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They say you can’t miss what you’ve never had. And Scootaloo would be inclined to agree with them. Except, she did have all a little filly would want from a home, and she does miss what she lost. Not that anypony would help her get it back.

Would they?

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Cover art by Dat Ensayne

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Amazingly well done!
-adds to favorites and select stories folder-

I like this, it's a Scootaorphan fic that's not entirely heartbreaking and it doesn't involve Rainbow Dash finding out. It's Applejack, certainly a fresh take. :ajsmug:

The originality on this just jumped up at least 10 levels. :scootangel:

Picturing Rainbow after that conversation is breaking my heart.
Damn it all to hell.

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Got near the end then Home by Phillip Phillips comes on, now the tears won't stop! Bravo!

I like it but why is it in big macs stories group?

Oh sweet Celestia, it's so beautiful!!! :raritycry::fluttercry: I love it so much!!! Way to go, Scoots Apple!!!

I've been searching for a story of this nature since I first got here. The idea of Scootaloo living with Applejack and her family has a natural feel to it, much like the description of the Apple family home itself feels. It's just...

Dude thanks for making this awesome story!

I just had a weird thought: If Scootaloo actually falls for either Sweetie Belle or Applebloom does that count as incest despite the fact that they are related through adoption?

3557189 I know right. Poor Dashie, she can be a sort of sister to Scoots but can't help her any more than that. She must feel awful.:raritydespair:

Yeah, very good. Im liking this idea :twilightsmile:

Really enjoying this so far! It's an interesting change of pace from most of the fics pertaining to Scootaloo's home or lack thereof, and I'm curious to see what the dynamics between Scoots and the Apples are going to be like. The fact that she's a thief is also intriguing to me; I've never read a fic operating on that presumption before, though I'd hardly deny that it makes a certain kind of a sense.

Other than that: I thought everyone was really well-written, with plenty of feels to go about and many more plainly looming on the horizon. Definitely looking forward to the next chapters! :scootangel:


That really depends on the country we're talking about and the formulation of the law.

In some countries it's still formulated because of religious bias or explained by the genetical problems that can occur with the offsprings. Then it's mostly just genetical relatives. However both explanations can't hold up human rights legislation, since both can't be used as a legitimate reason to restrict the freedom of an individual. After all, people with genetic disorders are also still allowed to reproduce.

In other countries the ban of incest is explained by moral standards of the society and the protection of the family unit (still a religious influence). Here the ban of incest it's mostly explained with that incestuous relationships are a huge strain on the other family members and therefore split up the family. This devalues the importance of families in the country and will lower overall morality of the society. Also bullshit if you ask me, but no even the European Court of Justice hast the guts to at least look at the matter despite open cases. Anyway. With this explanation it doesn't matter if adopted or not, it's forbidden.

I'm gonna stick around for this story. :eeyup:

those are some small fucking heads

How do you scrape off a bruise? I mean, you can scrape off scabs or bandaids or your skin. But since a bruise is basically blood that has pooled under the skin, I don't think you can scrape out a bruise without just cutting a huge gash into your skin.

Wow, this is an extremely well done story. I'm really enjoying this!:pinkiehappy:

"Welcome home, Scootaloo Apple."

Ok i genuinely got misty eyes there.


As they aren't related it's totally okay.

I really like it. I don't another way to put.

Man, this is so sad I told myself I wasn't going to cry :raritydespair: I can't do it! :raritycry: This story is just so sad! Bravo good sir, Bravo :raritydespair:


Keep signal boosting guys! Keep the hits rolling in!

And thanks for commenting! :D

3560284 Yup. She said things no filly at her age should be saying, and she crossed the line. :trixieshiftleft:

Well damn. Things are definitely heating up now.

“So you like living on a mud-filled, yucky farm with stupid earth ponies.

Did she forget she's an earth pony as well?

Plus Big Mac is the best brother ever, sorry Shining but he's got you beat.

3560499 No one has ever accused Diamond Tiara of excessive self awareness.

Diamond Tiara is channeling her inner Draco Malfoy I see. :O

I think that people tend to go a bit overboard with Diamond's evilness sometimes. But from what we've seen so far, she seems far from stupid, so I can't see her making those kind of remarks in the middle of a classroom.

Nevertheless, still curious where you will go next with this.

I've read a lot of scootadoption stories in my time on FIMfiction. This is in the top five, if not the best one, I've read.

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