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Literal Mindfuck

Um... I'm just going to back away slowly :twilightoops:

That's probably a safe course of action. I genuinely recommend that nobody ever reads anything I write. It's not worth it.

Out of curiosity, did you happen to leave a dislike or just walk away? If you thumbs-ed down, I don't mind, I'd just like to know.

Talk about mind-blown.

I sat here for a moment trying to decide if that was coincidental wording or if you're going for a pun. I gotta say, it's really screwing with my head.

I'm sorry, both for this story and that awful excuse for a joke.

I generally don't leave dislikes on stories I haven't read. I didn't make a vote this time either.

Everyone has kinks and fetishes it's only natural.

Don't mistake my regret for shame. I assure you, I don't have much of that anymore.

You see, I realized that my particular group of fetishes are very niche, and that my only options for reading fics like this is to either commission them or write them myself. Since I'm a cheap bastard, I opted for the latter. The thing is, there's probably a reason that there's not many literal mindfuck stories out there.

The world simply isn't ready.

Meh, it isn't my cup of tea but I know some people are into this. So, upvote but not gonna follow it.

To me, this is actually pretty funny, too funny to be sexual.

Frankly, I don't even deserve that much. Thanks for reading and kudos for not dying upon seeing this dreck.

TIL I'm so funny that it's actually a boner-killer. I'm gonna call that a win.

I'm sorry you forced yourself to read this. You have my condolences.

8464500 Don't worry about it. The idea might be strange, but trust me when I say i've seen worse.

Left a like.... And a favourite for some reason.

at least it was well written. :rainbowkiss:

Thanks for saying and, whether you intended to or not, giving this trainwreck the prestigious Yang Xiao Long stamp of approval.

Feel free to think up a brain-fucking pun on my behalf.

Eh. Clop bits coulda been longer. Decent set up and explanation for a far more literal brainfucking than I was expecting (even with the warning), but unless sticking your dick in someone's brain is reaaaally your thing, it seems like kind of a waste of the set up.

That is exactly correct. I probably should've spent more time with the clop. Truthfully, this entire thing was just a vehicle for brain-fuckery. I'll be sure to keep that in mind moving forward.

Curiously, what were you expecting in terms of mind fucking? I want to be sure I'm tagging my shit appropriately in case someone more sensitive misunderstands and stumbles across one of my future abominations.

I mean, with Literal there, I went looking for a Gore tag. Didn't really know what to expect when there wasn't one. Extreme mind control I guess. Just not... aural penetration?

Gotcha, thanks for the feedback.

Cool. They're only going to get weirder, so I suggest you get out while you still can. Before you grow Eyes on the Inside and go mad upon seeing that there truly is no good in this world.


I kinda like it. It's a new fetish that isn't so off putting as some of the other things on this site. Plus the chapter has some pretty well written dialogue in there too.

well them maybe you should supply them hint hint

Oh, if you want new, non-offputting fetishes, you've come to the exact right wrong place. Hopefully, this is the tamest story I ever write. And, hopefully, this is the last story I write that anyone reads.

That's the plan. If I won't, who will?

No one, just the way it should've been. SOMEBODY STOP ME!

can't wait to see more fucked in the head ideas that you'll be writing. both literally and figuratively. :pinkiecrazy:


Your pun was bad and you should feel good for no pun is a good pun

well then i look forward to all of them

What the fuck did I just read
I came

You're a sick, twisted fuck if you're actually getting off on this.

As a sick, twisted fuck performing on the professional level, I would know.

I'm aroused and concerned, coroused? Idk.

If you're aroused enough to get an erection, then just fap that concern away.

Until I read your comment, I was debating giving a like. After THAT, you earned it!

Also: 69 likes for the win.

I've earned nothing but scorn, mockery, and ostracization from society.

This is great, but my morality is getting in the way. Just.... Dude, you're going to prison, destroying your relationship forever, and probably breaking your wife's heart. Also, adoption is a thing.

Nonetheless, this is 10/10 niceu

Morality is subjective. In this continuity, something like this would be considered a misdemeanor, and only if Spitfire reported it. She won't, because she has her own ways of getting back at Soarin (which you will no doubt see in the coming weeks). I know that doesn't make sense, but neither does this story.

Plus, adoption won't get Spitfire that round, sexy pregnant tummy, which was like half the reason Soarin did this in the first place. It's part "I want to be a father and bring the joy of life into the world" and part "I wanna fuck my wife and cum on her big belly".

That said, thanks for reading and stick around if you want to get rid of pesky things like "morals".

This is very well done, and I know a good clop when I read it :twilightsmile:

You're a mad man, broski.

Thanks for reading

This was a weird yet fun read for me.

That's a thing. That I read. I should really start paying attention when I read the warnings.

You discover something new every day, though. The story felt well written and much richer of many other ~4k words clopfics as far as characterization and development are concerned and there's a some sort of cohesion within all this chaos.

I blame majin and the discord server for sending me here.

What Discord server? The main FiMFic one? Or does that beautiful disaster have a personal one now?

I was lurking on the main official server, the one linked in the site's FAQ. Not sure if there are other private servers hosted by indivifual authors.

hey, neat. Havent seen that drawing in awhile. Like the fic as well. Keep up the good work

Could you post the link to that uncropped image?

I ran across a story where Tom the Boulder rapes Rarity. This is number two on my list of weirdest.

Wow, that story was interesting for me, it almost made me laugh at Spitfire being 'brain dead'

This just in: spitfire convicted of double homicide

Also, i personally think this should have a non-con tag

Yeah, this story actually released before that tag existed, and I didn't think to retag. Thanks for bringing that to my attention

np, im glad my nit-picking did something good, dont want people who didnt want non-con complaining in the comments

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