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Comment posted by Hairy Konquerer deleted Jan 10th, 2015

Favorite Pegasus and my favorite fetish... all my yes!:heart:

Non-grimdark tentacle farm fic plox :rainbowwild:


TittySparkles gets the best presents. :rainbowwild:

I read through this and for some reason I keep getting stuck around the idea that Spitfir clearly has some knowledge of what a throttle is and how it works when their society has no real use of engines that would have one.
Edit: I shouldn't comment when I'm tired, I saw "throttle" and confused it with "clutch", go back to your porn


Trains. Airships. Probably even water-borne ships. And then there were the gas-powered sewing machines that Applejack gave Granny Smith at the family reunion.

I was half expecting that to be an advanced mechanism to lure in food... I.e. get the pony all relaxed and happy, then consume it whole and wait for the next one.

Pretty good. It was fairly standard, as tentacle fics go, but I liked the definitely-consensual nature of it. I liked how the plant was actually kinda sweet, too. We need more of such consentacles around here, for sure. Nice work.

Great story, and congrats on feature on the day it was published!

Have my favorite!





hmm... I could swear I've read this story before...

There is something inherently funny about a pony flipped on its back.


tasted sweet, like a mixture of strawberry and grape


Now make a sequel :)
Or else...
*Inbound dislikes*
Holy shit people, it's a joke.

“That stuff better not knock me up with some plant-pony hybrid or something,” she said, sounding a little irritated.


5485947 Agreed. Not to mention massages alone feel amazing when done well.

5487282 It's what happens.


5487313 So I just woke up and, well, I am wide awake. Thanks.

This plant needs to be it's own recurring character. I love him/her/it :heart:

Yay! Tentacles!

So what if this was rape and she got traumatized for life? I haven`t found any stories like that.

5487241 That is the best picture I have ever seen. I wanna meet her.

Spitfire had grown up in Cloudsdale, and like the other Wonderbolts she spent all her time moving between cities, training, and putting on performances.

Missing comma.

It kept her at the highest level of anticipation.

Spitfire moaned with each one spurt it gave,

I believe this is superfluous.

A tentacle wiggling around her neck tempted her to swallow, and she did without complaint, gulping each each her mouth was filled.

I am sorry, what?

Damn, this was hot. Take a favorite, a like, and a Fluttershy ahegao while I go tend to something that demands my immediate attention.:fluttershbad:


5487886 There is a game where I think ethier Applejack or Twilight gets raped by a similar creature.

5486577 No, Marshal Twilight is not Kaidan.

Good pegasus paired with a great tentacle fucking. It is rare to have good tentacle fucks but of so pleasing when one appears.

5486490 Both are present on steam locomotives. So, while she might not know a huge amount about them, surely she's heard what they are, and what they do.

A non-rape-tentacle story.
And really well written, too.
Just sweet.

Take a like, fav and moustache on top. :moustache:

5487489 Who needs coffe?


I've had a lot of difficulty making tentacle fics stand out because the fetish isn't all that varied. Three holes, three or more tentacles, with or without cum, and they fuck the person/pony until said pony can't walk straight. Some people mix it up with impregnation and/or mind control, stuff like that, but since I was going for a light-hearted fic I went with a massage.




It's a sweetheart for sure. Needs a name (and a non-repetitive story premise) before making another appearance though.


Thank you, and fixed. :twilightsmile: I swear, no matter how many times I comb my stories for errors, you at least always seem to find a couple that I missed.


Marshal Twilight is not Kaidan


If you haven't found tentacle rape, you are NOT trying. Seriously, your porn game is so weak it's water soluble.

Indeed. There probably isn't a whole lot of room for innovation, really, not without changing major aspects (like the tentacles being alive). I'm glad you went about this fic the way that you did, really. In so many of these, the character is like, "Whoa, this thing is suddenly invading my body. Feels good, though. Meh, I'll just let it screw me." Particularly when it comes to the tendrils knocking on the back door, this just kinda bugs me a bit. Just a pet peeve. In this, though, it was all good, through-and-through, with no questionable consent and a creature that took very good care of Spitfire and didn't cross boundaries until given permission (like any good lover should). This fic stands out to me, if only because it was so well done. Hell, it's the only tentacle fic I have in my favorites.

Wow, I probably sound like a total tentacle porn geek right now. Uh, anyway, yeah, nice job.

5487268 AWWWWWWW, it's so cute! :yay:


Aurora Motherfuckin' Dimmet.

I'd like to imagine being that plant- sleeping for decades until a mare comes by and awakens me, only to receive the best time of her life because I only have the desire to pleasure them as much as possible...:heart:

Man, am I sick or what? :rainbowderp:

Man, what a neeeeeeeeeeeeeeerd, amiright?
jk luv u 4ever marshal :heart:

I dub it Bob, and I say through the powers of germination, that part of it is smuggled in Spitfire's bag and then is able to grow elsewhere and either become a masseuse or just helps in general with things like construction! A bunch of tentacle are better than none!

Bob the gentle germinating jungle plant! :trollestia:

good god you need a theme song

Now THIS is the way a tentacle clopfic is meant to be written! It was incredibly hot and oh so very sensual. Everything about the tentacles was done pretty much perfectly, in my opinion. The plant was polite, wonderfully polite, and I just loved that. It asked permission and was gentle where it truly mattered. That's all just about the tentacles too! The pegasus getting stuffed is Spitfire, and that is pretty much an automatic favorite from me. The way you wrote her felt pretty awesome. Have a favorite, like, and a follow! I've been reading a lot of your recent stories, but now I can't wait to read what you come out with next.


Eeh, haven't read this story yet, but the synopsis seems VERY familiar. I've read a story long ago were "spitfire goes out in the woods while on vacation, falls in to a hole and tentacles happens. Later on a guide (mare) is met the same faith and spitfire and the guide make out while tentacles release them, in more ways then one. In the end, Sorin finds them in the forest and wonder what had happend and the girls are being all ominous about it." Now I'm gonna read this and see if this story takes a different route.

You probably mean Forgotten Curiosities ?
More tentacles and more Spitfire is never a bad thing though, I totally need to read this one ASAP.

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