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"Perhaps the story now goes beyond the book." - Cornelia Funke, Inkheart



Rachel was just driving home late after a crap day of work when the other car hit her.

When she woke, she was two feet under. When she dug herself out, she was in Applejack's body.

As if that wasn't enough, she's been called to the Big Apple to help the other Elements of Harmony deal with what's been causing people the world over to wake as ponies. So, Rachel's gotta get from Upstate New York to New York City. Not a big deal. Except whoever buried her in that shallow grave off Highway 5 has found out she woke as a pony, and they're looking to put her back in the dirt.

Now, Rachel is running. Running to the city on hoof. Running from her mysterious pursuer. Running for her and Applejack's lives.

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When we return:


You had my curiosity. Now, you have my attention. :ajbemused:

Wait... how many AJ stories have we had already? Is this THE FINAL ONE??

I think we're going for a "third time's the charm" deal with mine.

I know I'm currently writing with an endgame in mind. Wish me luck! :rainbowdetermined2:

wow that has got to be the worst way to wake up, and she hasn't even gotten around to the part where she wonders why somebody would want to kill her, but since she is now applejack I am guessing it is because she knows something that she isn't supposed to, and who every tried to kill her did a really sloppy job at it. I mean even though he/she pushed the car into the tree it still had evidence of being side swiped and if they were a professional they would not have had the grave so close to the car, heck the only reason I am sure that this is an assassination attempt is that her ID was taken probably to prove that the job was done.

2703031 *wishes luck*
*ties nanashi_jonesto bomb* If you even dare stop writing this... Else will happen

Im interested in doing one of these stories, can you tell me how many of the characters from the show have been used and the names of them?

Saw ponyearthverse.


thank ya kindly! Now I need to figure something out...

A non-Brony as Applejack?

Let the background pony adventures begi-! *shot*

I'm actually liking this story. Wasn't expecting that. Anyway, I'm looking forward to more from this story.

Look on the bright side. You can now collect on your Life Insurance policy, and still enjoy living afterwards.

I keep using that meme. I haven't even seen that movie.

well that escalated quickly, and Rea-J is now the only one without any sort of electronic connection to the outside world

Quite a load of updates. At least you got your frontal lobe fung shui done before becoming a fugitive

well that escalated quickly

I was biting my nails by the time the chapter was over. The plot definitely thickens.

(... oh wait, that phrase is never going to be usable again, is it? :facehoof: )

This seems really interesting. Hopefully AJ can get out of this mess
keep going :ajsmug:

hind sight is 20/20 and applejack has perfect vision

OK, I have to admit, that last chapter made me laugh, wasn't expecting that. It was a bit welcome after all the mysterious-ness. Anyway, great chapter, I look forward to the next update!

That was rather amusing. A nice little heart warmer is just what I needed today, thankya.:ajsmug:

If they pick up a box of cereal, just walk away.:ajbemused:

I knew this was starting to sound familiar, but I checked and the other story was cancelled. :ajbemused:
Huh. I don't mind giving this a shot, pretty good so far.

IT RISES ONCE MORE! Also the night of Day Nine is the Epic Oklahoma Peep speech from the Pinkinator on TV.

And I heard one of the Four Beasts saying: Behold, a white horse!

There's a golden chicken, reaching down.
When the man comes arwarh.

Hear the trumpets! Hear the pipers!

One hundred million Angels sissing:
Faggot! Faggot! Faggot! Faggot!

The arms on your arm will stand up!
For you stand up.
You suck.

Whoever is Justin Bieber, let him be Harry Potter.
Whoever is righteous, let him be filthy.
Let him kill his father.
Let him call his father names.

I suck.

And I beat off a dead horse.

Welcome to the inconvenience mart. I hope you like dramatic tension.:ajbemused:

Hope that store has a back exit... :twilightoops:

2703764, *blows out the smoke from somebody else's gun*

Moscow rules the first time you meet some one is an accident, the second time is a coincidence, but a third? they are up to something.

so she needs to set a trap for this Matthews person which means using her bank card and waiting and then following when needed

I'm glad she got around to reconciling with Matthew. I'm sure he was hurt and just shrugging it off because she finally contacted him regardless of her outlook of 'lone pony.' Hell, it's happened to me several times and made me feel like just an acquaintance or drinking buddy(not the best feeling) to friends I've known for years.

