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I am a young artist that's found themselves to be quite a writer. I am not a frequent writer, but do try to excel when I do.


Fluttershy and Pinkie Pie have been the best of friends, practically sisters at times. One stormy day as Fluttershy has to halt her day's plans, she's invited into Pinkie's home. Pinkie's plans may change the two's lifestyles as Pinkie wishes to be Fluttershy's date. Not to mention adding a bit of bulk to her frame! That is, if the plan goes as expected.

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Chapter 3? hopefully?

Is Pinks drugging her or something? Jeez, this is odd. O.o

Hehe, Pinkie you sneak. This is a great story so far.:pinkiehappy:

My guess is Pinkie's fattening Fluttershy up to get her to have a more rounded figure. Not fat, just a bit rounder, especially on her rump. Maybe Pinkie has a crush on Fluttershy. Or maybe she just likes round booty. :rainbowlaugh:

Special cupcakes, and Rainbow Dash missing again? :unsuresweetie:

Oh well; at least you didn't do the "Rainbow frosting" bit.

Is this some kind of wierd Cupcakes spin off or are you just making references? I'm hoping for the latter.

I HOPE the "Cupcakes" reference was just a coincidence...:fluttershysad: But overall, a good fic! :scootangel:

I do hope that this gets added to!

Yeah, I've got some of it written, but it's pretty much been collecting dust since I have a strange writing habit of going on hiatus like every six months.

You are to be disappointed, probably. Maybe not. Who knows?

there was originally going to be a bit where Rainbow visits Shy in the hospital so I could link it to another story that would take place before this story, but I cut it out because there'd be no other materials to base the event off of until I wrote it, the story could have taken a ShyXRainbow turn, and I wanted this to be strictly ShyXPinkie since it's being written for a friend.

She would have come in drunk and an emotional wreck with Shy not too sure as to what to do, then they would doze off or Rainbow would leave after collecting herself for a while. I do have this event written and saved in another file for story scraps. Maybe I'll release it later. There's another line in there which I've totally forgotten where it would have belonged.

Also, I've no context on this "rainbow frosting" you mention.

Slowly but surely! Summer and Winter are usually my highest seasons of writing activity due to holidays. I usually draw and doodle all year to give me something to do, but I'm trying to get into writing more. I feel I can express more with writing than I can with drawings and whatnot, as much as I'd like to.

Feels weird that there seem to be more elements going on here. I mean their is the main Pinkie thing, then she is going to the hospital, and there is emotional baggage with Rainbow. Seems kind of complicated, but I am still interested. I just hope the hospital thing is not bad news.

It's more complex than I intended it to be, so I'm planning to have a short story arc to fill in a gap in Chapter 4. The story will get back to being Flutter-Pinkie centric soon enough. And rest easy, my dear! The hospital will not be bad news. Flutters did not suffer any brain damage.

2852584 Lucky you.
Never ever ever ever ever ever ever read the story Cupcakes.
Pinkie promise?

I haven't seen an update on this story in a while, always good to see a good story updated. Looking forward to seeing where this story goes.

2852584 2858649
What Painting said, except DO read Cupcakes if you want to- it's a pretty bad story, so it isn't really that scary. Just don't look at the cover art, fan art, or any art based on Cupcakes. I had nightmares about some of those. :fluttershbad:

Heck, that comment was made pretty close to a year ago, I haven't heard a single thing about Cupcakes in months. Basically, it was a rather gruesome and very out of character story about Pinkie Pie dismembering Rainbow Dash slowly , and then baking her into special cupcakes. A few stories I've read, most of them before this one, referenced Cupcakes by having Rainbow Dash be missing at a certain point, which would also be the same point that Pinkie Pie would show up with cupcakes, usually resembling Rainbow Dash in coloration or something of the sort. Yes, I just wrote a short paragraph explaining what cupcakes is and exactly why I thought you were referencing it. I sometimes wonder where I'm going in life. :facehoof:

Ah, I've read it before, just never heard anything about rainbow frosting. Didn't really affect me. I was a tad disappointed with how it was 'grimdark'. Could have been more so, gone on longer, and whatnot.

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