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this made me goon so fucking hard god damn eboner <3<3

very nice its here. always nice to see a story from you.

Love that cover art and obviously the story!

Fluttershy taunting RD was amazing~
And I loved the interaction between all three of them, RD's cocky attitude is super hot~
Dragon on pony action is also just good~

She finally discovered how amazing this new method of diplomacy really is~

I'm amazed at how fast you churn out good fics!:rainbowdetermined2:

the key factor is having too much free time and enjoying mares

I love how you and CanaryPrimary are pretty much forming a cinematic universe together now. I hope it continues!

Welp, time to start reading this...

Finishes it... Oh my, another hot fic... welp time to put some pony zone music on.

The world Canary is setting up is super fun and I'm honored he lets me write up the fics for it :twilightsmile:

holy fuck stop writing so much my dick hurts

Saw the animation that goes with this story. Nice.

"ALL her friends?!"

Foul! I cry FOUL!! We haven't seen APPLEJACK getting her back blown out by some massive, throbbing inter-species cocks yet!

I demand this INJUSTICE be rectified FORTHWITH! I wrote her gettin' a Diamond Dog Dickin' in one of my stories, but that ain't good enough! YOU, Sir, must tell the tale, for you are FAR better at it!

And lastly, while Twislut is my favorite Slut, this tale made me look at Rainbow with whole new eyes...holy SHIT that girl be HOT...

Dash is best mare in my eyes

love that cyan gal

Couldn't agree more 💙

Wonderful work once again. Or like Flutters said in one of Canary's clips; "N O I C E."
Hoping to see more of this verse in the future eventually.:moustache:

To see the animation associated with this fic, you can find it on Derpi at 3118433.

What part of "no links to NSFW" do you not understand? That includes giving specific instructions on how to find prohibited content!

Do you want to get this story deleted?! FUCK!!


Hi there. The use of the word "links" in the rule is deliberate; giving instructions for people to find the images is completely fine so long as there are no direct links.

Giving the derpi image ID numbers is generally the most common way of doing this, but you could also say "art by [artist] on [website]" or other other sorts of things, too.

We're a site for creative works; of course we want people to be able to support the original artist. It just can't be via a direct link.

Hope that clears things up.

You are missing a sex tag good sir

Great story but it´s missing the "sex" tag.



I swear I gotta be the stupidest person on earth cause that’s the third time I’ve forgotten to put it on a fic

Thank you for letting me know, apologies if it missing made you read something you didn’t wish to see!

I would have missed the story if I wasn't following you :rainbowlaugh:

Oh! Okay then...I didn't want this story to get deleted and I wasn't sure if that was how it works....thank you for clearing that up!


No worries. I appreciate you trying to help. I can explain site rules all day but I can't make people care.

I care, and I appreciate you and your help :twilightsmile::heart:

Looks like I was wrong, and YOU Sir, are a Man of Culture...I salute you!

11574824 Much appreciated! :twilightsmile:

Yall are criminals for not telling me that i could i have been yeezed
not gonna hit yeezy slide
How are you this good man? iwd fight you on this XD
i Litteraly been missing out
Litteraly nothing to complain about

nice work:twilightsmile:

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