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A thousand years after the darkest chapter in Equestrian history a young filly named Amethyst finds her home colony under attack by the Lunar Commonwealth while on a dare. Through the machinations of her father and the enigmatic Church of Lyra she finds herself in the cockpit of the Equestrian Empire's premier fighting machine, the Mobile Saddle Gundam Friendship.

However, war, especially in Equestria, is never as simple as good and evil and Ame finds herself in the epicenter of a thousand year old gamble revolving around an ancient, forgotten power and a mysterious pilot calling herself the 'Last Crusader.'

Part of the Equestrian Century Timeline

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>Sees this
Will read later XD

I've been waiting for this, Hopefully I'll Have Alicorn Gundam up soon, just need to go through some proofers and editors.

I'll probably read this later but right now I need to get my mind off something disturbing.


Aha! Soon, we will take over this site with gundam/pony crossovers! :pinkiecrazy:

Also, will read later and get back to you SouthernCross.


Technically Alexander wrote the first Gundam/Pony fic, he just took it down for reworking.

But yes we shall take over with Gundam/Pony crossovers.... and needlessly complex descriptions of knees! :pinkiecrazy:


Ok, got around to reading it. So far it is very well written, but I will say that it could use a bit of tidying up. My suggestion is that you re-read your story, there are a few places where it feels like commas are missing, and there are alos a few places where words seem to be missing or there are extra unneeded words.

Though I do find it rather weird that ponies would create giant robots in the shape of people rather than ponies, but that is a moot point, so just ignore that.


There are actually three reasons the Saddles are humanoid.

1) They tried using an Equine form with the LX-1 Trixie concept machine only to find it really did not handle well in space, so much so it is now lost somewhere in the solar system... Piloted by a corpse and insane Haro.

2) Since the Mobile Saddles where original developed in the Lunar Commonwealth it was Luna who suggested the humanoid form, why? Well, you'll just have to read Equestrian Century Alicorn Gundam for that information.

3) If I didn't use a humanoid shape it would just be Zoids IN SPACE!


Ah, makes sense.

That Ending/intro scene... is a mix between MSG Last Shooting scene and Gundam 00's Last Duel

...So Scootallo will be the Char Aznable in this fic?.... so does that mean that she will perform the Greatest Headshot in History with a Rocket Launcher to an escaping Candance? in the cockpit of her personal warship?


...So very tempting...

You'll learn more of Scootaloo's role, though not much of it, in the next chapter.

Alright, finally got my lazy ass around to reading this.

In all honesty I thought it was a good start but there are a few problems.

Firstly, and most importantly, there's too much telling going on and waaay to much description. Describing the weapons is important but naming them and givign intimate detailed descriptions,well I as a Gundam Diehard enjoyed it but Ic an tell you right away the casual fan or FiM fan who's only ever heard of Gundam but never seen more than say... Gundam Wing is going to just filter all the jargon and probably miss the actions.

Actually that's the main problem I can tell. I liked the plot progression but it seems a bit fast, it reminds me of the first two episodes of Zeta Gundam and the first four episodes of Gundam SEED, ending with events similar to "collapsing land"

I must point out that if you're going to try and get this on ED, you're going to have to trim the descriptions way down or they will flat out reject it, I mean I think they will but that's just based on my own experience.

But enough griping because despite my last couple paragraphs of issues I enjoyed this as a diehard gundam fan and I hope you can write more soon. Alicorn Gundam will be up before too long, once I find out if the Pre-Readers think it needs to be changed.

I don't know what to say about it but "It could help me with problems you mentioned about my story". So I downloaded the first chapter as a guide. I'll read future chapters when I have the spare time.


Thanks for the good and honest review, mate. It's good to receive critique like this.

You already know my intent for when I do submit it to EqD and it's more fun to make it seem shadier then it really is so I wont say it again. :pinkiecrazy:

The reason I through in all the jargon half the time was because I was letting the reader know what the characters knew, but we'll see what the PreReaders think.

I also chose this well tread scenario because its familiar territory for Gundam fans and sets the tone for how the characters will react when the ghosts of the past begin to meddle in the events of the present. :trollestia:

...and just so you know, a certain Silver Bullet will be appearing in the next chapter.


I look forward to rereading Colors when you finish editing and revising it.

I think it would be more fitting if you put Turn A gundam on instead


I'm not entirely sure if I understand what you mean...

1020084 No, my exposure to it is limited to SRW and DWG


Ah, you ought to see Turn A then (A story where a rural earth gets attacked by humans from the moon, and a boy finds the said Turn-A gundam in a ruins and kicks the moon people's butt, also features princesses)

Now I want to re-watch all my Gundam OVAs (which will completely ruin productivity...)

Edit: okay, back. Good start but seems ebandoned... last update almost a year ago :(


Not abandoned so much as in development hell

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