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Welost and I wanted to do a bit more this time and threw in some in-story art. Hope it was a nice addition, and maybe helped you get a better picture of things too!

I really loved this! The art inside the fic is absolutely amazing! I really love the style!

RD being forced to obey to the lustful whims of her DM and ending up liking it is incredibly hot~
And her being shackled and forced to be enjoyed by infinite amounts of goblins is amazing~

I loved that she wanted to join at the end XD
I want to join XD

Love the added art, very well done and amusing. I hope you may add some to your future stories.

Yet another great, HOT story! And...I'm guessing this was influenced by Fandel Tales, by Derpixon?

I almost forgot about that one.

Personally I like the succubus one better.

Hot story. I wonder if you will do another story about the mane six exploring dungeon with discord making hentai traps and monsters

Heh... guy's night has really turned into quite the intense procedure! Awesome. So very hot. The goblins had quite the reward here, thanks to Discord! Your writing for Discord was so awesome. Funny, clever, and filled with quips.

Of course anything involving a cute mare getting captured is an instant fav for me

My fav is Party Games (Fluffy Bunny!)

In fact, I might do a fictional adaptation of that one like I did with my latest story.

But, this tale is still great, and I don't mean to distract from it!

As a fan of RD this story was a must. I really liked it, especially because I like the goblin fetish and you don't see it much on this site.

Besides, it was about time that you would write something about RD.

Another thing, I also liked the added drawings as they give this work more life, I don't know if it's just for this once, but I would like to continue seeing art in your stories.

PS: Will there be more RD in the future?

D&D is for everyone ♡
So is O&O Orgys & Orgasmen

Another absolute banger of a story by the one and only Ebony, nicely written bud.

Making me wanna play DnD ; o ;

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Congratulations on getting featured.

It did. And is there going to be perhaps a sequel to this perhaps. Like involing a certain discord and rainbow peagsi?

thats allot of upstream error not found's

In story art I need to fix

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