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Most ponies hate rain. It drives you inside and covers up the sun; what's to like? Fluttershy, however, sees it as an opportunity. Rainstorms give her the chance to withdraw and to think, not burdened by social obligations or pressures. Yet for all it's virtues, rain tend to leave you wet and cold, and if Pinkie can teach Fluttershy anything, it's how to warm up a bit.

Proofread by M.R.H., Prak, Kragor, Arcum42, TheCloudtop & Dash The Stampede

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Comment posted by Jay Romeo deleted Feb 7th, 2014

A quick escalation indeed. Is Pinkie trying too hard to be Pinkie? We shall see.

Yes, we shall :rainbowderp:

Is that it? Cause I want more. :trixieshiftright:

Comment posted by Garbo deleted Jan 23rd, 2014

Oh, I see. This is chapter one. There's going to be between three and half a dozen chapters total. I haven't quite decided on the direction of the rest of the story yet.

I was sold at the title. It's a Led Zeppelin reference, right?

This is really good.

I should add the song somewhere in the author's notes.

I'm an editor, I've read thousands of pages of stories that have blended together over time; this one though, it will stick out in my mind. Job well done to you and I hope that you keep on writing this.:pinkiehappy:

Ah! It's good to see this become a thing.

Lots of effort will have been worth it. I've appreciated the ride.:twilightsmile:

oh man, poor pinks hope things settle down moar or less in t next chappie :pinkiesad2:; also what or where did flutters run to? outside or nother room in t cube :rainbowhuh:? heh, guess i'll hav to wait n' see :yay:

Lovin this so far keep it up !

*Patiently awaits next chapter.*

Reads chapter one...:rainbowhuh:

Wait, WHERES CHAPTER 2?!:raritydespair:

Thanks a lot! I tried to put a lot of work into the writing and I'm glad it shows.

Couldn't have done it without you and the other proofreaders.

3838094 3843600
Settle down. We'll get there, don't you worry.




3843859 lol, dat pic.

3843859 3843928 Lol, I couldn't have said it better myself.

She ran away ;-;

Tune in next time to find out why

Fluttershy turned to look back at Applejack and Rarity, just in time to see the run inside the library.


So he moved to a house in the middle of nowhere and start a rock farm.”


The story itself, though short, has me interested.

Please make your author's notes less pronounced. Post them as the first comment on a chapter, way less gross and doesn't suck the dramatic tension away.


Yeah, even with the author's note features, I like to put shorter ones in the first comment anyways.

“I wonder how Applejack and Rarity are doing over at Twilight’s.”

“I’ll bet they’re not having as good a time as we are,” Fluttershy said, nuzzling Pinkie to emphasize her point.

Oh Fluttershy, you don't know how right you are. :rainbowlaugh:

This is very well written:pinkiehappy:

ok, liked this sweet yet, closurely chappie :yay:; altho i can't remember what season ur ep reference was in :applejackunsure: except it's probally before t one where t CMC ask mane 6 thier c-mark stories :pinkiesmile:

The story takes place during Look Before You Sleep. That's the one where Twilight tries to have a slumber party and fails miserably.

yah, thx :twilightsmile: but, um... what season is that again :twilightsheepish:? ep sounds kinda familiar yet, otherwise i'm drawin a blank :facehoof:

First season, eighth episode.

thx for clearin that for me :twilightsheepish:; g'luck workin on ch3 or whatev :twilightsmile:

Praise John 'Bonzo' Bonham. :twilightsmile:

Holy crap! Is this an update?!:pinkiegasp:

Yes, long overdue, but it's here, and finally done.

It's been over a year since this updated, and it's well worth the wait.

*Sigh* It's sad that FlutterPie is pretty much a sunken ship at this point for reasons that have nothing to do with this fic. "Filli Vanilli" just killed all of the ship's potential. :ajsleepy:

The feasibility of all the mane 6 ships is next to nill. The odds that any two of them would be lesbian/bisexual and interested in each other are minuscule, if we're assuming Equestrian society is at all similar to our society. Also, screw the canon, I have fanfiction.


Tho they could have thought more on the matter, as couples can fight too, and one of them could easily accidently did something that another don't like when they are in early dating stage... I still ship Pinkieshy, even if it's a really tiny ship in huge ocean lol

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