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Set in the PonyEarth universe. Eljay wakes one morning to find himself in the form of Princess Mi Amore Cadenza. Now a pretty pretty pony princess, she begins her trek to New York to help fend off Discord's plan. Can she overcome the obstacles in her way?

Chapters (5)
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Amazing. Even as a human, Cadence is a Sue.

JK, JK, good story


No worries. She's kind of supposed to be. Things will clear up in later chapters.

Is Eljay an Indian name?


Nope, simply an obfuscation of my real name, by making my initials into a nickname.

Ha! I get it now. Cool!

pretty pretty pony princess

I don't care what happens, have my upvote and favorite for that.

Ahh, another in our grand collaboration of stories.

pretty, pretty pony princess

That should be

pretty, pretty primarily poppingly pink pony princess

you're welcome.

Gosh if I had a computer I would really want to write for ponyearthverse I already know the character I would write about.

Is it cheating to read this if I've already been given hints about potential plot twists?

As long as you don't wreck it for anyone else, no.



Nothing to see here, as yet. Merely a tense edit on a few verbs I missed on edit pass one.

I feel sorry for Julien now, he got turned into Shining Armor and just as I feared Shining Armor's wife took over some dude's body instead of a girl. I'll take a look at this one. Then again maybe he'll be cool with it.

You're off to a great start and your transformed character is taking htis really fine. I'm totally going to watch this to see how it will play out.

I would say that your character is taking it a little too well, but then, maybe he's just a no nonsense kind of guy. :) Looking forward to more, Cadence is an interesting one!

Remember, go with the flow.

'Yup,' I thought. 'I'm Cadance, all right. Lovely eyes that could swallow your soul, tricolor mane, with nary a hair out of place, oddly enough.' I felt a bit of a surge of pride. “Well, if I have to be a pony princess, at least I'm pretty.”


. . . President Obama, it's his fault we have ponies. This ad paid for by PAPA.

HAHAHAHHAHAHHAHDSdhkasfmasf!!!1!1!11!11oneoneone!1111 :rainbowlaugh:

I found that waaaaaay more amusing then it should have been.

Clash detected!
Chapter 27.

So, which one will be canon for PonyEarthverse?


You'll find out next chapter.:duck:

“Yummy, yummy, yummy! I’ve got love in my tummy …”

Or may be already did...

:facehoof: Why did I set the beginning of mine on such a later "day"?
It's impossible to move forward from that.
Plus, I don't want to give away anything until you give the okay.
In an unrelated note, that look described on Kay's face was priceless. :rainbowlaugh:

Looks like you got his message to try to hurry up or something like that. ^^;

most tolerant priest ever lol


Well I guess we know who Princess Cadence Reid has now. How is Eljay going to handle her talking in her head now? However the best bet is try to team up with the good guys or at least try to convince her that teaming up with Discord is not the greatest idea. I just hope they don't turn into an Alien X if they get into constant arguing.

Damn Discord's a :twilightangry2: causing an existential crisis in a church. low blow man. low blow.

Okay, now I want to drag Discord through a lava pit, the electrified toxic waste of Black Mesa, and a live Justin Bieber concert.
(No, Tundra, it's not worth it.) *sigh*

1628563 No. It's worth it. In fact, make it all three at once.

1627386>>1628563 You can blame me for how terrible Discord is in this, I helped a bit.

1631216 Do I do a good Discord?
1628563 No. Just NO. The last one's too cruel for even DISCORD.

I absolutely love, love, love this story

I soo regret not learning about this project earlier. By the time I did, all the ponies I could possibly synch with were already taken (except possibly Spike, and there is nothing plot-relevant he could possibly do from central Europe.)

My thoughts:
1 The "I didn't notice my magic was green" reminds me of FF7 - having the ultimate deceiver implanted into your body allows you to instinctively trick everyone - including yourself.

2 Turning human should be possible. After all, changelings can already go from insect to mammal and correct for the number of limbs.

3 Discord is powerful enough to block any direct magic short of the elements and his shapeshifting equals perfect regeneration. I wonder if he han be sucker punched though. Chryssie is one of the few characters who could pull that off. (it has already been established that for all his power, he can't directly read minds)

1627386 So? I go through a existential crisis on a weekly basis.

1730457:rainbowderp:...................uh.......okay?.....i think:pinkiesad2:

1608785 Both, you might want to read the last five chapters of "Awakening Pink" to get the clearest explanation as soon as possible.

As for the fic itself, I'll be following this one as well now that I have the time on my hands to read up on everyone.

Yay for a priest that is accepting! Also, that was funny with the sister just recording the whole thing.

Darling, you reply "as soon as possible" to my comment from 5 weeks ago.:pinkiecrazy:

Terrifying overfeeding lol, very scary.

haven't read all the way through yet but i love it so far

Happy chew year. fill 'er up!

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