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Absolutely loved it!

From the trio failing at lying to Zipp, and honestly the whole investigation she did, to her becoming half enslaved and to fully understanding her true purpose, this was all both hot and awesome!

Preference for the whole investigation though, that was my favourite part! Sunny and Izzy helping Zipp understand her true role by catching her, casting the estrus spells, and encouraging her is also incredibly hot~

Amazing work! This was my favourite of the Gen 5 ones!

beep boop gooning mode activated

we got three names that (probably) will appear in the subsequent parts of Anon's adventures in G4 .

Very nice.

Cannot wait for more!!

Whoopsie daisy, looks like our local Anonymous is on a streak!
And now that the captain's down, it's the officer's chance to save the day~:trixieshiftright:
You know what it means…Time to bring on the boy!

The silence…

Her eyes went wide, her heart skipped a beat, and her blood ran cold as she noted that Izzy had stopped moaning. Gulping, she slowly drew her eyes from the book's pages and before her. Laying on the ground, typing away at her phone in her arcane grasp, was Izzy. She stared into Zipp's eyes, the pegasus seeing the bright, magic hearts formed within her pupils. The two remained silent momentarily, looking at one another in shock.

Okay, that's a bit fucking creepy with how my brain thought about it. Just the room was dark and Zip slowly looked over to see Izzy with her glowing heart-shaped eyes right next to her.

If you think about it's very messed up from of mind control at best watching your will just be consumed by nothing but lust , shit could be a good horror fic .

She kept flipping through the pages, seeing names jotted down next to various spells of ponies and creatures she could only assume they had been used on. Starlight Glimmer, Lightning Dust, Lyra, Zecora, Ember—just a few names out of the countless ones labeled on the book's pages.

Foreseeable stories. From a continuity of previous story arc?


Another great fanfic to read late at night~ I love how the different fanfics are related to one another~ I'm glad that I read all previous one before this one, it makes the story so much fun to watch and it even gives hints as to what may happen in the G4 story~ Can't wait for more of this~ You are very talented my dear friend~ Keep the good work~

Oh wow this is great. Loved the whole refusal of how much a broodmother she is... Also the fact she was lamenting not being able to get knocked up at the end was great too.... I wonder if the og book caused the dragons to go extinct somehow?

Oof, part of me was rooting for Zipp which is funny since I wanna see how far Anon goes

Estoy seguro de que pipp durmió con hitch, no tengo pruebas pero tampoco tengo dudas.👋

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