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Sunset Shimmer wanting to be dominated by Twilight Sparkle? Yes please, dood.

This is relevant to my interests.

Will have to read this sometime today. Will edit comment once I get around to this.

I think this story is going places. I think I want to go to the places this story is going.

This will be fun.

Nice setup so far...

~Skeeter The Lurker

Thou hast mine interest. Have a like and a fave.

Hang on...

...Sunset surprised at her being an alicorn...?

Sorry boss, but I don't buy it... After all with all the tossing and turning that Twilight did the night the crown was stolen, there is no way Sunset wouldn't notice the wings. That and the chase as well. And then she even turns into a alicorn when they fight... But that one... Eh, whatever.

Still, aside from that, I'm liking what I see so far.

~Skeeter The Lurker

I wonder if Flash Sentry is going to play any role in this. After all, one girl dated his human alter ego, the other one crushed on him and was attracted to his pony self.

I agree with skeeter on that one, she would know Twi was an alicorn. Hell Celestia tells shimmer that she's staying with princess twilight. Other than that good job looking forward to the next chapter (or 10)

3822178 I think Sunset was a bit more focused on trying to silently get the crown when she stole it, and not how the owner of the thing she was stealing was tossing and turning in bed. Also, I think she was probably drunk on power or something when she was hit by the rainbow cannon, and was probably a bit out of it for the rest of the night.


Still, when stealing something from somewhere, you make certain that no one knows.

If that means stealing from a room that someone is sleeping in then you can bet money they'll pay careful attention to the person in the bed.

Plus. The chase through the castle still stands.

No, say what you will. Sunset would have already known about her being an alicorn.

But like I also said, a minor issue, nothing more.

~Skeeter The Lurker


We watched it happen. There was no off-screen to worry about. It was dark, there were sheets. The portal is only open for so long so it's not like Sunset was camped out for days trying to spy on Twilight (who had only just arrived a few hours earlier). I think the most plausible explanation, given her implied familiarity with the Element of Magic, is she knows some sort of locator spell attuned to said Element.

So, Sunset was not in Equestria long enough for us to be 100% certain she'd have heard about Twilight's apotheosis. Twilight had only just arrived. Sunset appears out of nearly nowhere, snags the crown, replaces it, all in the dark - and runs. Twilight takes off after her, again, at night. There's teleporting, then jumping into a mirror. There are so many chances there to miss Twilight's wing-a-lings it's not even funny.

As for what happened in the human world. Who knows? Sunset was a... succubus-thing at the time, for all we know she doesn't even really remember what she saw. Even if she did, wouldn't she be more likely to equate Twilight spontaneously growing wings and a horn to her own transformation into an otherworldly magical creature?

There's more reason to believe she'd miss it than to believe she'd seen it if we look at it from her perspective, rather than the omniscient perspective of the audience. Also, as is typical of a scene that takes place in the dark - things look lighter to us so we can see what's going on, than they are for the characters.


Princess and Alicorn are not synonymous. Princess Platinum was the princess of Unicornia, and a unicorn. Blueblood is a prince, and not an alicorn. Your race and royal title are two separate things. (Shining Armor is also technically a prince now, and also lacks wings)

If Celestia had said, "You're going to stay with the alicorn Twilight Sparkle." then you would be correct. Instead, she said "Princess Twilight Sparkle", mentioning nothing about Twilight's race-change and ascension to immortality.

Besides even if you couldn't be a princess without also being an alicorn, when alicorns are living creatures of myth and legend, hearing that someone you know has spontaneously become like a god you aren't going to register or believe it until you see it with your own eyes. If you deny that, I've got some insurance to sell you.

I love where this story is going, but it feels a little weird how fast Sunset became infatuated with Twilight. There was no buildup and she just met her and was suddenly drooling over her. I know this is clop and it's pretty much where the story is heading, but slow can also be good :twilightsmile:

(And I really, really hope the cover picture is from a scene, that will actually happen in this story :twilightblush: )

Can't wait for the part where the fun will begin :yay:

Lets see. Best way to get to the heart of the matter is to trot her about town and expose her to the insanity of Ponyville. So. Cutie Mark Crusaders, Davenport, Sugarcube Corner… Oh! Granny Smith, of course. She tapped her chin with her hoof, descending deep into thought. Who else might help. Maybe I could get Zecora to rhyme at her for a while. Or even better, I’ll send a letter to Trixie.

Lawl. You created the Trollight. Good job, make Twilight be an evil teacher, just like her own. Maybe it'll be famous or whatever. Stupid fiction terms, always fucking with my mind.

Hmm. great story, but there seem to be a few grammar errors here and there. Unusual for you. No proofreaders for this story?
Anyway. I'm going to follow this like every other story you write/have written :moustache:


Shining Armor is also technically a prince now, and also lacks wings

Actually he would be a prince-consort rather than a prince.

A note for writers:

Parchment and vellum are made from animal hide, (specifically from species that, in Equestria, are sapient), the ponies are not likely to make much use of either. My suggestion is to reserve it for very special uses, (e.g. magical writing, such as a spell scroll), or for the sort of thing a story might use a book bound in leather made from human skin.

However, making wood pulp based paper is clearly within their capabilities.

