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A Pasty Plebeian Pencil Pusher


Mornings aren't fun for the average pony, but when there's a snowstorm in the way of your job, it's just downright bad. Couple that with having to deal with your annoying little sister, and you've got a taste of Celestia's morning.

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Comments ( 8 )

Remind me never to patronize a drunk acupuncturist.

Yeah, I wouldn't either.

Charming story, old chap.

Thank you, good sir

Heh, thanks for the smile; have a like.
And I half expected that bathwater to be cold... ah, but that would have been cruel.
Thanks for sharing :raritywink:

And thanks for reading!

Welcome to Canada, no refunds

Looks like the Author's Note image went away sometime in the last 7 years :-) Fun story.

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