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Very good start!

very good so far

Nice! Been waiting for this one. Perhaps we can collab down the road, new author to new author.

Exuno #4 · May 22nd · · 2 · Chapter 2 ·

You're good and I want to get captured during one of Flux's heists and made his cocksleeve.

Good fuckin shittttt

MMMMMMMMMMM rainbow pony porn make my pp go boom

This is pretty fun so far, I can wait to see what fun the guy with RD.

This is damn good stuff. Scratches pretty much every single one of my itches. You've done a great job building up a sexy, confident, inadvertently adorable Dashy; I await with great anticipation Flux tearing her down!


This is going well so far! I love how you were able to establish the situation in which Rainbow is now involved in such a detailed manner, When even know why RD's outfit is so damn tight and all that!~ I can't wait to read what happens next~

Glad you're enjoying it so far! Expect the next two chapters pretty soon

Trust me, there's gonna be a LOT of tearing in the next chapters. especially a certain superhero suit

Nice cover. Haven't seen that version.

Not gonna lie, despite the content list implying a totally different direction, I kinda hope this ends with Dash on top somehow.

(Just had to get that out there since Dash is my favorite of the mane 6, and her being the victim in these kinda fics has been overdone in my opinion)

well if it helps it won't be just her

got some concepts for the planned continuations of this fic

Trust me she’s my absolute favorite too, but the concept worked too well for it NOT to be her


This was a really hot read~ I can't wait for Flux to start casting those sweet spells on horny Rainbow Dash~ (Also, you are really good at teasing your audience, I hope that the next chapter gets released soon!~)

With the focus on her heat I was pretty worried this would turn into one of those awful "I'm so horny I must obey" things, but I'm glad to see he is planning some mind control magic and her horniness is just a vulnerability to exploit towards that end.

there may be elements akin to that at the very end of all this, but i did wanna avoid that cliche so I added a lot of fun concepts before it. plenty to read for sure (i hope)

keep an eye out in the next day or so :rainbowkiss:

I hope she gets bred by the bad guy

Comment posted by The Imperialist deleted May 22nd

chapter 7 is calling your name when it eventually comes out

Oh boy it just got even better

Comment posted by Ebonyglow deleted May 22nd

Omg this was such a good read, right in the fetishes.... I really neeed fic like this for a long while.... I love it!

The details and how Flux played with her I'm definitely going to read it again if I'm in a need of clopfic like that

I do love me a good "bad" ending even though this is not an end owo

Unfff, yup, this payoff is paying off big time. Loved everything in Chapter 3. Very evocative, readable prose, which is what's needed for cloppy stories.

I also really appreciate the "pony-ness" of the fic. Always surprises (/depresses) me how familiar I've become with the tropes of horny pony porn, from the heat to the wingboners to the teats to the semi-bestial scents and sounds to the breeding... It's unique fics like this that keep me coming back to this universe long after I would've abandoned others.

If I have one small complaint, it's that I wish the change in RD's attitude between chapters 3&4 was a bit less dramatic. I personally prefer a slow, self-aware descent into depravity to an immediate mindbreak. That's probably a "different strokes for different folks"-type deal though... and the sex was damn hot besides. :rainbowwild:

Holy fuck you got something amazing here! I hope Dash ends up carrying his foal

What if I do something quirky and just publish the entire story tomorrow or the day after

40,000+ more words of fun stuffs


Still very fun to read keep it up


Finally the chapter that we all have be waiting for~ Can't wait to see what Flux's new pet is going to do now that she's totally under his control~


This was fantastic~ I love to see Rainbow dash embracing the whore that see truly was all along~ I hope that Flux gets to corrupt her further in the next chapters~


I kinda hope that you don't do that, I like to imagine what could happen in the next chapters before they are released, Maybe RD is saved somehow, maybe she helps Flux corrupt her other friends, I hope that you also gets tons of fanart for this story too~

But then i have to wait more and woke up exited to see what was next.

I hope he tames Dashie into a subservient wife-servant that will give birth to foals for the rest of her life.

The Anti-Villain-Victory-Department watches slowly and with interest... Be careful with your next move, Mr Flux, lest we intervene... Although the horny police division might make more sense intervening here. Although, to be honest, seeing Rainbow Dash's ego being eradicated in a unique way, has made us... Curious to see where this goes. Who knows, perhaps this may become a blossoming relationship.

Anyways, good story, you have garnered our watch.

Hmm...I wonder if you're going to eventually have Rainbow Dash become the villain's evil queen/wife. That would be a fun twist.

*MIND CONTROLLED wife-servant

I'm very curious to see where this story goes. The clop is well written which is not always the case with such stories.

Geez, mind-control gets kinda romantic there.

I honestly like the fact it gets romantic..... She might be a tomboy mare that needs putting into place.... But if you really liked or loved her before mind washing her then who would skip such opportunity

Yeah that “geez” was exclamatory, the romantic vibe made it a lot hotter as the antoganist can’t even help to fall for Rainbow after mind-washing her.

It really is the hottest clopfic I've seen recently, and seems that poor Rainbow's gonna fall even deeper in the next chapters.:derpytongue2:
If FimTale (local FF equivalent of CHN Brony community) has a clopfic section I'd probably up for a translation role, though I've paused on premitted translation of Fine Print for a gig in a subtitle studio to earn some pocket bucks to buy pony arts. Efforts for translating that lengthy novel for nothing than some viewer's compliments's just too ascetic as a student in uni, the amateur studio only assign jobs once a month or so but at least it pays for a bit...

I may love rainbow dash to death but after writing 70,000 words of her I think I need a little break from the pegasus lmao

Wonder who I should write about next...

Lovely as always!

Do you have any plans regarding what to do with Spike? It'd be kind of hard to do much to Twilight without doing something about him.

Ok it was worth waiting

Comrade Flux, you are accused of Anti-Soviet behaviors, including mind control, extreme-domination, and sexual enslavement.
The punishment... Loss of penis privilege. Do not attempt to run. You cannot escape the soviet union, and the KGB.
Anyways, good story, very good. Now go to horny gulag, you degenerate.

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