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"Perhaps the story now goes beyond the book." - Cornelia Funke, Inkheart


Some ponies are called to destiny. Some ponies rise to new challenges. Then, there's me, who turned into a background pegasus and started flying around on a cross-country trip. Life really is picaresque sometimes.

Set in PonyEarthverse and uses elements from the Winningverse.

I highly recommend checking out both groups as they inspired this mad endeavor.

Chapters (33)
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Comments ( 142 )

I like the writing style. Didn't see many of the common grammar errors and the dialog never confused me about who was talking to whom.

The material shows a sense of joy and fun, always a plus, so you got the thumbs up from me at least. Thanks. :scootangel:

Fascinating... It appears that I just read the first chapter of a PonyEarthverse story without puking all over myself. This requires further study.

HI! I write Pinkie and because of this story I'm going to edit one of my chapters. IT'S THAT GOOD. Wherewhen are you?

I know who you are, I'm following your story! And am, woo, flattered right now.

I'm not comfy sending my info through comments, so expect a PM.

I have fallen in love with this story! Seriously, one of the best PEV stories yet.

Ewww.... butt pillow. (Note to self, wash all pillows in case I turn in to a pony)

“Which is to say nothing of the random cartoon villains going up left and right. I’m having trouble telling whether I’m checking newsfeeds or reading some massive fanfic gone wild.”

*cough* Cute.

Two questions: Are you writing for both Blossomforth and Cloud Kicker, or just Blossomforth?
If both, will you be writing a chapter on Jess/Cloud Kicker's pony dream?

Great story by the way! MOAR PLEASE!

I'm writing for both Blossomforth/January and Cloud Kicker/Jessica, but I won't be going into Jess's perspective. I thought about it, but I find her more interesting as a character that January is going to have to ask questions of and pay attention to if she's going to learn anything about her merge.

And yes, MOAR is on the way, but I have no schedule for this story. Sorry.

I'm really liking your character interactions. The pacing is good, although I think the chapters are a little short. Or mybe they just go fast. :pinkiehappy:
Keep up the good work I'm really enjoying it! :yay:

This is quite good. It is one of those stories that just gets lost in the system and all the attention slides off it. I definitely think this should be seen by more. Kudos

2375560 hehe, admittedly the villains have gotten pretty insane in the wider PEV.

showed off the *feather, but regardless I really love this chapter, both the interplay between the ponies and their humans, as well as the willingness to put aside your own preferences, which a lot of people have trouble doing.


Thanks for the catch. Fixed it. Oy, that was a gruesome sentence in retrospect.

And thanks for the kind words.


I have no idea whats I be think.

It's been a long enough passing for me to not recognise the spelling of whinge until I sought out the definition...

For what it's worth to those who think it to be a misspelling, whinge is the British form of whine.

Edit: The use of the British spellings are not an issue. Sorry if I came across as such initially. This one merely threw me off a bit more than the normal variances...

This is flat out my benchmark for the final merge. Wonderfully presented! :raritywink:

The tale is certainly coming onto its own with this update as well! Am very much awaiting the next chapter.

It threw me off the first time I saw it too. Jess's inspiration is partial to some wonderful language and I just had to throw whinge in here.

Wonderful writing, I cant wait to see the next few chapters, and i truly wish you could get the recognition that you deserve for this story.

Variety is certainly the spice of life! It adds a lovely "warm earthy" feeling, if that makes any sense, with your particular leanings. I guess it's kinda hard to describe except for that many written works can come across as cold dishes on a fall evening.

Needless to say, I get a similar feeling reading this as to what I feel while having an awesome day in the summer heat with naught to worry about. :yay:

How can a pony open those syrup packets with the implied ease? :rainbowhuh:
I have enough of an issue with stickiness ending up everywhere as it is...

Granted, the tub style that was implied is far easier than the squeeze sachet, but I still can't help but imagine that the initially opened corner would have some issues of content pressure.

Poor Jessica... This certainly can't be an easy change for her to go through... :fluttershysad:

Cloud's military training helped guide Jess from getting syrup everywhere. Except the kiss, because... Cloud.

And, yes, relationships can go many places, but Jessica is definitely in the part of the map that reads: "Here, there be dragons."

I likey. magitech is sorta not canon in ponyearthverse but i dont really care because you are a great writer. my real question...
what happens when your cloud's power runs out and someone gets brained by a laptop?

Blossom Jones: Hippie Detective
The Case of Jimi's Guitar

Coming to a bookstore near you! January 1st, 1968!

When some random guy comes along and gives you an artifact of untold mystical power, you should drive down to the harbour and chuck it as far into the water as you can so it doesn't get all angry and red and explode in your face! Or take you to a pride parade down Frisco way. That too.

Heh, thanks for the pass.

As for the question- Shh. Spoilers. :raritywink:

Exactly. This is more proof why Carter was henchman level and not Big Bad Guy level.

OMG I SO LOVE THIS but is there perchance a side story where it is all from jess's perspective because I would like to see that as well

Sorry, but there will not be a Jess's Side to this story.

Part of what I wanted to do with Blossom is have a post-ponied-person whose journey is witnessed entirely from the outside. As chapter 18 showed, there's more to becoming a pony than what the narrator experiences and I wanted to explore that and how that affects communication and trust between characters.

Hope this doesn't take away from what you've enjoyed so far. Thanks for reading!

holy fudge knockers!!! how many updates are you going to do in one day? it is my day off and I finally was able to bring my reading queue down to five then all of a sudden it is up to ten. -sighs- I will be reading these chapters later once I get to them

Due to the way I write this fic, I tend to update in "arcs" about once a month. Usually that's a handful of chapters that covers enough ground to give the reader decent enough progress and a soft cliffhanger.

Hopefully, my updates are an embarrassment of riches. :twilightsmile:

element of laughter at her best, spreading smiles nation wide via television

okay finished reading sooo when do they bang? :trollestia:

Wonderful batch of chapters, full of heartfelt emotion and the type of character growth that PEV can really generate.

We all needed that break from the nitty gritty side of things. :rainbowlaugh:

I feel like a fish being pulled about with how the situations ebb and flow. The characterisation is very solid with Blossom and Cloudy/Jessica as well. Not often do I see voices distinct enough that I can not only use the story as more of a guide as to verify whom is verb-ing what, but to also tell the (lack of) melding with ease. Very well done!

Jessica... :fluttercry:

(In a positive light.)

Glad to see that Rhea didn't fly the coop as was insinuated to be very likely!

Poor Blossom... Simply too much has happened for any one being to keep tabs on all aspects. She's needed this reprieve; for if only to catch up on what had happened in such a rapid-fire order over the last few days.

Hahaha... It's funny to see Rhea/Night do the Smeagol/Gol... Hey... You just had to comment-snipe that comparison, didn't you? :rainbowlaugh:

Anyways, it's funny seeing it from more of a non-collabed third person POV instead of the usual first person. :derpytongue2:

The eyes speak volumes about the well being of the soul.


Thanks! That's something I really panicked about, so your words really set me at ease.

You're welcome! Your continual polishing of them has certainly shown itself as the arcs are released. :twilightsmile:

....is my rump really that big?

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