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More like Wonderbolt Poundtime!:rainbowwild:

Excellent work, I love looking forward to what you will write next

Comment posted by Lord Headcheez deleted Jul 30th, 2023

That was really hot~

RD being her cocky and horny self was amazing, Thunderlane filling and then going for more afterwards was also really hot~
I am quite fond of what the Bolts get up to in their downtime, and Spitfire joining at the end and cancelling every other plan for this makes it better~

Also, I love how unconvinced RD is at the beginning and when she got found looking! XD

Good work! I did also enjoy that the Mane 6 get it on with each other too, and that they have plans! I do like a lewder world!

Very nice:moustache:

Derpibooru id 3172948 for the animation.

That floating city, with its alluring decor and social psychology

I see what you did there….

This is a nice story and it's not surprising the Wonderbolts rut eachother during their downtime.

That floating city, with its alluring decor and social psychology,

Ayyyy, I got that reference:rainbowderp:

Also, absolutely enjoyed this fic! It’s a very nice change of pace from all of the non-con stories, and it was written very well!

Another great fic based off the video. I'm looking forward to the next one, both fic and vid.

A perfect fic for a Thunderdash fan like me, I hope we'll see Dash telling him about their escapade with the other girls, Thunderlane seems very interested in Twilight.

Soaring through the morning sky, the wind gracefully flowing over her mane, Rainbow hummed to herself. The day was absolutely serene, with both the Cloudsdale and Ponyville weather teams agreeing to have a rather pleasant month of weather. Scanning the horizon, she could make out the unmistakable sight of Cloudsdale ahead. That floating city, with its alluring decor and social psychology, was many measures different from Ponyville and the change of pace was always a touch surprising, even to her, whenever she visited. It was fast paced, bustling with work and flying ponies, and had sports even running nearly 24/7. Still, it’d be her primary home for the next month, and though she grew up in the city, it was a bit daunting to be away from her current home for so long.

I know what I must do but I don't know if I have the strength to do it…

Huh… wasn’t expecting this to be anal only. Oh well. Not really my thing, but it was pretty well done, regardless.

It’s how the animation went, and how Canary wanted it to go haha! I usually like to fit the custom cover art & artist’s preferences for my fics, if that makes any sense

I just wanted to say that it's pretty awesome that only a year ago you only had 1 story and are now collabing with one of the largest creators out there. Congrats G. Awesome to see it all go down.

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