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This story is a sequel to Young Eyes

A few weeks after meeting Dust Bunny, Dinky Hooves is introduced to a few more unseen spirits that reside in Ponyville. And they're all very excited to meet her.

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A very different little story of the cracks where the world that was and the world that is bisect..

My face hurts from smiling so hard. Oh man, I hope we continue getting more of these.


I'd be more inclined if more people read them, but eh, whatevs. XD

The bush ruffled, and once again the creature chucked in that rough way of his.


Dust Bunny was curled up under her it around a crumbled cheese cracker, snoozing quite peacefully.

This needs some clearing up.

Otherwise damn this was awesome!
So hoping/looking forward to more of this. I so love the old fairy tales and your take on them is wonderful.

I find myself becoming increasingly facinated with the potential of the mythos-building you've got brewing here.

I very much encourage you to bring forth more

“You know him by other names. The legends speak of him as the Last Sentry, the Shadowed Guardian…” The sneer grew larger, and this time angry. “The Pony In The Dark.”

Flash Sentry is actually Sam Vimes's sense of responsibility? :rainbowhuh: Well, that's a twist.

In any case, I am loving this concept. Though I'm surprised Dinky hasn't earned her cutie mark yet. (Likely a highly symbolic one. After all, it wouldn't do to have a talent for seeing the unseen made plain and apparent on one's flank.) I do hope you explore this further. Especially how a certain spirit who everyone sees might appear to Dinky. After all, a single appearance wouldn't do for a being of chaos...

Excellent, brilliant, and spot on! Well done!

I would be thrilled all to pieces to see more of these! I adore Dinky (and her Mommy) and I love how well you've fleshed out the unseen world that Dinky sees. Each of the Unseen Ones is a fully realized character and brilliantly done! Fortuna's obsessive crush on Button Mash is adorable!

So Celestia has contracted the Unseen to watch out for her little ponies, hmm? Interesting. Very, very interesting.


Its comments like these that make all of my writing work worthwhile.


You guys rock.

So I just read this and, yep, I was wrong. Princess Fortuna and the Random Number Princess are one and the same, my disappointment at being wrong was, however, completely annihilated when upon learning that she has a possible crush on Button Mash I laughed so hard I fell out of my chair!

It's a good hurt.

5689745 A single bubble, large and clear... or a crystal ball, if you care to see it that way.

Ominous warning to end another great story. Keep writing and I will keep reading.

Eee!! *Bounces around.* I am loving this building you're doing with Dinky :rainbowkiss: Taking the wonderment from Ditzy/Derpy and distilling it in Dinky :3 ♥♥♥

I loved everything about this story. Thank you.

The concept of this story is refreshing as well as enjoyable, a glass of originality in a bar room of good stories and clichés.
I await the continued adventures of little dinky


And I would be a lazy asshole if I simply demanded a sequel, so I offer my services as a proofreader/editor.


“ “So you talked to a buncha’ bigguns. What’s the worst that could happen?”

Well fuck just throw her to the Timberwolves why don't you.

I don't understand? why does this say "Complete" and why is everyone asking for a sequel? :rainbowhuh:

This doesn't need a sequel! It needs the next chapter! :pinkiehappy:

If Dinky's talent is seeing invisible beings, would that make her cutie mark invisible?

5686431 well, for what it's worth I'm greatly interested in a continuation of these stories as well.

I'm adding this one to Tag-a-long's Book Club. There really needs to be a multichapter story in this universe...


--Sweetie Belle

...You do know that I will be watching intently for moar of this, right?

i love this series

The story here is like the picture: Very cute and making me want more.

Ahh yes, 'What's the worst that could happen' my favourite precursor to shtuff hitting the fan.

These are popular and featured stories and GOLLY do they deserve it! Have a fave and a like and a follow from me! I hope you do write more!!

5703226 All of a sudden, every single evil urban legend and folk demon from all of history of every single world in the omniverse slam into Ponyville simultaneously.

Dust Bunny erms, "I think I just triggered a full-powered attack from the Murphy's Law Pony there..." :twilightsheepish:

I do wonder if the Raggedy Doll actually eats foals for abusing their toys... Big Mac had better be careful with Smarty Pants...

Well, I shall test it! *straps a Tickle Me Elmo doll to a rack and begins dissection!* It kinda goes like this:



I got to browsing these fics after reading your https://www.fimfiction.net/story/267084/tripping-over-your-hooves. I enjoyed that story, but these two Dinky fics are particularly awesome. Seeing her childlike innocence and wisdom in interacting with these unseen creatures, especially given evidence that some of them are potentially dangerous, is a concept I have never seen before on this site, and a very cool one at that. I wouldn't mind seeing more of this sometime!

I thoroughly loved this story. I love getting that little peek behind the curtains of the world and seeing what's going on behind the scenes. I really hope you decide to continue this.:fluttershysad:

It's not so much that she sees invisible things, but rather that she is naturally interacting with fey creatures and spirits. It's like Fluttershy speaking with animals, except, apparently, fey/spirits are considered myths because of Celestia (according to Ragdoll, anyway).

I doubt they were actually invisible. It is more likely an enchantment that makes it difficult for most ponies to them. I mean, why else would Dust Bunny refuse a picture? If she was invisible, the picture wouldn't show anything.

True, that makes much more sense. What would an individual cutie mark look like anyways.

Thank you for the story ! :twilightsmile:
It's brilliant :)
Although ending is rather cliff-hangering...
I hope there will be sequel. :rainbowhuh:

"Guard" Sentry? Well if you say so... *puts away knife*

And Yay! It is continuing!

Now this is a story I'd like to see another sequel to

I love this story. I hope it is continued in another story because this world is interesting. Dinky is great and the spirits are wonderful!

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