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That was really nice and sweet!

I know this is mostly between Butterscotch and RD, but Rarity was just incredibly hot both during the start and end!
Speaking of the main part though, loved the switch of confidence between Butterscotch and RD, from being at the whims of RD's moves until it flipped, very hot~

Obviously the sex was hot, and I always enjoy herds so that was nice too!
Great fic!

Heeeeeeeee's BACK!!

a herd forming right before a stud's naive, shy eyes.

And then no threesome.

Out of curiosity/clarification, is the bit about 'Scotch knocking up three of the M6 already just flavor text for the summary, or are there actual fics you've done which contain these scenarios?

Flavor text sadly! But maybe I’ll dabble with the idea of prequel stories

Zake #8 · April 15th · · ·

An amazing story you have here, its always a pleasure to read such cute and erotic ones~

Prequel! Sequel! More! I DEMAND MORE!!!!

Great romantic fic, now I want to see Butterscotch’s other sessions with the rest of the girls.

the worst story i never read

great work look forward to more:twilightsmile:

To me, the plot of this story looks a little far-fetched. Like, the story starts in the middle, which is why many plot aspects are hard to believe.
Otherwise, the story is pretty good.

Aw, darn. Though the same artist for the cover image of this has a slew of images of RariScotch, so there's hope at least for that pairing!

This was a very fun read, hope you will do the others too. Keep it up.

rara stop bullying me

Incredible read as always Ebony :twilightsmile: however...

“A herd, doofus.”

I'm begging for a wholesome/horny mane 6 herd sequel

This was a great story, though when is Applejack going to get her own clopfic from you? :ajsmug:

rarity, fluttershy, and aj are the mane 6 i havent done a centered fic around yet, i think

Oh Flutters/Butters and Rarity are main characters in this fic, no?

i mean entirely focused on them and only them

That is some wholesome clop.
Also about 85% sure that the conversation with AJ might/will end with her pounded/pressed into her bed or other choice of place for sexytimes.

Am ...i the only one who is confused...i cant find the other stories where the other girls have fun....

Read the older reviews, Ebonyglow just says the past hookups are just flavor text to set up this standalone story 👌

Ah thanks for the info i was confused but now i get it thanks for the help

Dear God, the amount of tension was so tense I had to drink Gatorade from my bottle just to recover from this stuff, holy shit.

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