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This story is a sequel to A Quiet Party

It all happened so quickly. In one single night, Fluttershy confessed to her crush, shared their first kiss, and became her marefriend. The shy pegasus couldn't be any happier, but Pinkie feels she needs to try and be the best marefriend possible for Fluttershy.

Cover art belongs to Yubi.

Thanks to Midnight Radio Hotline for prereading!

Note: Reading A Quiet Party first is not required but is recommended to understand the events of this story.

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This story is so full of d'aaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwww :heart: Thank you for writing an awesome sequel to an awesome story! :pinkiehappy:

Wow so cute, this was a great sequel :D ... And you did it again, you didnt' tell us what happened with Twi and AJ, and now my theory of AJ going home early and Twi going in an adventure is gone... :rainbowlaugh: jajaja

With or without clop this story is awesome :rainbowkiss: i love it :pinkiehappy:

The cyan pegasus leaped up from her spot beneath the alabaster unicorn as if she never was never in pain from her headache.

You kind of used "never" twice. :twilightsheepish:

This reminds me a lot of the morning after scene in Steel Resolve's "Green" except with Pinkie Pie instead of Rarity. :pinkiehappy:

I've never really understood the appeal of RariDash. Like Rainbow Dash pointed out, she and Rarity don't really hang out. :rainbowhuh: But this does make a really good argument for it. :rainbowdetermined2: Just like the original story made a strong argument for FlutterPie, which was something I hadn't come across before.

Don't worry, I still approve of your theory. Who knows what Twilight did before passing out on the counter?

Applejack took a swig of her cider, sitting with a princess who had her face planted onto the table.

Out of every party the farmer has been to, this party was definitely the most interesting. Applejack had watched as Fluttershy and Pinkie retreated upstairs. They haven't come down in a while, but even more interesting was Rarity and Dash wildly making out before taking their leave.

She felt a hoof wrap around her neck as she took another sip of her drink.

"Apple—" Twilight hiccuped "—hat!"

Applejack sighed; she could smell every type of alcoholic drink in the princess' breath. "Howdy, Twi."

"J... Join me... Jappleack!" Twilight spaced out for a second, leaning against the farmer's neck and giggling. "I have to... have to save Kanto..."

"Kanto?" Applejack had never heard of that city before.

"From Number 150..." Twilight continued. "And... And his blasted clones!"

Applejack ignored the princess’ drunken babble, instead taking a look at the clock hung on Sugarcube Corner's wall. "I'll get on that, Twi," she said before getting up from her seat and downing the rest of her cider. It was late, and she had work tomorrow. "I'll check up on ya tomorrow, sugarcube."

"Gotta..." Twilight let out another hiccup and casted a teleportation spell. "... Catch 'em all!"

Applejack's ear flicked when she exited Sugarcube Corner. Carousel Boutique wasn't far away, and she removed the hat from her head and sighed when she heard weird sounds coming from the dress shop.

Sorry, I had to.

I love Pinkie Pie too! :pinkiesmile: The thing with the feather was a nice touch especially after introducing the idea behind it in the first chapter.

This really reminds me of Steel Resolve's "Green". And the story of how Pinkie and Fluttershy became friends is quite reminiscent of the one from Steel Resolve's "First Steps". But you know what; I like Steel Resolve. So, I like this too. Flutterpie is not a ship that's often seen, and you do so much with it in such as short amount of time. You totally got me into it. :yay::pinkiegasp: So, great story and keep up the good work. :pinkiehappy:

:twilightoops: Fix'd. Thanks for catching that.

Part of the reason why I find uncommon pairings, such as FlutterPie and RariDash, appealing is their little interaction in the show and how they're almost polar opposites. It makes interesting scenarios and arguments, compared to the more common pairings that have a lot of interaction in the show.

Glad you enjoyed it.

I'm a fan of Steel Resolve, too. I actually only read some of Green, so I hope the similarities don't come off in a bad way.
And I see I got you into FlutterPie. Perfect. :trixieshiftright:


Sorry? you are sorry? Why?
THAT WAS AWEEESOOOME :rainbowlaugh: oh dear Luna i can't stop laughing, THAK YOU VERY MUCH FOR THAT :pinkiehappy:

Go Twi, catch all of them wuuuu¡¡¡ :rainbowlaugh: jajajajaja

Now I want to buy a yellow balloon with three pink winged butterflies on it and tie it to a jar of sugar, it was that sweet. :pinkiehappy::heart::yay:


The RariDash in this story is soooo good. :rainbowkiss::raritywink:

Definitely the highlight of this story. So sad that there isn't more RariDash out there.

