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Hell yeah, Trixie!:trixieshiftright:

I was hoping you would continue this series, thank you!

Bug hors is in here so this is already perfect! XD
I like that Anon got a taste of his own medicine as he now serves her!

Also I really loved how Starlight became quite domineering for a moment and her making out with Trixie, incredibly hot~
Everything was amazing, from bughors being victorious, to Trixie taunting the others!

Very excited to see where this is going and for the sitting duo to join Anon's harem~

wonderful~ a new story~

Very nice.

I cannot wait for when anon bumps Chrysalis hard. maybe take her down a peg again

my psycologist told me that i shouldnt goon anymore but here i am reading premium quality clopfics from ebony!

Well, I’m secretly, hoping that he’ll turn the tide and make chrysalis and obedient slut like the rest

Oh I definitely agree with you there, seeing him get his title back as Master would be pretty hot~
And also because him fucking her would be great XD

Yeah, feels inevitable

I just finished reading the Pinkie Pie story not too long ago, what a delightful coincidence for this story to be released

Anon is evil, Chrysalis even more so for corrupting him and Celestia most of all for going out of her way to ban literally everyone from entering relations with him because that was the seed that sprouted into all this. Villains all around, I love it.

Here’s to Anon turning the tables on Chrysalis but Discord is a fly in the ointment. Well, he IS the Lord of Chaos, Fluttershy is his morality chain, her disapproval of him turning Equestria upside down is the one thing stopping him from doing so. Perhaps if Anon aided Discord in enslaving Fluttershy for himself…I mean this is clearly a different sort of mind control from the one he imposed on her way back in the Season 1 finale…

Is Bon-Bon still part of SMILE in this universe? If so, we might have a problem.

Also can't wait for Chryssie to be taught her place. I am sure with many powerful unicorns they could figure out a way.

I am still wondering why Celestia even made the ban in the first place, like why is there even a ban? Is it because he is a human with no magic and therefore is considered an anomaly and who knows if he can even have kids with whoever he fucks? Or is it that she just doesn't like him.

you will learn in time, my friend

Request for bon bon to whoop his ass at first and call for a strategic retreat

My mind is screaming for answers but I know that the answers will come in the coming stories and chapters. But I cant wait XD

Damn it, were on DEFCON 2 at this rate.

DEFCON 1 is sending in the dick removers.

If were lucky, Operative Bon-Bon will handle it. If not, get the AC-130 ready to fly.

Had to write this story mostly on my phone due to traveling so much lately!

OUCH! Really? Now there is a painful thought, although to be honest, if that was my only option, I'd do it too. When the urge comes upon me, I've got to let the ideas flow through on paper no matter what form that takes.

due to traveling so much lately!

That part of the quote also makes me curious. Travel can be fun depending on the purpose, method of travel, and what one accomplishes once there. This also makes me wonder if you're writing your other stories the same way. If you don't have much time to devote to this story because of your travels, then that same excuse is likely upheld with the rest of your stories. Are you typing them by phone too?

Just in case this happens often, I have a suggestion. There are devices out there that are foldable, portable keyboards that can communicate with cell phones, among other devices, via Bluetooth. With it, you could have access to a full-size keyboard (relatively speaking) while on the go. That's probably way better than typing one letter on a small screen using a finger. Food for thought.

Only this story has been done in that manner! I’ve been getting everything sorted to move into my new house, and so I’ve been insanely busy with traveling!

The biggest question i have is why celestia placed that ban to prevent him getting it on.

I am so glad this series has returned
I am this level of pumped https://youtu.be/mpyovM5aSP0


Unf~ Another great entry for my favorite mind controlling series~ You did great on this one~ It was fun to see other ways of entracing mares besides the ne we are used too~ I'm sure that Trixie will be quite diligent in fullfiling her new purpose in life~

And I can't wait fo the next eentry featuring those cute mares we are love~

I am glad to see that you decided to progress on some of these story lines after


Maybe she wants him for herself? Lol

I thought it would be the Spa Twins from the clues, but Lyra and Bon-Bon will be quite adequate. 😁

So Lyra AND Bon Bon/Sweetie Drops.. well that should be different.

