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Lapis-Lazuli and Stitch

Hi! We're Lapis-Lazuli and Inky Jay! We write fanfictions, for great justice.


This story is a sequel to First Seconds

Fleetfoot had everything. Her job, her coworkers, her friends. Fleetfoot knew beyond a shadow of a doubt she owed her place among the best to skill and talent, but equally to luck. And she was oh so grateful for that luck. But she finds herself less and less happy, especially when left to think alone. She’s started picking up old habits she thought she had left behind, and noticing more and more all the things she doesn’t have.
But well, that's life.

Now where was she going next?

Someplace called... Ponyville?

Art is from the amazing Underpable with editing by Lapis and our friend, Amino.

Chapters (7)

A pair of unlucky ponies are lucky to meet one another.

A short and sweet story about a first date.

Thanks to SMXSonic, Fistofbrick, and Sage Probo for pre-reading and editing.
Also thanks to my followers for putting up with me lately.

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This story is a sequel to Twilight Sparkle Exports Herself Repeatedly

After a drastic and ill-advised attempt to quash news stories regarding her previously non-existent love life, Twilight Sparkle has inadvertently given practically everypony she knows the wrong idea about herself. Or is it the right idea? She really doesn't know.

Which is starting to become a very serious problem.

The writer has no idea what he's doing at this point.

Chapters (2)

An Inky Jay work.

In days long past, the times between Bearers of Harmony rising to safeguard the world, Celestia and Luna used what powers they possessed to displace the corrupt from the Elements' birthplace. Some were taken to Tartarus by powers greater than the Royal Sisters, others drawn away by other heroes, and still more banished to lands unknown. The problem with banishment, however, is the inevitability of return.

Now faced with a monster they helped create whose hunger, power, and resolve are made greater by a desire for perceived righteous revenge; Luna, Celestia, and the Bearers must keep Equestria from being swallowed up by a being who will not rest until vision becomes reality... no matter the cost.

Teen rated for the time being. Art is placeholder.

Chapters (3)

Lapis-Lazuli bizarrely presents...
A story based on plot holes in Equestria Girls and Rainbow Rocks.
In 1968, in a world not unlike our own, the residents of a sleepy Ohio town witnessed an explosion of light and power in the sky, and three mysterious creatures fleeing into the wilderness. Forty-five years later, the top-secret bureau founded to investigate these events is but a shadow in a world of great threats. Their government has disavowed them. The public has all but forgotten them. They are pressed at every turn to keep the world safe.

Until tonight, when a vortex of rainbows and power surged into the skies and changed the world - and the lives of the two agents sent to investigate - forever.

Absolutely ZERO Relationship in any way, shape, or form to another story with the initials TCB.

Chapters (4)

Lapis-Lazuli Presents...
Celestia and Chrysalis take tea together, and find they have more in common than either could have imagined.

Contest entry for EFNW Pre-Con Writing Contest 2015.
I didn't win anything. Screw contests.
Edited by Inky Jay, Mr. Numbers, Auburn Arc and Figments.

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This story is a sequel to Young Eyes

A few weeks after meeting Dust Bunny, Dinky Hooves is introduced to a few more unseen spirits that reside in Ponyville. And they're all very excited to meet her.

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Lapis-Lazuli proudly presents....

Once, long ago, the four nations of ponykind were wracked by an endless war that nearly destroyed themselves and the world they lived in. Today, united by the power of the Avatars - Special ponies imbued with the power and magic of all four great tribes - they live together in harmony as the Nations of Equestria.

But with war and chaos looming on the horizon, the light of hope remains. For the strange spell that first wove the power of the Avatars into existence has chosen another to protect the peace and prosperity of Equestria. A young Unicornian heiress by the name of Twilight Sparkle, who is about to embark on the adventure of a lifetime.

Cover Art by Ambris

Chapters (5)

Lapis-Lazuli Proudly Presents...
In the far southern regions of Equestria, where the rule of the Sun Princess runs thin...
There is a town under siege, held in the iron grip of a tyrant.

Poor, desperate, and defenseless, the citizens turn to a band of unlikely heroes.
They come from all walks of life, each seeking something, each running from something.

And in this little town, far from the eyes of the great and powerful, these seven outcasts will come together for a job that will change their lives forever.

Based on John Sturges' "The Magnificent Seven" and Akira Kurosawa's "The Seven Samurai"
With thanks to TheGreekOwl for his cover art.

Chapters (4)

This story is a sequel to Twilight Verbs Article Nouns

Having defeated the scourge of news stories about her banal personal life, Twilight must now face a far greater and more embarrassing threat:

News stories speculating about her nonexistent love life.

She's beginning to get a little annoyed.

Not a one shot anymore, because reasons.

Chapters (2)
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