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TittySparkles is pretty based, writes great porn that I can rub one off to on a weekly basis, and she has no problem telling societies leftie rejects to fuck off. - Anonymous

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Oh hell yes! It is finally ouuuuuuuut!

~Skeeter The Lurker

Thanks for the timing, I was about go to porn.com before I saw this

Are the comments screwed up for anyone else? Huh.

OH FEATURE BOX!:pinkiegasp:

Damn, nothing hotter then a girl who you don't have to hold back against in a fighting game.
Because I'm an ass and never do! xD

Ah, but this is siblings doing siblings during a game night? Vinyl Scratch is best sister. Give that DJ a Nobel Peace prize! Curing Virginitis and Blue Balls at the same time.

For those who were not aware, in the My Little Pony comics, Vinyl Scratch has a older brother. Naturally this calls for sibling sex.

It's be a clop writer's sin not to.

No, no! You were supposed to wait until me and Reggie posted our own collab with the same pairing! Now we're gonna get called copycats! :raritydespair:

4973938 I think knighty implemented a new reply system. It fucking blows.

In the season 2 finale of MLP:FIM, during the dance scene where vinyl is the DJ, she takes off her shades and her eyes are very clearly purple.

Four inches? Amazing! :ajbemused: He's a bloody HORSE. I shouldn't be bigger than he is.

4973999 Yeah the whole scene is purple........ tint is overpowered, needs balance. Even if that not were the case, screw canon, Vinyl is a community character, until Nowhacking voices Vinyl we must reject they're fantasy reality and substitute it with our own lol.

4974013 Does this mean we have to change the expression to "Hung like a Chiashi Zane"?

4974151 No. That wouldn't be fair to my friends, the other tripods of this world.

It says in the holy book of Incest that: "If thou sees a Man and a Woman of the same Blood and Lineage, and do not impose upon them an Incestuous situation, the almighty TittySparkles shall rain semen hell fire across the land, and condemn the heathens to a prison so terrifying and painful that they will repent for their hefty sin with screams, that blend together in a horrifying harmony of the Damned."

So yeah. Incest is wincest.

4973991 Yeah, although it's slightly entertaining to see the odd staircase of replies. Someone write a Led Zeppelin parody about it!

They're Magenta. Not Purple.

4974397 Well, a real pony is bigger than a man. The human average is around 6". Therefore a pony should be a minimum of 6" (which would be short. 4" is ridiculously short).

This story totally didn't make me feel self-conscious and sad that I don't have a sister

Long Play

Lost his virginity to his younger sister. Worse...pick up...line ever.

Another great read, although why'd you pick 4?
Thumbs up!

story was okay I did not know vinal had a brother

That was actually the sweetest clop I've read of yours. That was so cute!

It really was sweet. The 'climax' was probably the cutest, ha. I kinda wanted to have the slice of life moments stretch out a bit more. Hear some of his depressive stories and maybe Vinyl cheer him up with some of hers and go into more of her experiences that would make her bro feel depressed and not believe her on some parts she'd use to make small ones having merit too. Like a nice chub or something. Though he didn't seem to be described as having anything but a 4 incher and a flared tip. I guess ponies wouldn't call girthier small ones a chub?

Okay, thinking too deeply into small things that you basically DID put into the story, if only some in passing. Sort of hard to believe this was 6700 words. It went by so fast, but I still feel like I'll actually remember this story. It had a lot of small nuances of truths in it. A good dose of research or life experience put well into words. Either way, nice story. Short and sweet. Outgoing and raving DJ, Vinyl, with a quirky and nerdy older brother. Cute.

Also, which issue did Vinyl and her brother show up in? It wasn't the Cadance one right?

I don't know much for pony penises, but that would surprise me given how small ponies are overall. A pony is defined as being less than ~140-150 cm to the withers, but most analysis places mlp ponies as significantly shorter than this.

How am I not surprised:twistnerd:

Titty there are times I hate you. I really dislike the idea of incest. REALLY dislike it. But I know how good you are... I am going to have such an awkward moment later...

>Long Play

The ride will never end so long as TittySparkles operates it.

I just...wow. Well, good story again as always.

4974944 From WikiAnswers. Confirmed by: Answers.com, Wikipedia direct, Others. (Sweet Celestia, I want to burn out my Bucking EYEBALLS! Why I actually checked, I shall never know)

Generally, ponies are not as well-endowed as normal horses, reaching between 24 and 27 inches in length, at full extension.

Also, now I feel significantly less disappointed about being Tripod.

I'll never understand why, myself. I've never understood the incest taboo, as long as inbreeding (children) isn't involved, what's the harm in relatives, especially a similarly aged brother and sister, having a bit of fun, if both parties are adult and consent?

