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Ayyyyyy its a new story!


It would also appear comrade Pinkie is preparing to take action.

Somepony broke a very important Pinkie Pie Promise.

He's dead, isn't he.

SO glad to see this back!

uh oh, i sure hope pinkie won't join his harem! :moustache:

The moment we've all been waiting for

“Princess Celestia.”

Plot twist: Celestia's the one who planted the book. She has a secret fetish for sexually dominant aliens, and purposefully got Anon worked up before giving him the means to enslave ponykind.

I have been waiting for this sequel for weeks now, and you didn't disappoint! Can't wait to see what the next entry in the series will bring!

Uh oh, looks like *anon* has been corrupted by his own lust. How will he ever stop now... or will he even try?

Had a few people in my dms try and guess who's next. I specified that Pinkie is adamant about staying in Canterlot with her friends - so she isn't happening just yet ~

Mayor Mare did have paperwork to file for some upcoming shows. Wonder who could be visiting.

Well this was fun! I hope this series goes on for a long time!

Wew! It's finally here! Can't wait to read it tonight!

See now things are getting interesting

Celestia and Cadance must be part of his harem and have his foals

I was so hyped to see this series updated. Keep up the amazing work, and I do enjoy when story is thrown into my clop, makes it even more engaging to read after the clop :twilightsmile:

Shit almost didn't see this due to no sex tag lol

holy fuck how did i miss that

fixed it

Yes Celestia must explain herself, and be punished if the answer is poor.

Hope I don’t disappoint!

I intend for it to be

This series and the sequels to Prismatic Pest are my two primary storylines atm

But I do have a couple more multi part stories in the pipeline

Glad you enjoyed! I sometimes worry I make my fics too long with buildup and story, so it’s nice to hear that!

Sorry for making you wait so long!

Comment posted by CharonX deleted Sep 16th, 2022

Love your writing. Also thank you for introducing me to a new fetish

Starlight had a point, doing the same spell each time would get a bit boring. It would be like reading a story with the same exact plot device over and over with the same exact execution

Pleasingly meta :pinkiesmile:




I just finished reading uncommon practices And had the urge to read this one right away~ This was so hot~ And not only that but it also left us with a few unknowns~ I hope that all of the mysteries surrounding the story get resolved in the end~ I know that you just published this one but I can't wait to see the rest~

I hope we get to see many more parts to this series, so awesome.

Your writing is very good and extremely hot.
However the main character's actions make it hard for me to enjoy the story, especially when they have no repercussions for him. But this might just be a personal issue for me.

(Edit: Moved stuff into a PM)

Not sure how many people see it the way you do, but you’ve definitely got a unique viewpoint on things

Regardless! I have lots in the works that isn’t a part of this or the Prismatic Pest series so, you haven’t a reason to worry!

I deeply apologize for any offense or negative feelings caused, that was not my intent.

Plenty really enjoy the story (just look at the many upvotes), so it is simply a differing tastes or another "me" problem, so please ignore my previous ramblings. Sorry again.

(Edit: And looking forward to your other stories. And thanks for all the words.)



I hope there's a multi pregnancy from this shown. Does that make me weird? Lol I hope Anon gets a good ending at the end of this series. I also have a feeling pinkie will volunteering herself/join him willingly without the spell.

No need to bow to peer pressure, your opinion is valid and held by many people; it's just most people who would see this fic to begin with, and maybe a majority on this site, wouldn't agree.

Which is a shame; Most women IRL may have some fantasies about this sort of stuff or 50 shades of grey and the Twilight novels wouldn't have sold as well, but they also like feeling in control of themselves and their environment too and to not respect that means that a story won't have quite as broad of an appeal. Nor will people who genuinely and uncritically think that way have healthy relationships with women.

And frankly, most hypno stuff tends to fall flat because it's so absolute: most of the interesting stuff in a story happens when you don't know exactly what the characters are going to do, and hypno removes that uncertainty in service of just another power fantasy; usually you don't even get to see what's going on in the character's heads. Though Ebonyglow tends to do a bit better than that. And then on the flip side, why do people feel that they need a spell? Do they think themselves inadequate? Who needs mind control when you can ravish a character perfectly well without it? :raritywink:

Personally I enjoyed the story and I don't mean to nitpick; I just hope my constructive criticism helps people improve their writing and general understanding of others. Also gotta stand up for the underdog when they're not wrong.

