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dirty little secret

I tried so far... and got so hard... but in the end, it didn't even matter at all. (SubscribeStar)

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The true might of Changelings.

Seems cool so far and I’m guthere all 18+ lol cuz site rules

Yeah, sure ... maybe I should put a disclaimer in there, just in case.

Better safe then sorry with the amount of people that over react to your stuff

I'm already excited just from the description and tags.

Does this means she has a crush on him now?

I wonder how that would go?

Also im loving your portrayal of the adorable bookbug

Why do i have a rediculius feeling gallus knew she was there as the pillow and put on a show lol

lol, one of these days, I should make a story where the description is longer and more exciting than the story!

I think we're about to see how it goes! :raritywink:

She's best bug. I really ought to do more with her.

Tricksey changeling, my precious! Tricksey!

Heh...now she'll never be able to look him in the eye without staring at his crotch.

The ability to get away with it.

That you should plus shes a shape shifter i mean you have a knack for kinky stuff sooo shed be a bigger gem mine of ideas then the crystal empire

Plus i still think gallus knew she was watching just couldn't care lol since he knows she cant go around telling anyone i mean A she never locked his door B he probably saw the pillow and knew it was not his C she makes a light when transforming and he could have see it

Clopficsinthecomments does that and it turns out well, so it would be interesting to see that from you, lol.

Damn. This story really caught my eye, but anthro is something I am just not into. Shame.

As soon as I saw that art, I had hoped to see a fic about it... now I just need to read the thing lol

This was a awesomely fun and interesting beginning I can't wait to see where this goes (no rush).

Maybe just a little anthro?

Fair warning, though ... at no point in this fic is Twilight involved, and Ocellus doesn't disguise herself as a rock and get sat upon.
It's just the best cover image I could find for this kind of thing.

Oh there's a rush. ^.^ 1 chapter a day, no exceptions!
(Really, I finished this weeks ago. My Patreon supporters have had it since then. All the chapters are already done, waiting to be posted.)

he had disguised herself as Gallus and told Vice Headstallion Sunburst that she – or he? – had lost the key to this room

Yeah, okay, that's a massive security breach right there. Imagine if a whole nation of people turned out to be shapeshifters; they could get past pretty much any facial-recognition system, and perhaps even fingerprint scanners if those are copied too. Sure, in this case it's relatively harmless, but...the Princesses already got kidnapped and replaced before (Cadence, twice). There must be some defenses against this exact thing, and those defenses should be fairly widespread too.

Lol that’s fine, the idea behind the fic is good enough for me to be interested

Yeah ... but the security system you should have is rarely the one you do have.
Even in the real world, a huge source of security breaches is just pretending (usually by phone or email) to be someone you're not and getting some absent-minded paper pusher to give you information/access you shouldn't have.

Good thing the last chapter is coming tomorrow! ^.^

Thanks! ^.^ What's your favorite part so far?

the only thing I have to say is

Be wary of Laughter

This just keeps getting better and better with each chapter.

I am sad there will be only 3 chapters but quantity will never replace quality.
It's the fact that not only is this voyeurism but it also focuses on the ones being spied on, giving us multiple perspectives through the action

So finale read it annnnnndddddd
It’s pretty damn great. Don’t get to see as much action with the students as if like so this was a real treat to read

Ocellus better hurry to stalk claim of him or else she will be too late

This was even better than the last chapter.

The title
It smells of a threesome

Foursome, I guess, technically? Although 3/4 ponies there think that it's a threesome.

Nope, lol ... I'm not a big fan of the hairy girls!

I'm always wary of laughter.

Well, I did say the chapters would increase in lewdness. ^.^

Yeah, they're really under-utilized.

If she's too late, she can always just disguise herself as whoever beat her to it...

I try! ^.^

Is she going to just hide or will she make a move towards the Griffin?

I don't know ... seems like it would be kind of awkward now.

Every last one of my stories ... I just don't know any other way to end a story.

This was awesome but this needs a epilogue where Starlight and Trixie do find out it was her who got them pregnant before all three of them in the future get pregnant with Sunburst baby's

Just when I think I've gotten out, they pull me back in! :raritydespair:

But ... that's a lot of writing and not a lot of sex...

"Do you wanna go out with me? Oh yeah, and I've been spying on you while you masturbate. And also while you fuck other girls."

Just a little something with some hot, pregnant sex.
Possibly hyper pregnant, given the oviposition situation, but I'm fine either way.

Your also forgetting the huge amount of drama and trust issues but it plays into my theory he knew she was there

Same here lol though it would be hot if shes busted banging them and asked ehy you wet abd baked abd smell of cum

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