping to find a warmer planet with more resources. Both armies quickly ready up to be the first ones to claim land in this new world. What they don't know is that the planet is already inhabited by a sentient race. More specifically, ponies. This is the story of Lt. Harrison of the EU marines, an all around jack of all trades specialist. He is accompanied by his squad of Sgt. Callaghan- Weapons expert, Cpl. Nicholas- Demolition expert and finally Pvt. Ford. Mechanic/ Tech specialist. Follow them through an epic journey through Equestria.

This is a crossover fic with content from Battlefield: 2142 and MLP:FiM. I do not own either. All rights respectively go to EA/DICE and Hasbro.

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Kane and his brotherhood have fought for years to finally ascend to his world of "nod". Kane does this with ruthless fighting and almost annihilating the GDI forces. The brotherhood finally ascends into his precious world of Nod to find it populated with ponies. Kane wishes to take this world by force with his Tiberium fueled army and spreading his glorious Tiberium across Equestria. GDI has other plans though. GDI forces attempt to destroy Kane and his brotherhood once and for all! But at a cost... How many Equestrians will die defending their peaceful world? Will Celestia protect her subjects? Or will Kane and the Brotherhood stomp out all life and claim the world as his own with his futuristic army?

(Note: This is my first fic and I hope everyone enjoys it as I will work really hard on it! I love C&C and I love Ponies!)

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