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My next Money's on Princess Ember, Princess Skystar, or Queen Novo.

*At the Story Page*

So it has come...

I'm hoping it's skystar in her seapony form. Not much of a fan of the hippogriff form.


Y'all'd be mad as hell if I told you the next one is already done, wouldn't you? :trollestia:

It's only a matter of time until the mane six take their turns.

Not really, after all there is apparently plenty of Anon to go around and many will get their turn.

Another great story, I'm excited to see what happens next

I called it! Please tell me Twilight's next!

Twilights thoughts: should've been Me next Twilight! Huh... :twilightblush:

no way, only the young 6. the mane 6 are too old XD

And here I thought the series had finished with the Yona chapter. I was sorely mistaken XD

Looking forward to seeing what the next story has in store for us

You Again?
Hmmm new chapter, sweet...

My bet is Tirek being next, since both he and Anon are in Tarturus. And Gallus even mentioned that he was gonna take a swing at Anon.

Man that was hot and very appreciated to see a new chapter continuing This version of Anon and his sexual escapades with the females of Equestria.

Lol, Tirek as a voyeur(albeit a forced one) is extremely hilarious. Am interested to see where the story goes

Gallus, sure.

Tirek? Ehhh...


Gallus, sure.


Then POST IT!!

seriously after that my fingernails are hurting hanging on this cliff....

Nah nah nah

Gotta trickle these out, to build the tension!

Tension my fat plot.....gonna catch these hooves you keep playing with my libido lol.

In all seriousness amazing work on these stories.

Are we going to have to summon Cthulhu on you?

You're a bloody monster, you know that right!? :fluttershbad:

Somepony has a crush.

Here we go!:pinkiehappy:

Sweet baby Jesus, all of my YES, I should have know he would pork Cozy since he was sent to Tartarus on the last one.

That was a epic I still hope he can reform her.I hope Ember and Twilight are next.

“You like this don’t you? Plowing a tiny filly, like some filthy beast! I bet that’s what you’re in here for, isn’t it?” Cozy chided, speaking between plunges of his ungodly dick. “It wouldn’t surprise me if you rutted half of the students at Twilight’s Fr- MMMPH ” her derision came to a swift end, as Anon jammed two fingers into her mouth.

Well CG, he did plow a shy insect, a hot blooded dragon, and a chipper hippogriff:twilightsheepish:, but you really don’t need to know that:coolphoto:.

just read throe them all and wow good job, i liked all of them ^^

i hope you plan on doing another one with twilight's "talk" ;D

Inb4 they’re all pregnant

Twilight must think anon is a nympho at this rate...

Good for you, Anon. Fuck that naughty mare-filly! Twilght's just mad she has got any human dicking!:twilightangry2::rainbowlaugh:

Maybe the next story will be hers! *hint**hint*:moustache::raritywink:

9629531 Id only be mad if the title and chapter name were matching in some way, keep up the excellent work!

The war for dick will begin

The only thing I request is that you put all these as chapters in a single story, so it would be easier to add to a watch list.

I can't figure out why you haven't done that yet.

But thank you for posting.

I hope (Anon),would get transfer to the boi's section so he can get his way with Gallus(giey!)

Please do it!

I hope this becomes a thing

Time to plunder spikes cave

The conflict will never end.

He's caused chaos among the students, and he's planted the same seed among the villains, Cozy seeing him as a prize and Tirek as live porn. He just needs to add Chrissy to the list and the group will be split in priorities later on. Frankly, Twilight would probably still find fault since he's the cause but would it be funny.

Anon, THE ultimate enemy of friendship, unless everyone puts everything aside for an orgy, then he'd be the chosen one.

Truly, a weapon to surpass Metal Gear...


Comment posted by darius the brony deleted May 20th, 2019

the young 6 are clearly young adults/old teens. are you broken?

Comment posted by darius the brony deleted May 20th, 2019

In their defense, if I may quote my own story

“Well, first of all, I’m older than I look; I just happen to be tiny, that’s all. Secondly, you act like I haven’t had my way with a stallion or two,” Cozy tittered...

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