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From the title of the chapter, this will not end well for Anon. :rainbowlaugh:


Now that's a song I've not heard in a long time.

Oldies fans (and classic Chipmunks fans) represent.

Death. By Snu-Snu.

And there it issss. :D

good job make a new story


Gallus next or riot! Cozy Glow doesn't deserve the D, she's evil. ... Even if the rest of the students basically either raped Anon or at least pressured him into this.

At this point, I now need a Gallus, Sandbar, then full on orgy of all six.


What will become of our intrepid, and terribly unlucky, protagonist? What can he do? Who will he do?!?

Tune in next time, for the next thrilling episode of Dragon Ball Z Custodian Anon X!!!

Okay, that was hilarious! Ooh! I'm calling it now, Cozy Glow's next!

Still, I think that Twilight should at least get a turn. And, if possible, the other members of the staff.

Cozy glow?

What next Anon wakes up with all of the people he lay with Twilight wanted a part in it?

After all there are no dragons balls energy drinks to help him after all

Good, I can't wait to see what happens next. I was hoping that when twilight figured out she was going to act how she did so I'm glad. So the next chapter is either going to be him having some massive orgy(I don't think theirs enough of him for all of them at once) or a deep discussion on their relationships followed by dates and debaucherous acts or gallus gets a turn.

Read the stinger at the end...


Can't recall a less attentive race in MLP.

Oooh sweet Gods my prayers have been answered

Yona smashed lol

You need to make another one, this time with Cozy Glow, and to make it even funnier, when Twilight appears to take Anon out of timeout, she teleports in to find a thoroughly fucked into oblivion Cozy Glow on the bed with Anon saying 'that this isnt the worse thing you caught me doing' before Twilight just takes him back to the friendship academy.

Or perhaps Twilight will get enraged and tries to kill Anon.

9518909 Can you really blame him for plowing pretty much every student? They pretty much just threw themselves at him, I would laugh if Twilight wondered why he didnt try to bed her and his reply is that she didnt make a move.

Okay, there's Yak Smash, and then there's Yak Smash

You been hacking into my computer, m8?


Perhaps Anon can fuck Cozy to the good side. She cleans up her act, she gets unlimited access.

Honestly, his biggest mistake was not stopping after claiming a changeling waifu. Does the man have no imagination?

Damn was hoping it’d go through the rest before getting to her.

The ride is far from over...

Meh, too rough for my tastes, although I'm hoping for more of this timeline in the future all the same. By the way, just how sexually charged is this version of Equestria? It's obviously not a full on Sexquestria, or else Anon wouldn't have ever hesitated to have sex with the students. At the same time, it can't be as restrained as the canon version, since Twilight encourages Anon having sex with the students.

It's like a bunch of horny "teenagers" around. Like, metric tons of raging hormones!!!

Maybe it's me, but the fact Anon gets punished and sent to Tartarus bothers me. I mean, all the girls basically wanted into Anon's pants and forced themselves upon him. I mean, yeah, Anon could've just run off from them and refuse, but really it was the girls who basically put him in this mess to begin with. And the fact he may bang Cozy? Eh...I don't know how to feel about that. Honestly, it started out great this story, but the ending soured me on it. Still had some good laughs, but a rather cruel move Anon gets punished for something he really didn't want to be involved with in the first place instead of the girls.

Kind of hoping Twilight gets some turn though.

A few things to note, hopefully to clarify some things
A) The ride isn't over
B) His banishment to Tartarus is temporary
C) He wasn't sent to Tartarus for doing them, he was sent there for trying to keep it a secret

Still, didn't mean to leave a bad taste in your mouth :fluttershyouch:

“Yona...make...good...wife…” the yak wheezed, licking a cocktail of their juices from the man’s inner thigh. She couldn’t wait to finish her friendship lessons and drag Anon back to Yakyakistan. Surely, Prince Rutherford would approve of the cross cultural exchange.

Anone is so screwed:rainbowlaugh:!!!

