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"Perhaps the story now goes beyond the book." - Cornelia Funke, Inkheart


Lyra works hard and often. Even her roommate Bon Bon knows this and knows to enjoy the time she gets with her odd friend. So when Lyra gets her first weekend off in a very long time, she looks forward to some much needed personal relaxation.

Too bad her co-workers, Ditzy Doo and Time Turner, show up with a little bad news.

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cool story. you should totally build on it and add chapters.:twilightsmile:

I like it. I like the premise, even if you don't elaborate much on it here. There's quite a bit of room for fancy adventures there--which, hey, you might already have written, and I haven't found them, because I'm a doofus and didn't check before writing this.

Plus it has Lyra in it. Automatic plus fifty arbitrary points from me.

Here's to Jess having a great free weekend!

Nope, no fancy adventures. Yet. The Outlier Department could be a thing.

Thanks for the kind words!

PS - I completely admit to Lyra's little singing under her breath thing came from you.

Please please tell me at some future date you'll make a story based on this idea.

Though I am swamped with other projects, fear not!

The Outlier Department is being built and soon will cover Lyra's adventures therein!

2727417 Sweet, Take you time with it, I just didn't want to see such an entertaining idea go to waste as just a one shot.

Lyra, Time Turner, and Ditzy Doo working for a fringe organization that tackles other universes and similar weirdness? This seems oddly familiar...

Most enjoyable. I hope you revisit the idea at some point.

*Grins and applauds* Bravo. Having experienced days like that myself, I wholeheartedly agree with Lyra's reactions. Here's hoping Jess's was a touch easier.

3744636 yes... all we need is for some one to build on this... I call it!
Provided the author consents

And this was incredibly fun


I always felt like I accidentally backed into a 'verse with this thing, but I never could find the next story in it. So if this inspires you- go for it! With my blessing.

I have to say this was a great one shot. You managed to pull off the comedy VERY well. I'd give it eight dweebs out of ten.

I would give you ten, but the 'Celestia taking over Derpy's body' thing was pretty out of nowhere. Also, Lyra's job description was pretty confusing . But besides that, awsome work!

Okay, this was awesome. I absolutely love the setting. The characters work well, and I really love the whole alluded to concept of The Outlier Department. I hope that you've not totally abandoned it, because I'd love to see (much) more of it!

This was very amusing, though I did have a moment of brief confusion...
Not because the story was bad. It was pretty great.

However, the confusion still came when I read this line:

I mean, Turner and I don’t need as much DT

I must be watching the show too often, because I initially thought the DT at the end stood for Diamond Tiara and not downtime.

Wrapper Rump.

*spit-take* :rainbowlaugh:

How is this nickname not a meme??

Everypony's heard of Harp Flank, but Wrapper Rump is completely new to me. I like it!

...I may steal it and use it someday. Okie? Fair warning. :twilightsmile:

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