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Why would you post this all at once? Why not post one chapter a day?

You just shake your head, choosing to ignore the implications of a group of over-idealistic young ponies crashing an aircraft into the tallest buildings in a city.


Let’s just hope Twilight gave them the actual Raw and Unfiltered History of Equestria hard drive rather then the 100 Megabyte hard drive of inter-dimensional human porn.

"Anon, ponies can get scared when terrible things happen. It can cause them to make rash decisions that do more harm than good.
That’s why we have to change it. We have to do what Twilight isn’t here to do now.
We’re the ones that need to show all creatures in this world what it means to be friends."

Wow. That's a damn good speech.
We'll done.

I do not even know where to start. If you consider both stories at once, then this is a damn good job. Interestingly painted main characters, some passing chapters with jokes. Probably, it would be possible to describe in more detail how exactly equestria, so to speak ... made a double boom.
But with the antagonist, everything is just super, real maniacs :twilightangry2:. What is 1 and 2.
Anon is a complete asshole, but a good asshole.
But Twilight was remade right into Stalin, accept friendship or (shoot) into stone.

It makes no sense to describe in more detail. That's what the fic clearly pleased with so it's in the dialogues, they are read as if they were alive, nothing superfluous. In general, a good reading, there is no feeling that nothing is happening.
(although anon is shown as an unfinished Al Capone, partly for this I called him an antagonist, although in the story he is not so bad, but only his past.)

I love every single moment of this ride. Amazing work. I just wish there was more.

Points for "Sarah Cornflower". :rainbowlaugh:
Can't unhear Arnold now.


Read both basically back to back since I couldn’t sleep and it’s been a great sequel. Expanded on the previous story, as well as left a few dangling hooks that don’t really need answers. If the story continues awesome and I’ll be here to read it but if it doesn’t you wrote a satisfying conclusion to your story. I’ll be watching for anything else ya write loved the story.

Damn, this is one hell of a story! :coolphoto:

Ah shit, here we go again!

I guess some things never change, huh? :eeyup:


The moral of this chapter: never go adventuring without a firearm and plenty of ammunition.

As others have: I just finished both the first and this one back to back. Awesome characterization, especially of Izzy and how she knows WAY more than she lets on. The sunny ship makes a lot more sense after this one, but it still feels a little off just because of the build up with Izzy in both. That's my only real nitpick though.

I hope you continue making stories, and having fun with this! You're a great writer and I'd love to read more!

Wow. What a toxic relationship.

“You seem to think you have any control here. You not understand your place in my world. You don’t understand who you’re dealing with.”

Saying that to someone who's already giving up. 👍

I just finished your fantastic duology in less than a day and had to immediately review it.

I hate the antichrist meme? Based

You can restart the cycle all over again, or you can listen to papa anon

Jesus christ, this has been a hell of a ride. Thank you so much

Sigma male protagonist, ladies and gents.

It's funny how Twilight became no different than Starlight Glimmer.

Makes me think...

What about the Watch...

Honestly Anon...he's got some points but he's not looking at stuff right. Stuck in Human mentality. His own version of Specism.

Last of Us type moment.
Abandoned mall, friends captured, revolver in hand.

Get some bricks and bottles.

Being cautious is fine.

But being too cautious can hurt.

10 bits Anon's bomb stuff ended up being the cause.


RIP Book Horse.
Enjoy the AL.

Well Lyra. He did it.

I'm still curious about that watch...

I basically binged both stories in a week and I have to say, I'm really impressed with how good these are. Now I want another sequel with Anon and Sunny being adorable and also finding out what happened to lead to Equestria's downfall.

Having said all that, I was quite disappointed that Twilight was such a huge antagonist. I feel like that's overdone and it just never feels right to me.

Regardless, I loved this series. You had me tearing up with how you handled Twilight at the end there, and like I said, I would love more in this series.

Man, this story is such an emotional rollercoaster. It’s tearing me apart with every chapter and keeping me at the edge of my seat. Amazing writing. I absolutely LOVE your characterization of Sunny thus far.

Oh my god. This story absolutely destroyed me. You have a very great talent in pulling on our heartstrings, friend. I cried. Hard.

Like many others, I’ve read both back to back and wow. What a ride. This has the makings of a great series if you want to continue - I would definitely read it - but I really appreciated how the story was tied up in a neat little satisfying bow. Amazing work.

I really gotta give major major props for doing so much with so little: Hasbro Sunny is really one note and you did a great job filling in the blanks in explaining why she is like that.

My only criticism is that Hitch, Zipp and Pipp are criminally underdeveloped. But in a way, it helps to focus the story around Sunny and Sunny alone.

It is truly amazing how you managed to predict what happens in Make Your Mark.

You reach a hand towards the door. You hesitate for a moment. Shouldn’t you apologize for what you said last night? She’s still pissed off about it, but at the same time you don’t know what you can say without making things worse.

Maybe not. She needs someone to challenge her world view and ideas. In the previous chapter we even learned that she is just winging it as she goes along.

Also this world smells like Fallout to me.

I loved this fic i hope that there will be a sequel

Oof. Just read this story and its prequel and I'm left with very mixed feelings; Anon dealing with gen 5 and helping them piece together what happened to Equestria is a genuinely fantastic idea for a fic, but the execution here is a mess in terms of tone, narrative, and pacing. It's like I justed watched someone try to hammer in a nail, only to score a glancing hit and bend it sideways at the last moment.

“Uh, well,” You say in a deadpan tone. “We drank some smoothies, we talked about stuff for a while, looked at the sea, took her to a back alley and fucked her. You know, just usual stuff.”

Goddamit Anon! :rainbowlaugh:

Video games! The kind of entertainment anyone can get behind! :raritywink:

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