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Just to let everyone know, we're gonna try to put out a chapter a week for this one.

Just came here to remind you that "overpenetration" is a real term, albeit meaning something completely different. It's when a gun is too powerful, and goes through your target without taking enough other stuff with it. It's mostly an issue with explosive rounds, which you want to be inside your enemy when they blow up. Won't work out that way if they shoot out the other side.

Just gonna say anthro gilda's legs be sexy af

Look forward to it. Gilda's my fave (pretty much all anthro busty birds are). I can't wait to see more.

We're already got two in the pipe line and we've been able to get out quite a bit a day this week so we might have even more than that even before the next chapter is due out.

Awesome. I'm just happy that more anthro Gilda fics are being done. She's my favorite character really out of everyone.

She's Thadius's favorite griffon. His favorite pony being Dash.

WOW!!!! You know....during that part that CC was playing Minecraft....I think that's the first time ever I got all hot and bothered from Minecraft talk. :coolphoto: lol Amazing story. :pinkiehappy:

Thing I'd like to see more of are anthros with barely there breasts.....I've always preferred a handful...its just a waste otherwise lol

Oh hai, a new story. :moustache:

I wonder if Gilda is going to end up painting the cieling again, or just how far she is willing to go, given her very first daily pork cooking channel led to over or extreme penetration, and would she get enough channel donations if split specifically for channel display and living? Be intresting if they get $100 for living and $1500 and a link to the catalog entry of what to abuse next?

I mean, do they even do egg training kits for Griffins, or do they rework other items like lifelike adult dragon toys with a prophylactic superglued on the end?

And now you got that song in my head thank you

Sanguine. I love this and I love you. You are doing the work of the divines. Godspeed you lewd bastard.

“I mean I was just gonna head home and see if I can’t figure out new stuff on my Minecraft world"

Ah, i see he is man of culture as well

Her stallion was less than five seconds behind her. What? One had to appreciate that ass when it was walking.

He does as the ass guides

I blame Thad for this one mostly. He's the genesis for most of the clopfics. :rainbowlaugh:

At least worst case for Gilda should be the avian side and feline side reinforce each other, giving two lots of double number clutches, each egg being double sized as happens with Ligers etc? :yay:

Just as a bit of a teaser, more characters will be showing up.


Thought of couple somethings. First, will Gilda, CC and The Channel Crew come together to purchase and modify a Super Multi Gym for the Porn channel, and end up turning it into The Machine?

Second, will they get excessive with medical porn, such as greater than body length endoscopes from the zoo vets etc? just how much would the channel be bringing in by that time? Enough to go Monster Musume on the house? :rainbowderp:


Ack.. sorry for upsetting you in any way.. Im not that good at gaguing where stories are going until often after theyve finished.:twilightoops:

No worries, you always have interesting ideas.

Not bad. Definitely excited for more.

This hits so, so many of my fetishes, primarily impregnation. That’s my number one.

Wild and punk girls always became extremely adorable when they get pregnant
(Personal experience)


In show, Hippogriffs ARE a Lot larger than the average griffin, pony?

Thats not an Egg, thats a Beachball. :yay:

Wasn’t disagreeing. Text is not a great way of conveying tone. Imagine the ‘aliens guy’ meme but replace “aliens” with “hippogriffs”

Yo Sanguine! Congrats man! Great work! I miss ya bruh. ;_;

You had me at the Sk8er Boi reference in the description box.

You Had me at 3x3 piston door. Thumbs up!

“Ah. Did I ever tell you the definition of insanity?” the stallion at the desk smirked, affecting an accent as he got into the role. “It’s when you do the same shit, over and over, and expect things to change.”

I spy a Far Cry 3 reference!

Also, loving the story!

Bravo i enjoyed that it was nice erotoc but cute no spelling or grammar errors either well met keep it up

She's gonna be one insatiable hen when she's bloated with eggs.

This was great. I'm a sucker for the punk/nerd combo. My only complaint is I'd have loved to see their first little heavy petting session.

Holy hell, does this make me feel lonely or what
( I loved it)

Goddamnit, I cam in my pants at! Thank you, good sir!

That's a compliment I never expected to read.

Yeah, got excited and left out that I messed my pants at work.

.... Damn. Maybe don't read clop at work? XD

I've read some good G, stories, but this one takes the top of my list. Hope it keeps going! :rainbowlaugh: G is such a love and CC is such a dork. I love the dynamic of a strong female character taking care of her boy. Of course, CC is no slouch himself.

Gilda hated math.

Preach women... Welcome to the most open club across worlds :rainbowlaugh:
Sooo... Tomorrow one update?
More of non antro fan myself but that kind of Antro is... Fine to :raritywink:
*Brohoof* 》》》 /)'(\ 《《《
Clop with damn fine story seem your specialty... Im envyes :ajsleepy:

Yep! I have been eagerly waiting to post another chapter.

Nah, it's fine. And I was using that text-to-speak function, so I don't get caught "looking" at NSFW material. It was a fun little listen!

Wow... Fluttershy just show Gilda who is the alpha bitch in town.

Are they going to have to purchase a couple of Toy Kits for Shy to build her own gear, given Gilda just needs a Pop Bounce to overload her?

Going to stick with just the Griffin and Pegasus for the time being, or will the group application procedure take time setting up for checking, like if poor Barb needs somewhere to stay due to a rediculously excessive Toy Hoard?:moustache:

A very useful company for the current set up, as well as being a massive injoke. Video Gear For Girlfreinds.

Ok, who asked for broom handles or equivalent to demonstrate, train, All the depth capability?:yay:

After your two chapters your readers are going to cum for days!


You're just now figuring that out? kek.

this shit real good, cant wait till next friday

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