There might have been situations where I could do nothing, but I've learned just asking for help or relying on someone(So very hard to do in these times) for a brief period can actually help relieve the enormous pressure we sometimes find ourselves in. And with help with one problem, big or small, can help get focus on other problems and make them not seem like mountains to molehills.

And times we do panic and play captain to a sinking sink and bugger all. That's this turbulent sea we call life.

Finally she's looking at this weird Matthews guy more closely. The whole thing stinks: How does a P.I. who seems to be stoned and barely competent manage to keep tracking her this easily? And is he the one who tried to kill her, or working for the one who did? Or is he even one of the bad guys? (Signs kinda point to yes.) That's an important consideration if she's planning to trap and confront him... right now, for all we know he might plan to shoot her on sight.

More generally, why did someone try to kill her in the first place, before she was even ponified? It didn't sound as though Rae had enemies... :rainbowhuh:

Can't wait for more.

Wish I had a pony in my head that could play me music without an iPod. Admit it, it'd be cool.

Now that you are a pony, you can shake your tail. In various ways, even.

2703402 Woah bro cool down mlm is good and so is this:rainbowhuh:


Posh, I'm calm, I just think that stories like this have far greater potential when forging their own path. Me being disappointed by a premise doesn't make it a bad fic either, I'll say that as well. It's a very nicely rounded fic with a great plot, with huge, juicy... what was I talking about again?

2835609 ah merlos nothing funnier than an adhd wizzard (this comming from an aspie)

Thanks for the kind words on my plot. :raritywink:

If you really dig the premise, but aren't so big with the playground I'm in, I highly recommend the source: Terry Moore's indie comic Rachel Rising. I pretty much started with the "woman rises from her grave to find her killer" premise it offered and spun this fic out from there. And trust me when I say Rachel Rising totally goes in its own direction.

Okay I was unaware that there was another Applejack and apparently much, much further than the other 2. I guess those two decided to hand the reigns to you. So congrats you got yourself a reader and once again I'm glad a girl became a pony especially one of the mane 6. Now, time to play catch up.

Woah, what do you not like about this verse?

Okay that's one way to start the adventure with some friend. I hope by next day and the rest of the story he'll stay human, but considering the helper's luck with the ponies, I doubt it.

Hope that thing that will chase her will only show up after Max is back. I like the meeting with the real AJ though, but seriously, does it have to be a requirement to fuse after Flutters started the whole thing.... I think.

She's not the only pony who stayed in for the day after the transformation. But she got to hear her pony after one day, like I thought it would. At least AJ is being kind about and so Is Max. I really have to wonder what the applegasm looks like now. ^^;

Now the real adventure begins, too bad for Max. I hope he'll return soon and be okay.

That was a very nice chapter, even though the tension is down and out I'm just glad that those two are getting along a little better that stunt she pulled.

Well things just took a turn for the worse. Looks like AJ's right about her not dealing with this and that guy will probably have Max as a hostage if he didn't escape from him.

Okay, I really enjoyed this fic, it has a nice mystery and it could be the kind of where she can just solve this mystery mostly by herself until the very end. Now that Rachel is finally dealing with these things and figured out how that guy is tracking her then maybe she could think about what kind of work she was doing before the crash happened. Like what was it that her boss made her that she had to get back to work immediately and get ambushed like that?

This has my thumbs up! Not sure if any of the other stories in the PonyEarthverse have Apple Bloom, but it would be sort of poetic if Max were to turn into her, seeing as how he's Rachel's best friend.

Apple Bloom has appeared in Masterweaver's story, Awakening Pink, if you're looking for a PEV Bloom fix (funniest PEV wake-up, in my opinion).

Not that other CMC couldn't show up here. Maybe...

*whistles innocently*

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