You just had to make that business card joke didn't you? Haha. So stupid but still so funny.

Awwwwwwwwww the ONE time I actually WANTED a clop scene in a fic! :flutterrage:

It was still bucking awesome though!

Nice and sweet. I like how despite Pinkie is, she is completely taking all the stops to make her new marefriend Fluttershy happy. It's awesome that she cares so much for herself that Shy's well being is paramount. This is something we don't see often for Pinks.

BTW: you won't know you are capable of clop until you actually did. I still respect you for your choice, but feel free to test your boundaries. :twilightsmile:

Nice. :moustache:

Probably couldn't contain myself if you added a romantic clop scene. Well done. *golf clap*

Fun Fact: This chapter was planned to have clop in it, but that's not my area of expertise... seriously.

Through writing such a nice and entertaining story, you have redeemed yourself: You shall be forgiven. :duck:
This was a sweet little sequel, indeed. And their pet-names? Shy-Shy is a cute one... but Rear-bear? That's... just... hilarious! :rainbowlaugh: (I'm starting to really like this specific emoticon, since Rainbows laughter just seems so... infectious.)

Primarily, I'm a fan of AppleDash. They have chemistry, they're straight forward, down-to-earth and, at least in my opinion, capable for adventures. FlutterPie is... waaay different. They are sweet and cute and somewhat calm and quiet... it feels more... relaxing.
And then, there's RariDash. The hell? :rainbowlaugh: It's actually the first time I read about that specific ship and I never, never, never, never considered it before. (That's like... four-(n)ever... :pinkiecrazy:) I still can't see that work in the long run, but it sounds hilariously funny.

Thank you.

“Good morning, ‘Shy-Shy!” Fluttershy winced slightly at the suddenly loud and cheerful voice, but was immediately relaxed again when Pinkie continued to softly kiss her forehead. “You’re doing great so far! You’re not freaking out like I said you would!”

Nice! You have again earned the (not coveted) Deadpool award!

‘Pie, Pinkamena Diane, Ch.D

Baker, Cupcake Expert’

So, is this part of a culinary school? Actually come to think of it, cupcake making being part of culinary school would totally make sense. But what does Ch. D stand for?

She decided against it, allowing her marefriend to have it, even if she has snatched a cupcake from the ruler of Equestria’s magic grip before.

Well of course she has more consideration for her marefriend than for the ruler of Equestria! Everyone knows that Celestia is a softie, except when it comes to the safety of her subjects!

“Funny how I never knew it felt good for grown up pegasuseses. Pound always hates it.”

This should be “Funny how I never knew it felt good for grown up pegasi. Pound always hates it.”

:pinkiegasp: FlutterPie.... it's almost.... too. cute. for. words! :raritywink:

This is why I love these uncommon ships. FlutterPie, RariDash, basically anything that involves AppleJack with someone other than RD.... they're underappreciated and soooo difficult to get right! But when someone pulls them off, you get a story like this that I feel like I need to be careful to not read too much or cuteness overload is gonna blow up my brain. :twilightsmile:

I think it's referencing the fact she canonically said it wrong. If she were to speak properly, of course pegasi is grammatically correct. But, in an attempt to stay within character in this fan fic, I believe it was intentional.

15 weeks is the cutoff point for when I stop caring about a comment that I make on any story. So, if you respond to one that's 115 weeks old, I definitely DON'T CARE. Thanks for wasting my time, though. :pinkiesmile:

A comment dripping with venomous sarcasm without the other side is a bit uncouth. I did not know the following information. A: your lack of interest after a certain point. B: that the comment was that old. Reading these stories and comments from my phone does not privy me to certain information. Now, reply with sarcasm as you wish and be among the herd of uncivilized sheep commonly called trolls, or show some civility. The choice is yours. I refuse, however, to continue with this on the story's comments section. If you wish to argue still, my message section is where you'll find it.

Please tell me there will be more chapters coming? Cause just 2 chapters isn't enough! x'D
This is getting really good and I would love to see more of this! :)

Tempting us like this for not giving clop, it was rude. :(

That was a good story.

I loved the two fanfics never read or listened to a flutterpie fanfic but now that I read these two you wrote I ship them and also loved you put a little raridash in it :pinkiesmile:

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