“Then what is the problem?” Anon snapped, his patience at the absurdity of everything wearing perilously thin. “Was it that they’re students? Did I break some rule or something?” he hastily added, absentmindedly shoving the affectionate yak from his leg.

“No, Anon, it’s not that they’re students. It’s far worse than that…” Twilight uttered, looking Anon in the eye. “You created a friendship problem in the School of Friendship. If you’d just been honest with everycreature, this would never have happened. Shoot, if you had come to me, I would have even given some helpful advice for the various species you’d decided to bed,” she continued, still somewhat upset that she hadn’t been on the man’s list of lovers.

Anon’s jaw hung limp, at hearing the Princess’s words. He could scarcely believe what he was hearing. “Y...you’re kidding me, right?” he sputtered, incredulously. Twilight dolefully shook her head, answering his question. Apparently, it was totally fine to go around plowing students, as long as you were open about it. “Well,” he gulped, “what’s the punishment?”

Wow, was totally not expecting that:rainbowlaugh:!!!

“I’m not sure, since this has never happened before,” Twilight replied, rubbing her chin in thought. “In the meantime, I’m going to put you in Tartarus for a while. That way, I know you’ll stay out of trouble,” she explained, igniting her horn with arcane force. His absence would give her time to devise a fitting punishment for his transgressions.

“You’re sending me to pony hell?!?” Anon squawked, bolting to his feet, and sending Yona toppling off the bed.

Oh no, not there:twilightoops:!!!

“Don’t worry, I won’t keep him there long. Now,” Twilight said, looking between the remaining students, “all of you get back to your rooms. You have a full day of classes tomorrow, and I’d hate for you to be late!”

Upon seeing their principal banish Anon to Tartarus, everyone fled; even Yona, grumbling under her breath, shambled off to her room. After magically repairing Anon’s door, Twilight went to leave, but stopped. Levitating the man’s shredded underwear from the bed, she looked about conspiratorially, before bringing the garment to her nose. Giving it a sniff, and feeling her marehood moisten, she hastily teleported back to her office for some study time.


“So, what’re you in for?” a soft voice called, drawing the man’s attention.

A figure skulked out of the gloom, steadily creeping towards him. Shrouded in shadow, the only thing he could make out was their pearly smile. ‘Well,’ Anon thought to himself, crossing to his roommate, ‘at least I’ll have someone to keep me company…’

Wait...is Cozy Glow gonna be the next one to get rutted:pinkiegasp:?!?!?!

Other than that, holy HAY that was...wow:rainbowderp:!!!

I do not know how I feel about CG getting rutted by Anon.

I always felt she was a kinda stupid villain and a weak plot twist during the whole fiasco with her.

I can see why...I felt that was just...:ajbemused:.

This pleases me, but it still would have been even more delicious if she’d been last.

If I had saved her for last, that would have been rather predictable.
Can't go having people thinking I won't subvert expectations!!!


Heh, Futurama reference.

True, Even though the pic suggest that Our Anon.. is soo screwed


I feel like you're trying to apply too much logic to a series of stories about a man fucking his way through Equestria's bestiary.

I know I meant after that.

9518942 unless your password is password then no, and if it is then you need to get a better password, maybe swordfish or something more complex.

I’ve read every fic so far in this series. And all I can say about this before I read it is:

“I mean, I was gonna have a swing at him, so I can’t really blame you gals,” Gallus chimed in, drawing everyone’s attention. “What? Anon seems like an ass man, and everycreature knows griffons have juicy thighs,” he added, peering back at his posterior, with a cheeky grin.

Affectionate Avian when!?

Finally! This was worth the wait!

My response was corrects....

Not a big fan of Yona forcing herself on Anon, though that's neither out of character nor was there likely any other way Anon was going to hit that, but still I enjoyed the end and am now eagerly awaiting the next installment.:twilightsmile:

Oh goodness. Now I would be very curious to see Gallus and Anon get it on. Maybe there'd be a sort of battle between the male and female avian to seduce the human? In any case, I'd be into it.

Let's hope for that Gallus is next!

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