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Zebras? Really? Well at least they don't crossed path with the caribou.

I've been waiting for so long for a zebradom G5!

It's not really zebradom, but I hope you find it enjoyable nonetheless! I put a lot of effort into crafting a believable narrative and richly detailed clop scenes.

I despise Fall of Equestria, so you won't ever see me writing about that or things like it!

Well Zecora was a zebra and her kind are much friendly and decent in the comic. But your zebras are the bad guys raping Sunny, Izzy, Pipp and Zipp right about now. But Hitch, he’s a stallion.

There is no rape in this story. I only ever write consensual sex, period.
Really there isn't even any Zebra x Pony content...it's a Mane 5 orgy with Zebrica and its runes, potions, and sexual openness as a backdrop. It's something of an experiment in...subverting expectations. I can see that the way it's currently presented is going to alienate those wishing for zebradom and those against zebradom, so I'm changing the presentation to better represent the story's content.

I will say that the cover is a biiiit misleading lol but it was still pretty hawt, Hitch is a lucky guy~

Glad you enjoyed, Hitch did indeed cash in big time~
(And yeah, I recently changed the coverart because it sets that wrong precedent xP )

No zebradom? Oh well, it's clop and that's what matters right? πŸ˜‚

Looking forward to reading for the contest! πŸ¦“

Man, the whole "Zebradom" thing is ... a really, really unfortunate trope, so good on you for subverting that. And, y'know, it's still fairly mindless clop, but it's well done clop, which his hard to find?

Keep up the good work! You should totally write more anthro smut.

There is no raceplay, rape, or zebradom in this story

Thank Celestia, I can actually read this.

This is a serious question, but what is wrong with zebradom?

it's raceplay stuff that can get very racist

Any time you see zebras, substitute black people. The show sure as hell did, with its witchdoctor who speaks entirely in rap.

As much of a zebradom fan I am, I think this story is just as good!

Zecora speaks in rhyme, not rap. Fictional characters that speak solely in rhyme isn't a black person thing.


Comment posted by DeltaEcho2002 deleted Sep 1st, 2022
Comment posted by DeltaEcho2002 deleted Sep 1st, 2022

You know why do I keep finding smut like this on the My Little pony Make your Mark G5 shipping folder for Izzy x Hitch

Why keep this smut here can I just get one wholesome story about the purple unicorn and the green haired earth pony

Seriously why would someone post this story in this folder it's an Orgy story for crying out loud

Just removed it from that G5 shipping group. I'm not sure why it was in there either as it's not focused on any one ship.

I kind of would think pegasi have big breasts. Birds have gigantic chests, sometimes up to 30-40% of their body weight is just chest.

Very hot. Though it feels a little wrong for them to be given it unknowingly.

I very much so enjoyed it, even if i was hopelessly waiting for a small sunny/izzy part, since that is my favorite ship of the generation. Anyways, 10/10 from a dragon!

While I'm a sucker for IzzyScout and wholeheartedly agree, I wanted to explore other pairings and the spare wordcount just wasn't there

That’s fine, good to know there are more starbow / izzyscout shippers out there :]

This was an excellent story, I loved it. I think you may have overused the italics though, just a little.

With a deep groan of ecstasy, Hitch hilted himself, at last, sending Izzy spiraling into a second peak before the first had even fully abated. Their lip-lock broke apart as Izzy moaned aloud, heart-shaped pupils rolling into the back of her head as her tongue lolled limply in brain-blasted delirium.

My name! Yay!

What a story!!!😍😈 not a single negative complaint, everything was EXCELLENT πŸ‘Œ is there gonna be a sequel or more G5 content??

Thanks for your comment, I really appreciate it ^.^

Your answer is...both!

I have ideas jotted down for a sequel. It'll be added as a bonus chapter once I finish it but I'm waiting on judging to conclude before that point, which should be in November. Story as it sits now has to stay the same until then, per contest rules.

My main G5 focus for now is Starting Your Quest, a G5 adventure fic with IzzyScout and lots of headcanon (no MYM or TYT, movie events only.)

Writing as a whole is sort of on the back burner right now because I've mainly been working on my Master's and playing games with my friends.

I can't wait to see where this goes.

I'm glad I was finally able to read this amazing clopfic. Great work.

Not bad. Not bad at all. Loved the characterizations!!

I hope sprout gets something at some point in the future


Wait a second, this isn't Zebradom!

Re-Reads Description

Ah good, consensual bonding and advancement of relationship, the best kind of clop.

Alright, I grant it approval.

πŸŽ–Stalin Approved Consensual Clop MaterialπŸŽ–

I think I speak for everyone when I say you need to continue this epic story!!!

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