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False Door

If you like feeling awful, you've come to the right place.

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This might need the non-con tag, just in case.

Discord is either gonna murder Rainbow or adopt her.

This was a mixture of horny and hilarious I can't wait for part 2. Another killer story

Oh PS this is the song I was thinking of when I was reading this story.

That was fun. Makes me want to create Spotify playlists for all my stories.

So you heard it every time I read the story I'm going to now imagine that song playing.

And now wanna see that all go terribly wrong for Rainbow.

Awesome story, but Rainbow Dash is indeed a terrible friend!:fluttercry:

Rainbow confirmed as worst wingpony. Just, damn. Rainbow fucked up hard and did 0 on site damage control. She only tried to cover it up after the fact... Lol. Great story! I had a blast reading it!

Glad you liked it. Always wanted to end a story with a friendship lesson that misses the mark but still sort of fits. Guess this is the closest I'll get.

Aww man I wanted Fluttershy to find out.

She still might if she forgets to shower or runs into someone who was at the club that night.

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