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It feels like someone... WANTS ME TO READ WORKING THE STALL!

For some reason I am both impressed you managed to get the word count to exactly 5,555 words, yet disappointed it wasn't 6,666 words instead. :ajsleepy:

Other than that, hot fucking damn, saucy stuff you got here. :rainbowwild:

Wow, they have a Spongebob gif for everything.

Drill #4 · Jun 9th, 2014 · · ·

Cloppiest clopfic i've clopped to in weeks. Good stuff, dudebro.:heart:

Very nice! of course, I'd expect nothing less form the autor who did the Equestrian futa wrestling league!

I'm only disappointed that there wasn't any anal and only a bit of deepthroat...

oh, and some cum inflation would have been absolutely amazing, too.

4517445 Same, but wouldn't it be better if it was 6,699, or maybe even 6,969?

Good. Very KINKY!:duck:

314 #8 · Jun 9th, 2014 · · ·

This. Oh my fetishes. Definitely going to read it later in the ah, privacy of my own bed :scootangel:


It was actually 5,554 words as the final product, which was a complete coincidence. Abyss was the one who pointed it out, and I added the word 'she' to one of the lines near the start to make it 5,555. See, there's editing a story and making it good, but the important part is just making sure the word count is a nice rounded number. :pinkiecrazy:


Needless to say, thank you for the comment, but the way you phrased it was particularly entertaining :pinkiehappy:


Kinky indeed. Not quite the same level of fetish fuel as some of my stuff, but it's pretty close.


Thank you! And apologies for the lack of anal, but I honestly don't find it appealing at all unless it's M/M (Don't ask, it's complicated.)


4518385 I totally just now looked at your other stories. Two of which I totally loved (Corporal Punishment and GEFWL). You and I share similar fetishes. And I mean that in a totally non-creepy way :rainbowwild:

This thing. I like it.

More please? Maybe with an anal scene?

I'm going to hell for reading this

But obviously I already am so...:twilightblush:


Certainly seems to be the case.


Won't be doing anything else with this one, but my stories tend to share common themes so you might find them to your liking.


Purity is overrated. Corruption feels better anyway.

Nice, but not depraved enough. :derpytongue2: I mean, I'm disappointed in Twilight who stopped the fun instead of asking for a stool to lie upon and continuing being fucked while slowly losing consciousness.

Seconded. Twilight should have left her comfort zone and let the stallions have fun at her expense. :twilightsheepish:

I don't know why I feel so disappointed right now, because I enjoyed the story very much.

My brain, sometimes... :ajsleepy:

Not bad.

Not bad at all.

~Skeeter The Lurker

4518675 your profile picture gets more and more terrifying every time I see it :applejackunsure:

Twilight Sparkle has long wanted to be at the center of a gangbang

Well, that was straight to the point of the clop. It's kind of refreshing, actually.

I half expected Twilight to get banged by Shining armor and find out it was him the next day in a passerby remark by him.:derpytongue2:

But judging by the lack of people screaming "INCEST!" I guess I was wrong.:rainbowwild:

4519124 that pony that she imagined was big mac? It was shining armour.


4518674 our brains
They work only when we don't want them to

its always the quiet nerdy ones :twilightsheepish:

If there's ever a story that requires http://derpibooru.org/316143?scope=scpe44db9220dba028d493a6c2de737c91da726de777, it would be this one.

This story has just so many of my fetishes, and it includes Twilight Freakin' Sparkle to boot! And hey! It didn't take the dark route where Twilight regrets her decision but can do nothing but accept it! Or where Dash is overpowered by horny stallions and raped to breaking! Props to you for that :pinkiesmile:

10/10, would clop again :pinkiehappy:

:unsuresweetie: Sweetie Belle, NO! It's not safe for foals! SWEETIE BEEEEEEEEEELLE!

I don't like clop, but if it weren't ponies I'd probably read it

Fuck fucking fuck! This was incredibly hot!!! Love me some glory hole stories! I even wrote one my self, tho it's more of a comedy.


I've not read it yet, but the fact this has 5555 words pleases me greatly, I enjoy seeing little numerical patterns like this, whether they are coincidental or not.

That was really damn hot.

One thing is clop. Another is gloryhole clop.

This, where it shows very clearly that the female enjoys the hell out of it, is hotness on another level of magnitude entirely.

The part about Twilight giving her first blowjob and breaking the myth that it's a one-sided pleasure, with her feeling aroused by the sensations and Thunderlane's reaction... man, that was the highlight of the fic for me. It's real, and hot as FUCK. The first penetration and her rump reactions of wanting, and needing, more dick was yet another one that made me sweat. The rest was a bit of a segue, but the end showing her blissful exhaustion to the point where she resorts to her wings was great as well.

Overall, this sure as hell is the best non-romantic sex fic I've ever read, and not just in the brony fandom either. Shit, it beats even Gentlemen For Mares when it comes to the rutting part. Ten outta ten, I'm sure keeping this baby in mind and on my faves list.


Nice, but not depraved enough.

Bahaha, that's definitely a comment I never expected to see on one of my stories. Well played.

To address your other concerns, I definitely wanted to take an angle of 'Twilight enjoys the hell out of it' because I dislike grimdark clop.

The bit about the stool though... Not the worst idea I've ever heard :trixieshiftright:


Thank you for the comment and the follow, good sir, and I'm glad you liked it.


When the entire point is getting off, I never saw any reason to pretend otherwise.


Aren't they, though? Rainbow's never gonna look at Twi quite the same way again after this one.


Here's a funfact for you. Ever read Darf's story "Pinkie Pie Sucks A Hundred Dicks"? The bit about Rainbow Dash being there to keep things in order was inspired by that, only she didn't end up walking out for ice cream while the whole thing deteriorated to gang rape.

