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Man that was hot 😍

I mean, to be fair, she is a dragon! :trollestia:

Very Questionable Garment Choices

You sick fuck.

I guess you can say this is one fiery sex scene.

… next is that hippogryph, right?
You're saving Yona for last, I can tell. She's just gonna be there every time, casually watching as her friends get knocked up before her.

Oh dear Celestia. May God have mercy upon his hips and soul. Yona is gonna wreck him so hard.

Tyl #7 · Jan 2nd, 2019 · · ·

Yes. I loved the last one. Hope next is the hippgryph. She's third hottest of them all and have least fics. Good fics.

I can't wait for Yona. Also, why do I get the feeling that the story after her will be an orgy with all on Anon?

Heaven has no rage
like love to hatred turned
Nor Hell Tartarus a fury
like a woman yak scorned

Why do I get the feeling Yona's gonna go all dominatrix on his ass? :pinkiecrazy:

Don’t forget Silverstream!

Anon's not been the aggressive partner in either of these so far. Yona may HAVE to take him if she's going to get any play.

Flisky #14 · Jan 2nd, 2019 · · 1 ·

Very Questionable Garment Choices

Pervert! Lecher! You are the blackest of kettles!

Oh no.
-Karnazom, before reading clop

Flisky, plz, don't kinkshame the Leech! :fluttershbad:

Eventually, Anon may get a visit from the Pretty Pink Pony Princess of Love for a lecture on how to properly manage a herd.

Next stop. Gallus!

Tyl #19 · Jan 3rd, 2019 · · 1 ·

You know it exists more new foals in season 8. Planning on doing one with Cozy glow?

Maybe Anon eventually gets sentenced to serve a term in Tartarus
right beside Cozy Glow...

shouldn't this and the previous one have the "human" tag?

I'd say that's pretty much spot on from how things have been going.

“Don’t know what you’re talking about, Yona. I was just finishing up for the night. I’ll see you tomorrow morning, alright?” Anon said, hurriedly walking by and tussling her hair in the process. God help him if Yona wanted a roll, he wasn’t sure if his body could withstand the onslaught of a sexually frustrated yak.

Bruh, if I were you, I wouldn't keep her waiting:rainbowderp:. Sooner or later, she's going to snap and take you herself:twilightoops:!

All and all, real hot and cute story:scootangel::heart:!

So...does Yona have Yakyakistanian Rape face syndrome?

Looks like it, friendo.

Don't forget Sandbar :pinkiecrazy:

When Yona gets her turn.....i.imgur.com/lvTnw.jpg


Maybe Ocellus can help him prepare for yak sex.

Do Changelings gain and conserve extra mass when turning into something large?

It seems like anon really doesn't recognize a situation where it can go south. I have a trollish idea to make a chapter seem like a clopfic only for anon to realize where it may lead and avoiding it, you know, for divercity.

It seems weird for me that anon is still from a world where a lot of creatures here aren't sentient, so in his mentality it is like an experience with an animal. I conclude this rambling with a weird zoophilia fic I guess.

After commenting I realized that most of my comments start with: it seems or also

"Heck, he’d even mistakenly assumed she was a boy the first time he’d met her!"

Heh, didn't most of us.

Well, you gotta put yourself in his shoes.
One minute, you're on earth, where animals are just relatively dumb critters.
The next, you're in some far flung world where they can talk, use magic, and walk around buck naked.

Like, to say it would all be rather jarring, would be an understatement!

Next one should involve Yona.

Liking these stories so far. I'm hoping either yona or silverstream is next, also hoping cadence comes barreling in soon to set up his herd with the student 6 lol

Will you do one of these involving yona.

Only if you close your eyes and wish really hard! :raritywink:

you were supposed to SLAY the dragon, not LAY it

Yona want Anon
Yona have Anon, whether he want it or not


Nicely done, once again!

Hoooo boy
If you enjoyed this, just wait for the next one! :raritywink:

I shall await :yay:

So death by snu-snu then? Lol

Yakaty yak, Yona got back:trollestia:

Damn man, knocked out my two favs of the young six right off the bat. It's probably my dragon bias talking but this was decidedly hotter than the last. Or maybe I just like those take charge gals every once in a while and this checked off a few more of my kinks than the last one. Either way great stuff man. Another for the list.

Hope that chapter gets called..i.imgflip.com/rtlee.jpg

There really needs to be more Smolder stories. Thank you for this

Not sure if this is a typo? "Now nude from the waist up, she smiled smiled sheepishly at him."
But other then the question, keep the lewd shananagins coming, we haven't seen the last of Yona. :pinkiehappy:

*<>* did he set himself up ?

“Don’t know what you’re talking about, Yona. I was just finishing up for the night.
... obvious dodge

"...I’ll see you tomorrow morning, alright?" Anon said...
God help him if Yona wanted a roll, he wasn’t sure if his body could withstand the onslaught of a sexually frustrated yak.
He definitely set himself up

What happened the next morning .....

Well, I did just finish writing the next story in the series, but you're gonna have to wait for a bit.
What kind of an irresponsible asshole gracious author would I be if I just fired these out one after the other?!?

But seriously, thanks! I hope you stick around, there's plenty left to go with all this madness! :trollestia:

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