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"Perhaps the story now goes beyond the book." - Cornelia Funke, Inkheart


Rainbow Dash is really enjoying being an honorary big sister to Scootaloo. They hang out, she praises Rainbow's sweet moves- it's really the perfect relationship. Until Rainbow has to do boring grown-up stuff and ask to meet Scootaloo's parents. No big deal. Just in case something happens, Rainbow knows who to go to.

Except... Scootaloo keeps dodging the question. And nopony in town has a clue where she lives either.

Rainbow is getting worried while Scootaloo is getting more and more desperate to avoid an answer. Because what if that answer isn't cool enough for Rainbow Dash?

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FIRST!!!!!!!!!!! And nice fic dude :twilightsmile:


3730027 Go fuck off, right back to hell.

I love this:scootangel: the d'awws is this story! :heart:

3730027 no one wants you here!!! :flutterrage:

This fic is amazing :rainbowlaugh: you really got the characters...in character! You got Pinkie spot on! Dash was Dash. AJ was AJ! And Buford was the temperamental, selfish tree i know and love!

Okay...two things. Well, there actualy:
1) This fic was totally adorable
2) this was an AWESOME take on Scootaloo's home life and one that I have not seen done before so massive kudos there.
3) I'd really, REALLY like to see more of this so if nobody else is going to say it, I will... SEQUEL DANG IT!

seriously though, really good job here.

3730120 You talkin about Scootaloo? Or you talkin about you? :trixieshiftright:

“Well, Ma was the quiet, strong type, like Mac. Heh. He always was a bit of a Mama’s colt too.

Er, so wait a second. Applejack's Ma just suddenly jumped from female to male? Care to explain that my good sir? :applejackconfused:

Ooo!:pinkiehappy: It sounds good and I do raise one point one of the newest mlp episodes suggests that scoots has a house..........

Please don't hurt me:fluttershyouch:

3730431 Why do you not get the batman reference.

Nopony likes Buford, that tree's a jerk.

I don't know why, but I was reminded of that old MTV cartoon Clone High and JFK's two dads.

3730461 I got it, but it seemed like you just suddenly announced it as if it were important.

Congrats on your featured this story deserves it!:heart:

3730120 wow i complemented this fiction and you act like a douche, im sorry that your parents are dead but it gives you no right to act this way.


A: Screaming "first" is not a compliment, it's a cry for attention, making you an attentionwhore.


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Batman enriches everyone's existence.

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Luz #22 · Jan 4th, 2014 · · ·


while you waste your time watching mlp



Manes #23 · Jan 4th, 2014 · · 1 ·

:rainbowlaugh: Ima like to your comment just because of that!

Little known fact: Scootaloo's real name is Frodo Picard Frankenfurter!

3730027 An artist's rendition of your comment:


At first I thought the shock was supposed to be that there were two mothers but I guess it was because they were dorks? The destination was boring but the journey was funny and well written.

3730431 I think its that Mac was always a Mamas colt. Not Ma herself.


>implying it matters that we waste our time doing anything
>implying you can waste your time watching mlp

I just feel the need to mention this.

The idea of Scootaloo not wanting anypony to discover her parents were actually two mares is something I never considered myself, and is a really fresh approach on the whole ordeal. I guess she feels that ponies won't accept the fact, and it'll result in her being made fun of by others. That was a brilliant idea, which I've surprisingly never encountered yet.

Overall the story flowed nicely, and you had every single pony in character. Also loved the little comedy scenes. :twilightsmile:

Great work!


Geminii #30 · Jan 4th, 2014 · · 1 ·

3730773 Given that Cheerilee's in a similar relationship and yet Scoots still maintains her paranoia after she's seen Dash not even blink at that (not to mention that there is no indication anywhere in the story that female-female relationships are anything other than completely normal and accepted), I'd be more inclined to think that she's more worried that such a fantastic athlete as Dash, who teases Twlight about being a book-obsessed egghead, wouldn't get on well with Scootaloo's fairly cerebral parents, meaning that she would feel responsible for setting up a meeting which sparked a dislike or schism between authority figures in her life.

Effectively, she doesn't want to take the risk that her hero and honorary big sister (and primary source of athletic encouragement) won't like her parents and vice versa, but for nerdy-vs-sporty reasons rather than liking-mares-vs-whatever-Rainbow-likes reasons.

Great story! I loved this! It was very well done.

Comment posted by JetstreamGW deleted Jan 4th, 2014

>changing the color of the text so you can greentext outside of 4chan
>greentexting outside of 4chan

So apparently this is a comedy about bieng an orphan? :rainbowhuh: ...I see.

Haha awesome stuff! Very funny and cute.

Heh, I love the direction that you took with this. It's refreshing to read a "Scootaloo's parents" story that isn't sad and depressing (not that I mind those).

And oh my god Scootaloo has two moms. Best idea that I've seen in quite a while!

You really captured the feel of the characters (especially Pinkie), and the story flowed rather nicely; an overall fantastic read.

You have points for originality and style. Well done! Never saw it coming.


while you waste your time watching mlp.

please do tell why you have your account in mlp fan site if you hate mlp that much... because from this sentence alone I conclude that you must be a witless idiot who likes to waste time.

Like my Blackstone Files books.

I love you. As in, would you like to pleasure yourself with my body? Please feel free.

This was quite good, and very much the essence of what a Slice of Life fic should be. You've got all the characterizations nailed.

I was also quite amused by your treatment of the various Scootaloo possibilities, as well as the fakeout reveal at the end followed by the real one. I like that "Scootaloo's moms" simply passed without comment by anyone, while it was them being almost-Twilight-level nerds that Scootaloo was embarassed by.

There's also an interesting unspoken point here: would Scootaloo have been embarassed in the first place if Rainbow wasn't so vocally anti-intellectual about "eggheads"? I'm a little surprised that Rainbow didn't realize that; it would have been interesting for her to have given that some thought, though that would have been hard in a one-shot with the way you set up the reveal.

On the same note, I wonder to what extent Scootaloo became Scootaloo because of Rainbow Dash.

I honestly would not have said another Scoota-orphan fic would be possible after that new episode in season 4. But you have proved those thoughts quite incorrect. Well done, sire! A good tale and well made at that.

Scootaloo's parents are...are...are...:pinkiegasp: that is the one possibility that NEVER crossed my mind.

This is an interesting and unexpected way to break the orphan cliché, I love it!

Takin' a page from Over a Barrel with Applejack's love of her trees, eh? Nice one.

3730027 wow....I've never seen so much hate to one guy....

Clearly, to Pinkamena Diane Pie, cookies were a serious business

Yes. Yes they are.:trixieshiftright:

Buford dropped an apple.

Damn you, BBBBBUUUUFFFFOOOORRRDD!!!:flutterrage::flutterrage::applejackconfused:

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