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The love lives of the fillies in the Ponyville Schoolyard are kicked into high gear by the arrival of a new colt who only wishes to be left alone. However, with everypony wanting to welcome him and be his friend, or give him a hard time for being a Blank Flank, he sees no other option than to counterattack the only way he knows how, passive aggressively.

Little could he have known that surprise kisses and group date invites are less effective at driving fillies away than it was back in his homeland, and he soon finds himself at the center of crush central with no way out. Sometimes, being a Winning Pony is a curse.

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Wow. That colt got some guts to kiss Diamond Tiara like that. I bet he forgot to turn his swag off.

An odd offensive tactic but could work.

I like the way this is going so far. Long as it don't turn into a clopfic or anythin' like that. Also grammar errors, you tend to use "where" in place of "were". Also don't get "then" and "than" mixed up. It's always best to have a friend edit, and/or reread (aloud) what you wrote. So I'll give this chapter alone erm... three out of five Spikes. And a favorite, can't wait to see where it goes from here.


Yay! Critisim! I always get my 'where's and 'were's mixed up, I need to print out a note and stick it to the wall or something... I tried to get some friends to edit but proofreaders seem to be more elusive then a harmless non-human lifeform in Australia.

For the record this will not become a clop fic, suggestive maybe, but not out and out clop. Besides it would be more fun getting other people to write that stuff as fanworks.

I like this story [I might do one similar] [my idea is about a Parasprite who thinks he's an earth pony]


That... sounds hillarious. Let me know when you write it.

1685382 I'll let you know [And in the story he can talk as well]

This definitely has potential. I like the protagonist and believe his personality will bounce off the other kids to great comedic effect. The Idea of being raised by griffons is a unique and interesting plot device. Liked and faved look forward to more.

So he comes from a land down under, where beer does flow and men chunder? I hope he hears the thunder, and better take cover. :pinkiecrazy:
I'm loving this idea, and I can't wait to see how this goes.

im verry interrested in the story

Greatest distraction tactic ever!! Great thinking Skywinder.
this story has caught my interest and earned a spot in my favorites.

Very creative, also you used WHERE when you needed to use WERE twice. STILL MOAR :flutterrage:


I always get those mixed up. I really should get a note or poster to stick on my wall with the difference written on it.

Oddly enough I used to do that and before you know it, you wont get anything confused.1806918

When are we going to see an update?

1935372 Chapter 2 has been hovering at 'nearly done' since half way through December. I only write when inspired or have an idea, but I recently thought of how to wrap it up so expect it by the end of the month... right now I'm a bit distracted by work having stuffed up my pay, significantly... again.

Well, that's one way to deal with a bully.
Brings new meaning to "make love, not war."

Whoops, forgot the bit at the end.

...If only my father was as awesome as Galestrider... :pinkiehappy:

An answer the picture..... SCOOTALOO!:scootangel:

The internet is an obliging place
proofreading group

If you ask around and it takes forever for anyone to get back to you (which I find a lot), hit me with a note asking to proofread.
Don't do that first though, I have a lot going on at the moment.

Right back at yah SouthernCross /) and nice fic

1952263 I appreciate the help, mate. I'll have a look around there and see if anyone suits. :twilightsmile:

A few years prior to this story an pegasus mare shouted out in horror:

"Dust Dingoes Took My Baby!!!!!!"

Good fic looking forward for the next chapters. :twilightsmile:

Another chapter yea! I really did like this story when it first came out and am glad that it has continued. Good chapter, nice comedic, and good writing.

(Joke) Alt. Title: Winner Wrap-Up: Three Months Of Romcom Fictions...
Also, just telling those who care, swag means "free stuff" not "style".

1952700 I believe 'swag' is sometimes used as an abbreviation of 'swagger' though I'm not sure of the meaning of that word. I'm not familiar with 'hip' slang... it's too mainstream for me.

Actually, swag's official meaning is "free stuff". People just like to think that it means "style". So... All that swag Dashie has? Yeah, it's all s#!t she got for free.

1952756 I guess it still works since Skywinder doesn't charge by the hour

The Rainbow Serpent's Blessing: Able to effortlessly charm any mare…whether you like it or not.:rainbowlaugh:

YES!!! SO GOOD!!! Please tell me the next chapter will come out sooner then the last.

*were, not "where"
Again, do try to read the chapter before publishing, preferably out loud. Though I'm glad to finally be seeing this story again, even if it took over a month, and I like how it's building so far. Have a moustache.

1953025 I wish I could, right now all I have planned for the next chapter is for Skywinder to have a close encounter with the CMC and possibly a Pinkie Party...

Future plans includes several musical numbers.

Mistakes I came across.

teasing at what lay hidden behind it, yet never letting anypony lay eyes on its treasure.

but attacking females was the act of a coward and lead to him

Looks interesting so far. That was a surprise at the end of that chapter.

You are making this place he comes from quite interesting.

I wonder is it turns out to be 'Straya all along and maybe Asia is actually Equestria.

This looks interesting... :twilightsmile:

Nice to see an update but hey applebloom you didnt even know your parents so you shouldnt pitty a colt who got raised by griffons. so hahaha :rainbowlaugh: you dont have parents

That was pretty funny, Cartoonish but funny. Glad to see this story continue and looking forward to the next chapter.

Is "Foal Free Press" a reference to Ponyville Confidential?

Anyways I really enjoyed this chapter…and how he managed to effortlessly charm 3 fillies.

And is Cloud Kicker thinking what I think she is?

2130942 Yeah but she has AJ, Big Mac and Granny Smith. They can tell her about her parents.

How much do you think Galestrider and Windancer know about Skywinders biological parents?

2132084 For one Gale knows next to nothing about news papers, so naturally he'll subscribe to the one from his kid's school before any other.

...As for Cloud Kicker.... :twilightsheepish:

2133531 so:rainbowhuh:..... he doesnt care he was raised by griffons and had a whole tribe behind him for support and I think as ponies given how emotional they are at times the 3 apples would cry just by thinking about it so there's that.

Kid needs to learn some trust. Actually, first he needs to learn that whatever he thinks will work to chase ponies away, won't :rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh:
Imagine not knowing about Cutie marks. But why would griffons know anything about pony culture?

This is a great story. Keep it up.
I can't wait to see Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon make another appearance. I can see her accidentally getting a crush on the "savage" who kissed her. :rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::pinkiehappy:

Nice new image I see...

Oh, yes... I got an eye in your progress story.:trixieshiftleft:

Nothing updates in this story without me knowing.

Well, that escalated quickly.

not bad i have to try that......:rainbowlaugh:

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