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I'm just a simple, southern man that loves ponies, Star Wars, ridiculousness, and adorable things. I'm also an ex-Navy nuclear machinists mate, and life long martial artist.

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Well, for this chapter... I loved it!

I would of thumbs up this story if you hadn't disable the ratings to this, But instead... you get this emoticon: 👍

Can't wait for the next chapter to both these stories my good sir.

aww to bad ratings are turned off for this section of the story, but i understand.

a grate chapter.

Yeah, I decided that the vast majority of people reading this either already thumbs up'ed the main story or don't leave them at all. Having it active would only invite those people that down vote a story without even reading it.

So will this one only update when you have a mature chapter in mind or will you rewrite chapter non mature ones

Dragons lay eggs. Pokémon (regardless of species) lay eggs.

That doesn't mean they're definitely compatible, but still.

Basically, if the chapter released has a mature version, the entire chapter with mature content will be released here. That means there's no reason to read the same chapter on the main story. However, I would post any comments not pertaining to the mature bits there so other people not reading this version can see them.

Not normally, but pokemon can breed with any other pokemon species of the same 'egg group', and Lucario's egg group is 'humanoid' which includes anything with a vaguely human shape. Also, dragons are often depicted in myth and folklore as being able to breed with anything.

Star already mentioned in the story that, by the magic he has, Luke could impregnate Ember, although she said it as a "maybe", I don't think the author says that if it's not possible

Well, I haven't said it's actually possible, but I've hinted that the possibility is possible.

Really, this is what a "mature supplemental" for a non-mature story should be; concise, fun, and written to the same standard as the main story, but not required for the story to progress. I don't worry about these too often, but of the ones I have read, this is one of the best for the above reasons.

I couldn't agree more. I hate when stories force you to read supplemental stories to understand what's going on, so I sure as hell won't do the same to my readers.

Damn! :ajsmug: now im thirsty... :rainbowwild: well done :raritywink: I have to check out the story to this Performance :pinkiehappy:

wow a awesome chapter and the sad thing is we all know who gobble shit will take it out on.

Damn fine chapter :coolphoto: Plus my favorite version :eeyup:

Honestly, this fic feels unnecessary. It's just the same as the other chapters but with additional "I got to fuck a hot dragon chick" in not all that great detail. If you wanted sex scenes, include them in the original story and bump the rating up to mature. If you're not doing that because it might affect reader volume or your story rating, then this fic is, in fact, entirely unnecessary.

Of course this is unnecessary. I said as much in the description. I included it because some people like it. If you don't, you don't have to read it. You won't be missing out on anything.

No, you really didn't say anything about this fic being unnecessary in the description. Nothing in the description even comes close to that statement. But if people enjoy the content, just include it in the base story and bump up the existing rating. Why add a separate story just to add in the stereotypical "I'm in love with x, so therefore we must fuck like rabbits" cliche?

Because while some people want sex, most don't. This gives both a version they can enjoy.

P.S. I thought I included something in the description that said that. Sorry about that. I'm adding it in.

Well shoot das lood

Love it tho

*Brohoof* 》》》 /)(\ 《《《

Her hands glowed with magic and suddenly, I found my arms pinned above my head.

If she can do it wile getting fucked she is more skilled than Twilight in focus :pinkiehappy:

Best - version ~~~ :ajsmug:

When we get a new juicy chapter i wonder :applejackunsure:

Wonder what Lucario + Pony or Griffin or Changeling or... Would result in....
UN-LIMITED P-O-W-E-R !!! :pinkiehappy:

Snu-Snu version is the best version :pinkiehappy: :rainbowwild::rainbowkiss::eeyup:

Even when there's not actually any snu snu?:trollestia:

Well this was a first never read a levee bj I ever seen in anything lol

Also you are just that skilled in your writing

a grate chapter. this version is just a little bit better. :pinkiehappy:

She kept working my shaft until I relaxed. When I did, she released me and. Crawled up my body and laid on my chest, care to avoid my chest spike.

"That good, huh?" She said, snarkily.

There shouldn't be a period between "and" and "Crawled" (and, naturally, "crawled" shouldn't be capitalized).

Also, the "She" after the question mark shouldn't be capitalized (ending dialogue with a question mark or exclamation point follows the same rules as a period in terms of capitalization; you're generally not supposed to do it). There are probably other places where this would need to be fixed, but I just noticed the one at the end.

Great chapter though! I was very disappointed when I caught up to this and Equestian Eeveelution the other day, so I'm grateful to get a new chapter so quickly! (Though I have a sneaking suspicion I shouldn't be expecting a new chapter every week. Call it a hunch. :raritywink:)

Beautyful :raritystarry: Expected a smooth one Liner at the end but the rest was magnificent. You outdone yourself ones more.

Nice, finally Smolder is getting some love. Hope to see much more lewd sex chapters! A lot more. Hopefully. Please? :applecry:

Eh, if Luke and Ember aren't ready to try an conceive, he could always try to convince her to try anal.

That a nice idea... But first time Anal is far from... Clean... Even with preperation :twilightblush:
Also needs a lot of careful streching and 'lot' of lube...

Congratulations!!! 'Popular now' shows your mature version listed! Time viewers flood you with there... ...COMMENTS! :twilightblush: :heart::heart:

Oo we are defiantly doing this agene, hum wonder what dragon taste like.
awesome chapter team.

Nice~ :eeyup:
I would have waited for after the Gauntlet of Fire.
Dont want to have to risk a damaged offspring.

Impressive storyline. Reality re-writing magic. I guess resurrection is a possibel thing.

Waiting would mean waiting another year. Besides, the egg won't be participating in the gauntlet of fire.

The mother will... Pretty sure a good kick to the eggs position will not be in favor of the offsprings future...

Egg laying species typically only hold an egg for a couple weeks at most before laying. She'll have laid it long before the Gauntlet of Fire.

Or it's just a pink cat. There are purple dogs, after all.

Meanwhile, I was looking at the jewelry. In particular, a very beautiful necklace with a large, dark blue and black gemstone pendant.

That's totally Lucarionite

Except it isn't, unless Shiro has no idea what Lucarionite looks like (which I highly doubt). Lucarionite is mostly orange, with a blue and a red swoosh thing in the middle. However, Luke COULD have a unique mega stone, with the whole "blessing" thing.

Oh, I know what it looks like. Of course, we've also established that the games aren't 100% accurate. So, it could be Lucarionite, it could not be. It could be the keys to Bigfoot's flying saucer. Who knows?

If it is Bigfoot's flying saucer, can it do barrel rolls?

Your story is featured 'popular now' . Congratulations ones more.

It was featured, both versions at the same time. I'm kinda proud of that :rainbowdetermined2:

All I could see was a couple sleeping birds, a squirrel running around, and a cat... a light pink cat looking down at me from a tree branch with a friendly smile.


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