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Pinkie and Cheese Sandwich ask Fluttershy to help them answer one of the greatest conundrums known to ponykind.

Written for the 87th Writeoff with the prompt The Other Side, this story's original version took 10th place.

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If anyone:

Can find Groucho and Chico doing the "Why a Duck?" routine on Youtube, feel free to go rewatch it. I found it last week, but now it seems to be gone...


That was cute!:twilightsmile:

Fluttershy, tamer of eldritch horrors everywhere.

Putting Pinkie and Cheese together is just asking for a resonance cascade! Good thing they had Gordon Freemane Fluttershy at hand to deal with the extradimensional horrors spilling out.

Loved the spiraling, escalating, yet coherent wackiness of the breakfast and Cheese-Pinkie discussion, too.

nemryn #5 · May 29th · · ·

Poor Fluttershy. It's like the Mad Hatter's tea party, but with donuts instead.

Well, that was well and truly manic. Enjoyably manic.

Nice Marx brothers reference in the title and chapter title, by the way. I admire you so much for your taste that I'd like a lock of your hair!

What? Don't look at me like that, I'm letting you off easy: I was gonna ask for the whole wig!

I loved this. It is one of those episode worthy fics that does perfectly well standing on it's own.


Thanks, folks!

You're just lucky I'm not Eugene O'Neill, or I'd tell you what I really thought about you!

Pardon me while I have a strange interlude...

Ah, the joys of century-old pop culture references... :twilightblush:


I think this might be one of the best comedy pieces I've ever seen on this site. Pinkie and Cheese playing off each other were amazing, the duck was a lot of fun, and this:

"Even improv has rules!"

"I agree!"

"No, I agree!"

has to be one of the absolute best jokes I've ever seen. And with all that, you still ended up with a sweet core of Pinkie and Fluttershy's friendship. I didn't even notice any typos! This is nothing less than a masterpiece, and you should be extremely proud of yourself.

Oh, and if anybody finds the Marx video, tag me! I want to see it.


I knew:

I'd seen that duck somewhere recently, and here it is!


The problem with running out of jelly donuts around Cheese Sandwich is that you have to check very carefully to make sure he hasn't stashed a box of one dozen starving, crazed weasels anywhere, in case of a starving, crazed weasels emergency.

And....instant fave. You managed to capture pure comedy in written form. I don't know how you did it, but you did and I can say that I've learned something from you.

Hey, is that a demonic eldritch duck of some sort?

Ahem. In any case, a wonderful character study and demonstrations of the dangers of compounding sleep deprivation with donut binges. Thank you for it.

"You're welcome!" they both said at once. They burst into giggles, slid into a couple of chairs, and began pulling cups and plates and saucers and gravy boats and serving platters and who-knew-what-all from their manes and tails to set places for about ten ponies at the table.

How do they even FIT that stuff in there? Is this related to the mystery of the clown-car-with-20-people-in-it clown trick thing? GASP

"You know me!" Cheese Sandwich straightened the little cow-shaped creamer. "I'm all about the dairy products!"

WELL! If you are all about the dairy products, then WHERE'S THE ICE CREAM? HMMMMM?!

"Yes, yes, yes!" With a back flip, Pinkie left her chair and landed solidly on the floor. "If you want to limit your thinking to the Boolean and pedantic! But we left such simplistic reasoning behind six hours ago!"

I will assume that a normal person, unlike me, would have NO CLUE where this is going, where it is at, and where it even started, due to such simplistic reasoning as stated by Pinkie. But not me. I can understand this. I can DEFINITELY understand this.
*nervous laughter, slowly turns to insane-person laughter*

"Please!" With a cotton candy colored whoosh, Pinkie appeared on her knees beside Fluttershy's chair. "It's for science!"

"No!" An orange whoosh brought Cheese Sandwich to Fluttershy's other side. "It's for the spirit of philosophical inquiry!"

Pinkie made a rude noise with her lips. "Not as catchy..."

I don't know how this could be related, but I can try.

I thought that was Discord first off, but nope, duck eldritch horror it is.

Somehow Fluttershy worked out it was starving just by looking at it.

"Have some breakfast!" Fluttershy blurted out, finally realizing what it was about the duck that looked so odd—other than the tentacles and the glowing eyes and everything. "The most important meal of the day, and you haven't had any yet this morning, have you?"

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