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Diamond Tiara is a bully.

Everypony knows it. Not much you can do, however. The richest filly in town attends a one-room schoolhouse--the only one in Ponyville. Filthy Rich, father of Diamond, is one of the only things keeping the town going. Doing anything to his daughter would greatly decrease the funds coming in to Mayor Mare.

That doesn't stop anypony from hating her.

But who could blame them? Teasing the younger foals until they cry, giving everypony a hard time, and prodding the fillies and colts to find a soft spot, and using their weaknesses just for her own power.

That is Diamond Tiara.

It won't be her very much longer.

Chapters (6)
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Comments ( 48 )

Hmm, this is interesting! Goof work! Can't wait for more!

deadpool! get the big painful gun! she hurt dinky! SHE MUST DIE!:flutterrage:

This is the start of something great. :rainbowkiss: Well technically it's more like the pseudo-start to this story.

It seems Cersei I mean Diamond tiara is about to reap the wrath she has sown.

I am really dreading how this is gonna end up, and yet this may be the very wake up call everypony needs.

I feel so bad for Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon here. :(

Well...on one hand it's always cathartic to read a story about Diamond Tiara getting a dose of her own medicine. :eeyup:

On the other hand...it sounds like things have gotten set up for Scootaloo and company to take things too far. :applecry:

i think this could be good. I just hope one or two are there at the end to comfort her if Diamond start to be a good filly maybe:heart:

So, Diamond Tiara got her cutie mark because her mom place a tiara on her head and told her how special she was. I'm guessing in the next chapter, either the crusaders get her mom's picture or we find out how she lost her mother and/or how she became a bully herself.

Motion carried. space station harmony, you now have new orders. Aim the entire orbital friendship cannon system at the coordinates Delta Orange 757 Rainbow Soda, crank the power to... Multiverseuler Obliteration

It is not that i don´t like the idea, but i always tired to understand, what the Tiara maybe means as her Cutiemark. If you could think about something i would like to know what it supposed to mean. I mean what can she to because of this?
Has she much Confident and maybe should be a Pony to help others and just don´t reconize it right away? I like the chapter after i understood it was a scene of her past, but i would like to know what maybe could be her special talent exactly.

However i am glad that i put it in my favourite and don´t stop reading this, i like a good Diamond Story.

4510403 When I made this chapter, I was thinking that Diamond's cutie mark meant being special. I guess a tiara doesn't really show that, but she got it when her mom was telling her how special she was, and putting a tiara on her head. It will make more sense as the story goes on.

Also, I'm glad you enjoy this fic. You're too nice! :raritywink:

4510742 i thought you would say that, then its my turn to say i can´t wait to see another chapter, even if i overhelmd myself with a huge load of fanfics. Maybe i am to fast with my final judgement, but i think this would stay one of the better fanfics. And one of the only few serious fanfics about Diamond Tiara. I am not sure anymore what i want to say anymore, and i already said it, but i think you would even like it a second time if i say "yes i like this fanfic very much":raritywink:

"Come on, think of all the things Diamond has put us through. This harmless stunt wouldn't even come close to what she's put us through!"

:flutterrage:WHY WOULD YOU TAKE THE CHANCE!!:flutterrage:
What do you think will happen if you actually break it by accident??:duck:

This isn't gonna end well for anypony...:facehoof:

I like Scootaloo, but if she stayed the leader of the team in this chase, this could not end well.:facehoof:

Nice that you make another chapter for us.:heart:

4619042 I changed the sentence so it's not so repetitive. Sorry about that!

4510403 In the Lunaverse Diamond Tiara's special talent is accessorizing. Does that count?

Apple Bloom is yellow, not beige.


It's not going to work
The picture shall break
And so will at LEAST heart

HURRY UP AND WRITE THE NEXT CHAPTER!!!!!!:pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:

I'm sorry but I just really hate the pacing of this fic. It's well-written and every character portrayal is accurate, but each chapter is short, listless, and barely advances the plot which was extolled in the freakin' synopsis. Is there any chance you could pick it up a little?

>Command rescinded. New orders incoming...
>Orders received....
>Orbital Station Designate EYE OF KINDNESS redeploy to coordinates 0000d323x332x532, -32d32354x44r234
>Warming up Magic Array
>Warming up Loyalty Array
>Warming up Honesty Array
>Warming up Generosity Array
>Warming up Kindness Array
>All arrays ready
>May Celestia have mercy on their souls
>Y/N ?

5175404 The synopsis is old. It was the original idea but the story kind of changed itself as I read it. I fixed the description, if that makes you feel better. And yes, I will pick it up a little.

Thanks for your input! :twilightsmile:

~Muffinz_4_life :derpytongue2:

5228144 Uhm, what don't you understand?

5242364 Basically all of chapter 6. I don't get what the CMC were doing. Was it like spy mission or something to steal DT's picture?

5243669 Well, the last chapter ended with the CMC coming up with a plan to pretend to break DT's special picture. Then in this one the CMC are talking through walkie-talkies, then it transitions out of that, with Applebloom sneaking into the basement of DT's mansion. All of this is to continue the previously discussed plan to falsely destroy the picture of Diamond Tiara's mom. The fillies must not be discovered while doing this.

So yes, this is some sort of secret spy mission.

5246195 i still dont get it- why were they pretending to break the picture? was DT supposed to think they had broken it?

5252113 Like Scootaloo had stated, "She'd learn not to mess with us anymore"

5273867 But the thing that confuses me the most is this: was DT supposed to know that they had broken in?

5273874 At the end of the plan, yes. But if they were caught during the prep they would've been stopped. I imagined they would probably threaten DT at the end to keep from her telling.

...Wow, I really made the CMC evil. :rainbowderp:

5273879 yet another question- WHEN ARE YOU GOING TO ADD THE NEXT CHAPTER?!:moustache:

5273881 I am typing it as we speak :twilightsmile:

5273883 Seriously, it's been like eight weeks or something. WHEN ARE YOU GOING TO POST THE NEXT CHAPTER?????

5500043 I have been trying to get back to you on your questions, but unfortunately I have been receiving some technical issues. The Website will not allow me to save my work, so I have been working on it via Microsoft Word. It's also not working when I try to post a blog so I guess comments are my only use of communication with you guys. I'm sorry it's taking FOREVER, but I'm letting you know it's finished, it's ready, but I can not publish it on this site.

So sorry for the inconvenience, but please try to remember this story is on hiatus, so It is moving much more slowly than your average fic. I feel more and more guilty with each comment asking when the next chapter will be posted, so please, cut me some slack.

I'm trying to get to work, and I think I'll be able to post it soon. Like, really soon. So yeah, fingers crossed I can get it today. :)

5500043 Okay, another update, I'm trying to post the story, but I can't find it among my files. I'm looking, but this is a minor setback.


Aside from this sounding extremely derpy, I think you ment "Uh-huh"

And then it stops here. :unsuresweetie:

<Strike successful. Target neutralized.

>Visual Confirmation of strike success...
>Thaumaturgical radiation stabilizing....
>Thaumaturgical radiation equalized.
>Orders received.
>Ground forces redeploying to neutralize potential hostiles...
>Ground forces cleared for engagement. Fire free.
>No hostiles.
>Operation successful.
>Deactivate terminal
>Terminal Deactivated.
>Orbital Station Designate EYE OF KINDNESS beginning terminal descent.
>May Luna guide them over the River Acheron.
>Signal lost.

YOU BETTER NOT CANCLE THIS OERSON!! DONT YOU DARE CANCLE IT!!!:twilightangry2::twilightangry2:

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