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don't watch the show, i just like the fandom

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1890064 no worry's its a good fic, and normally I don't really like E.Q.G fic's so i would say well done sir :heart:

Thanks for favoriting "New Neighbor". And thanks for the follow, too! :raritywink:

1628749 don't worry about breaking me, that happened when I found out about this thing called the internet, ha!:rainbowlaugh:

Super glad you're enjoying Ghost Town! I don't think I replied to your comment, so consider this that reply :D

I started it out thinking I'd have a few chapters and done, but I went much further than I thought, so thanks for sticking with it.

I promise the next one shouldn't be as mind-numbing as the latest update, though I can say it'll be a little surreal.

Hope I don't break you too much :O

Thanks for the follow :heart:

  • Viewing 1 - 5 of 5
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