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Hitch be getting all the mares isn't he?

Oh, and Happy Halloween

Comment posted by SapphireSpark deleted Nov 1st, 2023

I wonder if izz and sunny we'll do something similar to hitch around winter time

Hitch as a harem protag and actualy gettin the girls

Yes please.

redmar #5 · Nov 1st, 2023 · · 2 ·

Despite the fact that I don't like the repeated mentions of the sisters having fat rumps and flanks this was still a good clopfic.

oh man~ this was amazing, i love it so much~

This was beyond epicly awesome blast of a story I hope it has a sequel with Hitch adding the others to his new herd in the future.

🐺🐉🧩Loved the story, maybe a sequel later on, with Sunny, Izzy, and Misty, maybe a birth scene, just a little suggestion.🐺🐉🧩

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