What... what did Celestia do with that letter....:twilightoops:

3823490 This is a collaberative effort, so some things might've slipped through the cracks.

Oh no, how does Sunset know all these things she was in high school :rainbowderp:

Regarding the very beginning of the story: Should Sunset Shimmer know about Princess Luna? I imagine that she went to "Earth" (or whatever the place with the humanoids is called) before Luna was changed back from Nightmare by Twilight.

Love this story already and can´t wait to see more of it. :rainbowwild:

No offense, dude, but those are some heavy assumptions. Thus far, all princesses have been alicorns. Sunset knowing that Twilight is a princess and knowing about Equestria should be enough for her to know that Twilight is an alicorn.


It's also a heavy assumption to say she would automatically know, or have seen. Despite evidence to the contrary on the latter. Everything I have said is perfectly plausible as well as part of it being based on canonical information, and a better explanation for the events than "Author done screwed up". If you would like to debate the plausibility, you are welcome to. The admission fee is one of your regenerations and a TARDIS key.

I've heard of cock blocked before but never pussy shield?

Comment posted by Stygian Stylus deleted Jan 22nd, 2014

I thought it was a little strange about how suddenly Sunset Shimmer thought about Twilight like that, and then I realized...Discord
This should be fun :trollestia:


Sunset Shimmer would have known that Twilight Sparkle was an Alicorn because.

1: She looked back at Twilight after stealing the crown. (After Twilight got out of bed, there was a rather empty hallway they chased each other down physically.)

2: She knew Twilight had been crowned - it is likely she didn't miss other details about it.

3: She knew Twilight was a Unicorn, Princess Celestia's student.

4: She knew that, as a human, Twilight Sparkle had wings when the Power of Friendship stopped her demon-form from blasting them out of existence and gave the Mane6 wings/tails, she is literally flying right in front of Sunset's face and all showing them off all over the dance party afterwards.

It is by no means realistic to assume that Sunset Shimmer did not know (as well as probably hear) that Twilight had wings as well as a horn - what other conclusion should she draw than, "Twilight be an Alicorn, yo."?

3825028 I have... I've been cockblocked and I also got... someone in my family Pussy-Shielded. It was funny for the 5 year old I was!

3825372 I know I've written something good when THIS Is the only detail people seem to have issue with.


So SHimmer is going to be sub. to twilights dom.? Me like.


Already provided for all of that in my earlier post. Please go back and read. One does not attempt to prove something as implausible by simply re-stating what has already been supplanted to begin with.

It is more an assumption that she "MUST" know without failure (you people so far have been picturing everything from the standpoint of the audience rather than the characters, according to your points and arguments) than it is to say it's possible and indeed plausible that she might NOT know.

I'm not going to stop until you people stop sounding like you're spouting irrefutable facts (at least I'm trying to prove possibility). So we can either agree that it's possible to not have happened, which is sane and reasonable. Or we can just sit here and deal with your groundless absolutes until you all go blue in the fa... erm. Fingers?

Which will it be, amigos?

3825537 I will credit you, this is the only story of it's kind I've actually considered watching, because the content is actually very solid. (excepting, you know, the rage inducing alicorn oversight).

Ah well, just lowers the standard my own work must aspire to!


I think this is the one they're focusing on (if they'd stop tripping over themselves about the wings, we could all move on to helping out with any other potential issues). You did do a good job, but I feel like some things could have been drawn out more. Sunset's attraction to Twilight quite nearly sprang out of nowhere. It's one thing to find someone attractive, but diving headfirst into loins-burning-with-lust kind of sucker-punched me.

If the story's meant to be short anyway, then that's quite fine. But if you planned to make it 10 or more chapters, I felt there could be a bit more space and discovery involved.

3825669 There's actually 8 more chapters, and while I did agonize over drawing this one out a little longer, It was ultimately a decision between adding 3 more chapters of exposition and trying to keep the story tight and fun. Yeah, I agree it feels a touch rushed, but that's the nature of projects like this sometimes.

3825634 I much appreciate the compliment and the credit, but don't forget to give some love to my Co-Author, Inky. He's a big part of Sunset's voice in this and wrote quite a few of the words.


You're not going to convince me that just because you want to believe that Sunset Shimmer is a dunce that it must be so.

I assume for example, that when winged-human-Twilight offers her a hand up after she got blasted back to humanity herself, that she notices the wings.

Your whole argument is based around the fact that she "didn't see what was right there in front of her," and is conjecture itself (especially since you happen to be using something right in front of you reply with).

To blast others for assuming/conjecturing that Sunset shimmer knew while still clinging to your belief that it's plausible that she didn't is distasteful.

I do not absolutely think that my idea is right, but I do not agree with your manner of arguing a point that I see as extremely questionable, so I hold steadfast in my belief that you actually are completely wrong - rather than continue arguing semantics.

I can give you a ride, if you would like. No key from me, though.

3823962 I think maybe she put two and two together. She'd probably at least know the legend of Nightmare Moon in passing, but more to her poimt of view, the authority of the high school was a human analogue of Celestia. But she didn't run that show entirely alone...she had a vice-principal. I'd love to have known what went through Sunset's head when that clicked! :pinkiecrazy:

Very good start to things here. Celestia playing the long game again, as usual. Watching this with interest...

Oh yes this will be fun especially after seeing the cover image :rainbowlaugh:

Another one from Lapis? Gonna have to go check this one out, once I'm off work.

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