I eagerly await this .. and either of the promsied Sweetie Belle fics...

or the Izzy fic...

Or that hinted Sequel to Destined to Happen.

After them, maybe Anon could go for the Crusaders? Just as a suggestion that could help him go then after their big sisters, maybe there is no need for underage if you don't like that

Can’t wait for more.

I have a theory about Crysalis, and it is that despite the fact that he absorbs such an amount of love daily (which increases with each incorporation) he has not realized that he is not refining that corrupted love that slowly without realizing it begins to change his mind becoming addicted to Anon or at least to the corrupt love that his harem and him generate, practically the anon group would be a drug for her and in the end somehow thanks to the book she becomes part of the harem, and because of her abilities she gains so much power that she is able to to dispatch the remaining elements of harmony and the princesses

and with them in the harem they can face discord... or somehow Fluttershy with her kindness manages to bring back the old anon and he, seeing everything he has done, regrets and releases everyone, but the amount of corrupted magic returns to him and kills him permanently (his soul is torn and his body turns to dust)

ok that answer is pretty funny, but taking into account how troll Celestia is... also, usually it's not her who wants it for herself but her sister Luna, but she does it so no one suspects

I want to propose a plan for Anon to defeat Chrysalis.

At first, Anon should tell Pinkie to write a letter to her sister, Maud, asking Maud to visit her, but they can't let Chrysalis know that Pinkie asked her to visit, they have to make it seem like it was spontaneous. Once Maud is there, they'll obviously use the book to enslave her. Anon has Maud collect iron or silver ore from either her family's mines or from her cave home outside of Ponyville. The iron/silver is important because Changeling originate from European folklore, where it was believed they would steal children from their beds while they slept so the Changeling could replace the child and feed of the parents love. Changeling are considered fairies and all fairies has a weakness to iron and silver. Superstitious Europeans would hang a pair of iron scissors over their baby's cradle at night to scare off Changelings.
Once they have a good amount of iron or silver, they need to find a secure place to keep Anon's slaves imprisoned because the next part of the plan is for Anon to release Mayor Mare, Mrs. Cake, Lightning Dust, Bon Bon and maybe Trixie and Lyra from their enslavement (Bon Bon and Lyra are included because there next). He's releasing only them because he obviously still needs Starlight and Sunset's magic, Maud would be good muscle against Chrysalis (so would Lightning Dust but I think Maud is stronger), and Pinkie would be too hard to re-enslave. The purpose of releasing his slaves is so Chrysalis will have less love to feed on, getting Chrysalis as weak as possible. After that, it's just a matter of the unicorns attacking Chrysalis and of them getting the iron/silver on her.
I imagine them making a ring or a necklace out the the material and forcing in on Chrysalis, but whatever works. After that, it's only a matter of what happens to Chrysalis. I guess it depends on how much the metal would affect her. You could have Chrysalis be totally de-powered and run off or, this is my idea, after Chrysalis is weakened by the metal, the book's dark magic is then able to affect her, so Anon can enslave her as well. It's the only way I can imagine Anon being able to go up against the princesses later on, if that's what your intending him to do.
I came up with this while reading this new installment and just wanted to share it.

Nice! Love it! I hope Anon finds a way to beat Chrysalis and add her to his harem

Chrysalis shook her head. “I caught wind of Celestia’s little… ban on ‘getting it on with you,’ as I’m sure you’d call it.” She slowly trotted around Anon, caressing his chest. “Apparently, it was only truly a ‘risk’ to ponies, whatever that meant, but it still reached every last creature she could get the message to.” She flicked his face with her tail, snickering. “Dragons, yaks, gryphons, zebras, and, of course, changelings .”

A hint of deceit. Would Chrysalis had something to do with it, since Anon's arrival from the very beginning?

When is more?

These were great to read, hope to see the series continue someday.

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Can't wait for more.

Do you plan on making a sequel?

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