Hmm... the plot thickens.
The first chapter made me a little uncomfortable but I guess that's the nature of the beast, the nonconsensual tag was noted before I read this so I have no-one to blame but myself.
I do intend to keep reading though, for I must find out who left the book.

You’ll have a biiiiiit of a ride ahead of you then

This is amazing, I can't wait to see what you put out next. Some of the best hypno content being written on the site.

“Master? Do you not intend to make the mayor a slave too?” Starlight curiously inquired, raising a brow.

I like this, that Starlight is still thinking. That she appears concerned about his prioties, and wants to better understand him and his goals. This is "mindless", it's mindful. Much better for a servant.

Anon simply snickered, rising out of his chair and standing upright. Truth be told, he was scared shitless right now. Making such forward comments, being as honest and direct as he could possibly be - it was absolutely terrifying to do. He knew he had a safety net with Starlight, who was invisible somewhere in the room, but even then he couldn’t help but feel on edge. Still, the flames of his desire, accompanied with the pure excitement of knowing what was to come, pushed him to continue.

Who WOULDN'T be extremely anxious in that situation? Even with a master ball in his pocket, saying stuff like that to her face would take some serious guts.

Starlight chuckled, beginning to sway her hips. “I thought it’d be more fun for you if we did a bit more than that!” She pressed her flank against his hand, letting him press further into her plump flesh. “After all ~ If you’re going to show more and more ponies the bliss of servitude, we should be creative sometimes!”

Oh boy, I can see so much potential for this to go wrong. A slave misinterpreting their human Master- or just misunderstanding his desires- could easily ruin his own plans if given the chance.

“Hello, Master ~” she cooed between light moans, looking up at him fondly.

Gotta say, witnessing Mayor Mare's internal battle really made this chapter. Anon legit just winging it also felt fairly reasonable given his complete lack of experience

I absolutely adore large, positive, and analytical-esque comments like this. Thanks for the feedback and everything! :pinkiehappy:

. “To pleasure you in any way possible. I’m nothing more than a slave - a sex slave.”

An important distinction.

. Turning to one another and looking each other over, they began licking his seed off the other. Taking turns lapping at one another’s faces, quivering from the thrill of it all, they obeyed his command to a T. When they were done, not a single drop left to mat their fur, they both pulled back and looked back up at him.

Holy shit, I love how creative these two get. Yet another example of the spell allowing for creative interpretation and- ironically - I would say a degree of agency. After all, If they didn't retain some free thinking, they wouldn't deviate in these little ways.

“Ha! There you go, Master! I knew that spell would work!” Starlight cheered, elated at how well she could serve Master and earning a smile from Mayor Mare and Anon both.

Is anybody else imagining Anon seeding the entirety of Ponyville with secret slaves? Like sleepers, in broad daylight, yet remaining undetected.

“Princess Celestia.”

Of course.

Pinkie shook her head, trying to dismiss the worry, and anger, growing within her. She knew that feeling, and although everything within her told her go deal with the issue, she wasn’t about to ruin her trip with her friends just as it started. “Oh Dashie! Don’t you worry, nothing that needs taking care of now. It’s a bit of a doozy, but thankfully it’s a doozy that can wait until we’re back in Ponyville! Let’s not worry about it right now, okay?”

Let us all spend a silent moment in thanks that this isn't Cupcakes Pinkie.

Hehehe glad you enjoyed those bits!!

Ah anon might be screwed knowing pinkie she would find some 4th wall breaking to get back at anon I wonder if is discord is involved and why would celestia ban creatures from having sex with anon maybe they saw how bad anons libido is who knows

This was great! Can’t wait for the next one. Would be hilarious if he takes the mane 6 down one by one. The battle with Pinkie Pie and Twilight would be legendary!

Pinky Will probably be next, but if she return much later, Anon could get one or two more mares, miss cherelee and spoiled rich could be next.

Considering what Anon has been through, it makes sense that he is succumbing to his desires. One can only take so much before they snap, and all of this could have easily been avoided if someone had explained it all to Anon.

Pinkie and the other elements are still in canterlot, they will not be coming until later

How would Celestia find that out

Idk I was just thinking up ideas

I mean it could work I guess maybe, anon is not the first human here, and Celestia knows about how horny his kind can be, and maybe sex has something to do with magic or something.

Wait anon isn't the first human here

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