What is seen cannot be unseen.

4975951 I'll be honest, I'm not 100% sure on it myself. Perhaps it's because I'm a parent, or that I'm straight and my only siblings near my age were all guys. I wont bitch out a pair of consenting adults doing what they want to do. I just really don't want to know about it. However, as predicted, I had a rather awkward boner at the end of this story.

4976215 Fair enough, and thank you for responding in a non-idiot/accepting manner. (Usually when I bring up incest, all I get is how sick I am for it.)
Not a parent yet, and every relative I had was a female (No siblings, but cousins, aunts, nieces, even the family dog.).
As for mine? No awkwardness here. XD

4976329 I look at it like this. There is a line. It's a very clear line. It's called the line of consent. Until it gets crossed then I don't see a reason to bitch someone out/set their ass on fire. As for whom you're getting consent from, I only give a shit in 3 cases. Me, my wife, and my daughter. Outside of these 3 case, WHY SHOULD I CARE?

Now that line only applies in reality. My fiction I tend to enjoy watching that line get blurry... Or worse. ~pulls out card reading "Villain"~

i hate incest, i really do, its a personal choice and i know, but the act just grosses me out. but this fic,...

impressed me, it really really did, and in a sick curious way, i enjoyed it, now pardon me while i click like, taze this awkward boner i have and go on a soul searching montage while 80s music with cheap copyrights plays in the background.

or radioactive, imagine dragons will give the rights to that song to anyone,.....ANYONE

Your best work is incest work. Keep it up! :derpytongue2:

well that was intresting (everyone shut up i have an erection) anyone get the reference

For those who were not aware, in the My Little Pony comics, Vinyl Scratch has a older brother.

Where are these comics you speak of? :scootangel:

You forget that a real pony is also fucking massive. I heard somewhere that in general, penis size is proportional to body mass. Especially since if a MLP pone were 4 feet tall, their fucked proportions would make their body 2 feet long. Considering that they need their internal organs to survive, I don't see them having a very large cock.

has a older brother[/quote

4973939 I just want to let everyone know, I called it.

Much of that length probably doesn't get into the mare, thanks to the preferred method of animal sex. (Please let those last few words be a phrase I never have to type again)
A not insignificant amount of clop uses the missionary position or otherwise says that mlp stallions can go to the hilt. This means that less length would be required for the same penetration, and so it is likely that mlp stallions would have less length in the first place.

It's a shame that a character called Long Play doesn't have more clop about him. It's only the second fic with him I see (and the first one doesn't count).

4976753 Not quite. Normally walking around would be where the height measurement is taken. It's essentially the length of their legs (which, with the exception of Pinkie Pie) are consistently the length of their body. That would actually put them at around 4 feet long then, from collar to dock. Plenty of space (that's a foot and a to two feet more than the average human. Plenty of room.)
4977113 If they do hilt themselves, that size is going to have a drastic effect on the mare (although since MLP ponies seem to do mainly that, there is a possibility that they are closer to human in size. That's an average of 6" still.) I still think that 8-12" would be a fair size for most stallions in the setting.

"Mhm, told you those pegasi were full of it,

No, Vinyl, you're full of it.

4974441 Unless, UNLESS, this is a mindless pornfic about cartoon horses!

He's not a horse. He's a pony. And all creatures have proportionate bodies and body parts. You have also have to remember that a pony here and a pony there are not the exact same size. Therefore, proportions may not be what you'd originally think.
The size of a small pony here is 12.2 hands(50 inches) and under.
Medium ponies are 12.2 hands but no taller than 13.2 hands(54 inches).
And large ponies are over 13.2 hands but no taller than 14.2 hands(58 inches).

Now, since we have a few "accepted" size charts for the equines in the show/comics, I'll leave them below.
I find the last one to be the most accurate so far.
And here's a fun little chart on penis size comparisons for our worlds smallest to largest penises.
As a general rule, a mammal's penis is proportional to its body size, but this varies greatly between species. This does leave room for some error in my logic here but saying that a sentient pony here could be proportionate to the ones we have would be like comparing an orange to a tangerine.
So in my view, MLP ponies are smaller than the ponies we're stuck with and are proportionate to their stature. Unless you're an alicorn, I don't believe you'll be packing a over a foot and a half. But damn, four inches? Hell, I'm a third and a half bigger than that. No wonder Long Play is a virgin. The average pony there must be 8-12 inches(maybe(?))

she pulled out a small—but at the same time—nicely sized nugget and stuck it in the end of the pipe.

I mean, if that's how you wanna do it, Vinyl, but uh, it might smoke better if you break up that nug. Jussayin.

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