As for the other thing, I'm not a big fan of including "I totally regretted doing this" in a clopfic. My golden rule is "What is arousing, and what isn't?" Obviously, Twilight hating herself afterwards wouldn't be very appealing to most.


Glad you liked it, and indeed gloryhole stories are unfortunately rare.


Indeed. The original word count when it was ready for posting was 5,554. That was a complete coincidence, but my editor pointed it out and it was easy enough to make it 5,555. I have to wonder just how many people looked at the story for that reason alone. :rainbowwild:


I'm giving this comment its own reply because it's exactly the kind that authors like the most. Saying in detail what you liked, what you didn't like, and offering an overall opinion is gold for people like me.

The part about enjoying giving a blowjob was a particular chord for me. It's something that I almost never see in stories, and frankly I always thought that was a damn shame. Just because you aren't mashing naughty bits together doesn't mean you aren't having fun.

And the thing about Twilight enjoying herself so much, I'm glad that turned out well too and that you didn't think it was exaggerated. The way I saw it, this is her ultimate sexual fantasy, and having a chance to live it for real... She'd be having the time of her life, and that's how I tried to write her.

Needless to say, thank you for the review, and I'm glad that you enjoyed the story so much :twilightsmile:

I've never read anything so hot


But seriously... hot damn you did this right. I'm gonna have to bring this one up to 11/10

Oh my sweet lord... I need some alone time... You, sirrah, have just hit on my exact fetish. I'm dribbling juices all over my chair, and that's through my shorts and panties! If you could please, please, please, write a half dozen more of these, any characters you think would work, I would quite easily carry your internet babies.

It's just so... rare that I find a fic that can nearly get me off just by reading. I love it! :yay:

Twilight really needs to work on her stamina, I mean, not lasting more than a couple hours? :twilightoops:

And you know the best way to train, is to repeat the experience, again, and again, and again. :trollestia:

4521499 Haha wow, it seems you like really these types of stories! :twilightblush: Just so ya know, I'm gonna be writing a gloryhole story with both Twilight and Rainbow in the next few days here.

I'm thinking it's for two reasons:
1) Twilight's character seems a bit inconsistent.
2) The story is a bit too "tell" rather than "show".

4521881 If I told you even half the things I've done in the last ten years sweetheart, you'd think I was a porn actress. I'm not proud of a few of them, but one of my best kinky memories ever is taking part in a glory hole party; six girls in one box and somewhere between twenty to thirty guys to share... Mmmmnn... In any case, reading these stories, about first timers getting their taste of anonymous, string free sex, being used and abused in the most impersonal way, and getting hooked on it; this is my fetish. Even more so than my fucked-senseless, human-on-pony fetish.

In any case, you've got a group! I'm joining. And maybe contributing when I have the time :raritywink:

4522296 Sorry sweetheart, I ruined the life of the guy I nearly married, but you never know when I'll be on the other side of the next 'hole you find :raritywink: No strings is no strings, after all.

I think i like this one.

Comment posted by Marshal Twilight deleted Jun 9th, 2014


To address your other concerns, I definitely wanted to take an angle of 'Twilight enjoys the hell out of it' because I dislike grimdark clop.

While the story about Pinkie Pie and a hundred dicks is rather extreme, I can't agree that leaving one's comfort zone instantly makes the story griddark. Between pure own pleasure and pure partner's pleasure, there's a certain spot where your pleasure and displeasure fight each other (or you're just confused), but knowing your partner is satisfied adds enough joy to make it a very pleasureable experience. This is what exploring your partner's kinks often becomes.

Even in the Darf's story, Pinkie enjoyed pleasuring stallions long after her own pleasure overrided her displeasure, because for her, bringing joy is the most important part of life and it outweighs pretty much everything. It can be fun getting almost to the point of shouting "stop", but bypassing and ignoring it is what makes a story grimdark (in fact, some people in BDSM culture make shouting a stop-word, or getting close to it, a habit). And I think, in Pinkie's case, even that isn't enough, as proved by the very ending of the story about a hundred dicks. It's extreme from a viewer's perpective, but Pinkie doesn't look like being harmed by the experience; she doesn't regret it.

Of course, Twilight isn't Pinkie, so she could just let the stallions fuck her throat more thoroughly and have a go at her plothole. Becoming unconscious isn't my cup of tea, actually, but even an orgasm is partially that, in a way.


It's true that pushing the limits can be hot, and that's something I've written. What I'm saying is that I wanted to emphasize the "This is my ultimate fantasy" aspect, and in my opinion, taking her out of her comfort zone would detract from that.

I have no actual problem with deep throating either, and I have in fact written quite a bit of that. I just didn't quite manage to find a way to fit more of it into the story. Twilight might be enjoying herself, but she's still an amateur. If you read between the lines, she's really just standing there letting the stallions do the work and use her as they will. Deepthroating doesn't quite fit with that level of skill, in my opinion, especially with foot-long dicks.

As for anal... Well, I mentioned earlier that it just isn't my kink, except for M/M (like I said, it's complicated.) So, no excuse for that one.

4522583 Don't you give me the Tenant face, boyo, you know all too well I'd ruin you for other women.

However, maybe. Maybe, if you can think of one thing, just one, that you could do for me that I, in twelve years of sexual activity, haven't done with a man, (and do try to be creative, I certainly have been) then I could consider making it a point to visit you on one of my trips abroad to meet fellow fans. And making sure that you walked funny for a week after I left.


Hmm... Ever tried putting a butt-plug on a corkscrew and going for a spin?

If I hadn't already given you an up vote for an awesome story, I would have up voted for the 5,555 words.

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